Women in Colonial Algeria Bibliography and Contacts /March 1996


>From Patricia Lorcin plorci19@sefl.satelnet.org 26 March 1996

I am gathering material for a study on colonial women in French North Africa, in particular Algeria (1830-1962)> Apart from Isabelle Eberhardt, about whom there is already a reasonable body of work, and the occasional article on high profile literary personalities, from my preliminary research there seems to be very little in the way of secondary sources. Am I wrong?

On the same subject, I am also compiling a bibliography of sources of women's writings and would be interested tolearn of the existence of diaries, letters and similar material written by colonial women during this period. Thanks for your help.


Allouia, Malek The Colonial Harem(Univ. of Minnesota Press, 1986)

Bodichon, Barbara Leigh-Smith writings in "The English Woman's Journal"

Bodley, R.V.C. Algeria From Within(1927)

Herstein, Sheila A Mid-Victorian Feminist, Barbara Leigh-Smith Bodichon (1985)

Huxley, Elspeth The Flame Trees of Thika

Markham, Beryl West With the Night

Messaadi, Sakina Les romancieres coloniales et la femme colonisee: contribution a une etude de la litterature coloniale en Algerie (Algerian National Press)


Brahimi, Denise Researcher works in Paris, written on Eberhardt, great on bibliographic stuff

Lydon, Ghislaine Grad student at Micigan State U, works on Sub-S. Africa

Vitiello, Joelle Macalester College teaches French, does some colonial lit.

Zimra, Clarisse Southern Illinois U, works on Francophone lit, knows quite a bit about North Africa

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