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To aid subscribers in navigating and processing H-Urban postings, and to help discussion log search engines be more precise, H-Urban has adopted its own list of KEYWORDS for use in the subject headings of certain types of H-Urban postings.

Keyword Brief Description
ABSTRACT Abstract of article
AWARD Announcement of an available Award or similar opportunity when money not involved; or of an Award received
BIB ESSAY Bibliographic essay of multiple works
CFP Call For Papers
CONFANN Conference Announcement
EXHIBIT Time-limited exhibit, show, or display

Discussion or announcement about one or more films; or discussion of a film-related topic

FUNDING Grants, fellowships, monetary awards, other funding opportunities
H-NET Posting about H-Net
H-URBAN Posting about H-Urban
INTRO Introduction of H-Urban Subscriber
JOBS Job posting (including H-Net Job Guide)
LECTURE Announce single lecture
HOUSING Need to find housing for stay in another city, etc.
MAPS Announcement about maps or map resources
NEWS Current or noteworthy events
OBIT Announcement and/or tribute
PANEL SEARCH Researcher looking to join a conference panel or session being organized on specific topic
PUB Announcement by subscriber of new book or article
QUOTES Quotations about city and metropolitan life, with or without commentary
RE: Follow-up to earlier discussion
REVIEW Review of a book, film, web site, or other multimedia
REPORT Report on a significant event like a conference attendance
SEMINAR Announcement of seminar
TEACHING (Syllabi) Syllabus, syllabi, or course descriptions
TEACHING Other teaching-related postings (questions about books, etc.)
TOC Table of Contents
UrbStud Announcement of a university urban studies or similar type of program
TRAVEL Announcements of scholarly travel trips
WWW Announcement of WWW sites, including those added to
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