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Often neglected as historical evidence, graphic images are frequently not properly cited. H-URBAN offers information on the images used on its web pages so that researchers, teachers, and interested parties may better use and understand these urban studies tools. Appropriate citation is encouraged as part of H-URBAN's mission to enhance urban studies scholarship. By keeping known information with the images it publishes, H-URBAN offers its respect and gratitude to the creators, contributors and resources that made it possible for H-URBAN to share these valuable research tools. Unless noted, images do not have any copyright restrictions on educational use. In general, except for some work-for-hire products and copyright renewals, images created before 1923 are in the public domain. Click on each image to go to the image's source for further details.

Image Search Tips.  One of the quickest way to find images on particular subjects is to use the image search function of major internet search engines like Bing, Google, or Yahoo.

To search major online photographic archives like the American Memory (http://memory.loc.gov/) website of the U.S.A. Library of Congress, use the website's search engine and navigational tools at http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/help/search_help.html for additional help when you do not find what you need through the main gateway page.

Images as Tools: Photographs and images of documents are offered on H-URBAN's websites so that those who are interested in urban studies may see what is available for research, teaching, and publication. Detailed bibliographic and copyright information is provided by clicking on any single image. Before an item is used for other than research or non-profit, educational use, it is recommended that the source of the image be contacted for specifics. The Source, Copyright, Repository, and Call Numbers are provided in the Image Bibliographies as guides, not as the final determinates of the restrictions or lack of restrictions on the use of an image.

H-URBAN invites its visitors to offer images for use on any H-URBAN web page. Images should relate to or inform on an urban studies topic or issue. Governments and private collectors are paprticulary encouraged to offer an item for temporary viewing on H-URBAN to enhance the work of urban studies professionals. To submit an image for consideration, please contact H-URBAN with a brief textual explanation of the item. Possible images could include photographs, posters, documents, and historical graphics like those used in advertisements.

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