African Women's Roles, 1500-1800 Bibliography

Query From Sarah Hand 26 Mar 1998

I am very interested in learning about women's roles and activities in Africa before they were enslaved and brought to the New World, particularly from 1500 to 1800. Specifically, I would like to learn about women's roles with food and alcohol production, as well as hospitality, especially in the areas which were heavily hit by the slave trade.

I would appreciate any suggestions for secondary sources that list members can offer. Everyone has been so forthcoming in the past, and this list has been tremendously helpful for me. Thank you all.


Everts, Natalie "Cherchez la Femme: Gender-Related Issues in Eighteenth Century Elmina" _Itinerario_ XX, n.1, 1996, p.45-59.

Hay and Stichter, Eds. _African Women South of the Sahara_ (1995) [Good bibliography]

Iliffe, John _Africans: A History of a Continent_

Ogbomo, Onaiwu _When Women and Men Mattered_

Oliver, Roland _The African Experience_

Robertson and Kline, Eds. _Women and Slavery in Africa_

Terborg-Penn, Rosalyn "Women and Slavery in the African Diaspora: A Cross-Cultural Approach to Historical Analysis," _Sage: A Scholarly Journal on Black Women_ (Fall, 1986): 11-15.

Other Suggestions:

Oyeronke Oyewumi has just turned her dissertation into a book. I'm sorry I don't have the title.