14th/15th Century Women's Health Bibliography

Query From Carol DeBoer-Langworthy Carol_Deboer-Langworth@brown.edu 25 Feb 1998

Request on behalf of a student:

A student in my class on autobiography wishes to do a paper on women's health issues in the 14th century. Her curiosity was piqued by our reading of _The Book of Margery Kempe_ as the first book in the course. Initially this student (who is a biology major at Brown)is interested in childbirth mortality rates, types of diseases, and stated causes of death. However, other aspects of this larger question may intrigue her as she gets into the texts. Any suggestions as to where to begin, with narrative social history or data sources, would be helpful. This isn't my time period, I am little help to her, and would appreciate any suggestions from members of the List. I will forward them to her. Many thanks.


Achterberg, Jeanne _Woman as Healer_ (Boston: Shambhala, 1990).

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[Ed. Note: Thanks to Thomas Cardoza, UC Santa Barbara, for most of the suggested books on contraception, via a post on H-France]