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The following instructions for subscribing to listservs contains the phrase "Firstname Lastname," which indicates the subscriber's first and last names, e.g. "subscribe saudadesdobrasil Ellen Burns".

Brazilian Music

Brazilian Music Discussion List
(saudadesdobrasil@lists.Princeton.edu). To subscribe, send "subscribe saudadesdobrasil Firstname Lastname" to <listproc@lists.Princeton.edu> leaving the subject line blank.

Choral Music

Choralist. To subscribe, send "subscribe choralist Firstname Lastname" to listproc@lists.Colorado.edu leaving the subject line blank.


J. S. Bach Newsgroup (alt.music.j-s-bach)

HANDEL-L. To subscribe, send "subscribe HANDEL-L Firstname Lastname" to listserv@umdd.umd.edu leaving the subject line blank.


Music & Performing Arts of Sub-Saharan Africa. To subscribe, send "subscribe afrimuse Firstname Lastname" to <majordomo@virginia.edu> leaving the subject line blank.


Euromusicology. To subscribe, send "subscribe euromusicology Firstname Lastname" message to <mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk> leaving the subject line blank.

Historical Periods

Early Music newsgroup (alt.mus.early)

Early Music List (earlym-l@helios.edvz.univie.ac.at). To subscribe, send "subscribe earlym-l Firstname Lastname" to <listserv@helios.edvz.univie.ac.at) leaving the subject line blank.

Society for Seventeenth-Century Music (SSCM-L). To subscribe, send "subscribe SSCM-L Firstname Lastname" to <listproc@sscm.harvard.edu> leaving the subject line blank.

Narrative & Music

NARRAMUS. To subscribe, send "sub NARRAMUS Firstname Lastname" to <listproc@csf.colorado.edu> leaving the subject line blank.


Opera-L list. To subscribe, send "sub opera-l Firstname Lastname" to <listserv@cunyvm.cuny.edu>.

Scholarly Societies

American Society for Aesthetics. To subscribe, send "sub aesthetics Firstname Lastname" to <majordomo@indiana.edu>.

AMSlist. To subscribe, send "sub AMSlist Firstname Lastname" to <listproc@ucdavis.edu>.


Bibliographic Search Services

FirstSearch Web, a fee-based bibliographic search service, is accessible via two URLs: at the OCLC home page address (http://www.oclc.org) and the OCLC Reference Services home page address (http://www.ref.oclc.org:2000 [http://www.ref.oclc.org:3000 for OCLC Europe users]). See also RILM below.

RILM, a fee-based bibliographic search service, is available via two OCLC online reference services: FirstSearch (see above) and EPIC. Its database contains approximately 200,000 records from 1969 through 1994. The database is updated monthly. RILM includes fully indexed and abstracted records through 1994 and current journal citations through 1996. 1997 citations will be added on a monthly basis. More information on RILM is available on the RILM web site, http://rilm.cic.net or the OCLC Web site,http://www.oclc.org.

Citation Guides for Electronic Sources

Bibliographic Formats for Citing Electronic Information (http://www.uvm.edu/~xli/reference/estyles.html). Examples from <<The Official Internet World Guide to Electronic Styles: A Handbook to Citing Electronic Information (Siz Li and Nancy Crane, Meckler, 1996).

MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources (http://www.cas.usf.edu/english/walker/mla.html). By Janice R. Walker.


Beethoven Bibliography Database (telnet <sjsulib.sjsu.edu> / option D (connect to another database / option 2 (Beethoven Bibliography); to end the search, return to first page and press "r", to disconnect, press "h". Contains references to over 6,000 books and articles. A user's guide containing a complete description and search instructions is available from Patricia Elliott (elliott@sjsuvm1.sjsu.edu).

Women Composers. Reynolds, Christopher, Bibliographic List of Published Songs Composed by American and British Women, ca. 1890-1930 (http://musdra.ucdavis.edu). Included in the author's home page, this list of over 2700 popular and art songs by women includes title, composer, poet, publisher, date and city of publication, and accompaniment. To access the database, access the web site, click on "Music", on "Music Department Faculty" and on the compiler's name.


Dissertation Abstract Bulletin
http://www.rhbnc.ac.uk/Music/Archive/Disserts/index.html). A compilation of music dissertation (completed and in progress) abstracts submitted by authors.

Library Catalogs


          Italian Music Catalogues and Information Centres

United Kingdom

          COPAC (http://copac.ac.uk/copac/). Provides researchers
     with centralised access to the online catalogues of some of
     the largest university research libraries in the UK and
     Ireland. COPAC is normally available 24 hours a day 365 days
     a year and access is free of charge. The WWW address
     requires a graphical browser.  For text-only files, telnet
     to: copac.ac.uk.  For user and password, respond with
     "copac." To end searches, return to the main menu ("m"), and
     select quit ("q").
     NAIL (http://www.nara.gov/nara/nail.html), is an online,

interactive database providing information from The National Archives and Records Administration. NARA's holdings can be searched by key words or topics, and provides digital copies of textual documents, photographs, maps, and sound recordings. Hypertext links connect series descriptions. Many descriptions and select sample documents relate to the American West.


Monastery of Christ in the Desert
http://www.technet.nm.org/pax.html). This New Mexico Monastery has mounted its own web page that includes graphic illustrations of it chant and liturgy. See <New York Times> (17 March 1996): 1.

Vatican Library
http://www.christusrex.org/www1/vaticano/0-Musei.html). Includes publications and address by the pope as well as tours of the Vatican museums and its collections, and a Latin-English edition of the Missae Romanum.

Byzantine Chant

Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae (http://www.igl.ku.dk). Introduces the MMB microfilm collection and includes an inventory of its more than 680 copies of Byzantine musical manuscripts.

Gregorian Chant

CANTUS: Database for Gregorian Chant for the Divine Office (http://www.cua.edu [files located under the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music at Catholic University of America]; or gopher to vmsgopher.cua.edu). Includes a database that can be searched for specific chants in sources of the Divine Office. Files can be downloaded as (1) text files, (2) binary files, or (3) files to be imported into dBASE files. This service provides announcements of new and revised files. To receive announcements of updates, send name, address, and e-ddress to: IN@"steiner@cua.edu".

Gregorian Chant Home Page
(http://www.music.princeton.edu/chant_html/index.html). Provides an historical overview of chant in a hypertext format with links to relevant topics in literature, religion, and music.

Notitiae Cantus
(gopher://osiris.wu-wien.ac.at:7121/11/pub/earlym-l/Notitiae.Cantus). The International newsletter for Gregorian Chant and Other Repertoire of Western Chant.


Choir Links Page
(http://www.abc.se/~m9850/TheChoirLinksPage/). This site aims to collect all URLs for choirs and includes links to Web resources on choral music.

          (See also Bibliographic Databases by Composer)


J.S. Bach Home Page (http://tile.net/bach/). Contains biographical information, and several listings of works: by BWV number, category, instrument-title, instrument-year, key, title, and year. Also provides a list of recommended recordings, and links to MIDI files and other sites of interest to students of Bach.


UNT Lully Web Project
(http://www.library.unt.edu:80/projects/lully/lullyhom.html). A multi-media thematic catalog of first- and second-edition publications held in the UNT music collection.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(http://www.mhrcc.org/mozart/mozart.html). A list of links to Web sites for biographical data and lists of works (including MIDI files, plot synopses, and libretti), his works used in films, and links to other sites about Mozart and classical music in general.


Arnold Schoenberg Institute Website (http://calvin.usc.edu/Info/Schoen/)

Belmont Music Publishers Website (http://www.schoenberg.org.)

Schumann, Clara

The Clara Schumann Home Page
(http://ezinfo.ucs.indiana.edu/~daksmith/index.html). Designed to stimulate research and performance. Contains information on the Clara Schumann Society, a short biography, introductory material to her works (e.g., program notes, translations), essays, bib- and discographies, chronology, illustrations, and sound files. Prepared by David Smith <daksmith@indiana.edu>.


Das Rheingold Home Page
(http://www.music.vt.edu/dasrheingold/rheingoldhome.html). An introduction to the opera.

Richard Wagner
(http://weber.u.washington.edu/~acamp/music/german2.html). Biographical overview from Grolier's.

Richard Wagner Archive
(http://www.utu.fi/~hansalmi/wagner.html). Maintained by Hannu Salmi (hansalmi@utu.fi).


Kurt Weill (http://www.kwf.org). Prepared by David Farneth (dfarneth@kwf.org), Director of the Weill-Lenya Research Center. The site includes information on Kurt Weill, Lotte Lenya, the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music, the Weill-Lenya Research Center, and the Kurt Weill Edition.


Copyright and Fair Use Site (http://fairuse.stanford.edu/). Sponsored by Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources, in collaboration with the Council on Library Resources and FindLaw Internet Legal Resources. Includes links to an array of primary materials concerning fair use and copyright (statutes, federal opinions, regulations, and treaty texts) and to current legislation, legal cases, and issues.

Guide to Copyright for Music Librarians (http://www.music.indiana.edu/tech_s/mla/legcom/copyhome.htm) is available via the Music Library Association Clearinghouse. It includes FAQs, full texts of policy statements and guildelines issued by professional and industry organizations on uses of music and multimedia. Links to other relevants sites.

Copyright Permission

European-American Music
(http://www.eamdc.com/copyrgt.html). Provides online forms for authors of books, dissertations/theses, and articles for publications by European-American, Universal-Edition, and Schott.

International Music Publishers/Boosey & Hawkes (http://www.ny.boosey.com). Includes an email address (bhpromo@boosey.com) for copyright and promotional information.


Brazil & Brazilian Music

Samba Schools and Ensembles

     (http://www.mangueira.com/mangueira/mtss.html). Information
     on Brazilian samba, photos and biographies of the most
     important composers, interviews with sambistas, etc.


The Dr. Theodore Hoffman Japanese Music Collection Guide (http://www.lib.usf.edu/spccoll/guide/h/hoffman/guide.html)is searchable by composer, title of the work, and by the JFC [Japan Federation of Composers] Number.


Polish Music Reference Center
( gopher://cwis.usc.edu/11/University_Information/Academic_ Departments/Music/pmrc). PMRC is the largest collection of Polish music outside Poland. In addition to information on over 10,000 items, it also contains files of the center newsletter, information on programs, festivals, and competitions.


Music of Turkey
(http://www.metu.edu.tr:80/~volkan/music/traditional.html). Descriptive files on traditional music of Turkey. Contents: History, Notation System, Religious Music, Secular Music, Instruments. Includes graphic illustrations of instruments and notation.

Turkish Folk Music
(http://www.metu.edu.tr:80/~volkan/music/folk.html). Descriptive material about folk music in Turkey. Content: Folk Music Categories, Musical Instruments, Collections. Includes graphic illustrations of musical instruments.


(This heading identifies sites providing information about a variety of countries. For specific countries, see COUNTRIES above.)

Ethnomusicology Online (http://research.umbc.edu/eol/). An online journal publishing peer-reviewed articles in its online scholarly journal and non-reviewed general articles on any ethnomusicological topic. In addition to online publication, EOL will be published on CD yearly. Edited by Karl Signell (signell@umbc.edu).

Rootsworld: Real Music: Real World: World Music (http://www.rootsworld.com/rw/). Online magazine of world, roots, and folk music. Offers stories, interviews, reviews, and online services for artists and independent labels.



From Gregorian Chant to Opera's Origins (http://sunsite.unc.edu/expo/vatican.exhibit/exhibit/ 3-music/Music.html). Illustrations of works on exhibit from the Vatican at the Library of Congress.


The Musics of Ancient Greece
( gopher://ithaki.servicenet.ariadne-t.gr:70/11/HELLENIC_ CIVILIZATION/ARTS/MUSIC). A file within the Hellenic Civilization Database, this gopher sites includes a selection of songs and music for classical Greek plays and songs performed by the ensemble Kerylos.


Fourteenth-Century Music Database
(http://www.lib.latrobe.edu.au/music14.html). Excepting liturgical chant, this database includes information on all written music works, the composers to whom they have been attributed, and available manuscript resources. Access points: search composers, browse composers, search manuscripts, browse manuscripts, search repertoires.


Renaissance Liturgical Imprints
(http://www-personal.umich.edu/~davider/) or telnet to <mirlyn.telnet.lib.umich.edu.>, to see the database, type "relc" at the U of MI online catalog prompt). A census of almost 10,000 books of worship in the U.S. and Europe printed before 1601. Includes links to relevant sites.

Society for Seventeenth-Century Music: SSCM Journal Home Page (http://www.sscm.harvard.edu/jscm/Welcome.html). The Home Page of the journal includes links its articles and reviews.

SSCM Society Home Page
(http://www.sscm.harvard.edu/sscm/Welcome.html). The Home Page describes the society, its publications, annual meetings, and conferences of interest.

Baroque through Classical

TMI: Thesaurus musicarum italicarum (http://www.let.ruu.nl/C+L/wiering/tmi_home.htm). An initiative of the Department of Computer and Humanities at Utrecht University, this project aims to publish a coherent electronic corpus of Italian music treatises from the second half of the sixteenth to the early seventeenth century. The first offering is Zarlino's _Le istitutioni harmoniche_ (Venice, 1558).


Penn State Seminar on Modernism in American Culture (http://cac.psu.edu/~bf3/music/semmodrn.html). Web site produced for a seminar on American culture involving historians and musicologists. Contains a free-flowing list identifying how modernism, particularly when applied to early twentieth-century American music, has been defined or described.

Recorded Sound

CHARM, Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music, (http://www.soton.ac.uk/~musicbox/charm1.html). NB: reads charmONE, not charmELL. Through its archives, journal, conferences and discography project, CHARM (based at the University of Southampton, England) aims to promote the study of music as sound. Directed by Jose Bowen (jbowen@soton.ac.uk).


Dictionary of American Hymnology (query dhymns@oberlin.edu). Sponsored by the Oberlin College Library and the Hymn Society in the U.S. and Canada, the project provides data related to hymns and hymnwriters as well as the history of congregational song in America. Contents: index of first lines of hymns (1640-1978, 1978-), author file, and bibliographical file.

Texts (see Libretti Homepage under "Opera" below).


Harmony Music List
(http://www.ucsd.edu/harmony). Includes more than 1000 sites containing material on classical and popular music with search engines. An excellent beginning point for Web searches.

Internet Music Resources
(http://www.music.indiana.edu/music_resources). An encyclopedic link listing to sites concerned with music. For more information, contact David Lasocki (lasocki@ophelia.ucs.indiana.edu).


The Churchill Society Website
(http://www.churchill-society-london.org.uk/). Supporting a cultural society with emphasis on the education of young people about the causes of the world wars of this century, the site includes departments on fine arts and music.


Performance Today
(http://www.npr.org/programs/pt). Program information for Performance Today.



OPERA America Homepage
(http://www.operaam.org/). Includes a number of sites under construction. Most useful at present is the list of links to affiliate opera companies.

Opera Schedule Server (http://www.fsz.bme.hu/opera/main.html).

Operaglass (http://rick.stanford.edu/opera/main.html). An opera information server including performance histories, synopses, libretti, discographies, production pictures, and links to relevant sites.


See also

     Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart under "Composers" above.
     Bianchini Music Page under "Scores" below.
     Public-Domain Opera Libretti and Other Vocal Texts

( http://php.indiana.edu/~lneff/libretti.html). An online reference source for opera libretti and song texts, this site includes texts for public-domain libretti as well as for oratorios, hymns, and songs, and links to relevant sites. Texts are provided in minimal HTML format. The latest additions of texts or links to texts held elsewhere include Wagner's <Flying Dutchman> and several Verdi texts (<Luisa Miller>, <Forza del Destino>, <Otello>). An intrepid soul among its contributors is planning to input all the Verdi libretti for online access. Maintained by Lyle Neff.

Marionette Operas : Parisian Faireground Theatres Webpage (http://www.brookes.ac.uk/sol/index.html [Oxford]). A hypertext archive of primary sources n the Parisian fairground theatres. Contains texts for two marionette operas (Paris, 1676) with background on opera production as well as texts of acrobats' plays (1678).

Neapolitan Opera : Vox Neapolis
(http://www.intecs.it/voxneapolis/it_home.htm). A bilingual (English-Italian) sites promoting artistic and cultural event in the city of Naples. It includes libretti of operas available in the city as well as scores and texts for Neapolitan songs.


La Fenice

          Impresa del Gran Teatro La Fenice.
     (http://www.gpnet.it/fenice/). Includes historical
     photographs of the theater and a photo-chronicle of the 1996
     fire. Maintained by Sergio Manzi.
          TenEyck, Karen. La Fenice
     (http://www.inch.com/~kteneyck/Venice.html). Includes a
     brief history of the theater (inc. photos), an internet
     account of the fire, and description of the various
     donation funds established to rebuild the theater.
     Rossini Opera Festival (http://sloop.abanet.it/rof). The

programs of the Rossini Opera Festival, including schedules and ticket information. Background information on the operas often includes performance and publication history.

LaScalaWeb (http://lascala.milano.it/). This site contains the current season's program (including ticket information and press releases), along with such resources as a virtual visit to the theater, a multimedia presentation on _La Traviata_, and abstracts from the theater magazine.



Stockton Press Web Page
(http://www.stocktonpress.com/guinness/). A division of Grove's Dictionaries, Stockton describes _The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music_ (2d ed.) with sample entries, a full index, and information about the text and its editor.


Texts (see Public-Domain Opera Libretti and Other Vocal Texts under "Opera" above).


(Societies devoted to historical periods, composers, etc., are listed under the relevant category.)

American Musicological Society
(http://musdra.ucdavis.edu/Documents/AMS/AMS.html). In addition to information about the society, the page includes announcements of positions available, conferences, and doctoral dissertation topics.

Aesthetics On-Line: American Society for Aesthetics. Contains information about the society (and its relationship with the British Society of Aesthetics), membership, publications, an aestheticians' e-mail address list, and an automated subscription form for its list.

British Society for Aesthetics. See American Society for


LYRICA Society for the Study of Word-Music Relations: LYRICAnet (telnet <freenet.tlh.fl.us>). Login as "visitor" and press return when (1) queried about terminal emulation (VT100), (2) queried about Internet warning, and (3) instructed to press RETURN to continue. To access the databases containing information about the society, its publications (including an index of its journal), its membership, and conference information type "lyrica" at the "your choice" prompt. To exit, type "x" at a menu screen.

Society for Music Theory
(http://boethius.music.ucsb.edu/smt-list/smthome.html). A description of the society, publications, membership application, and conference announce- ments. Abstracts of papers given during the 1996 conference are available by addressing the commands "send friday.abs" for the days Thursday through Sunday to:
smt-serv@boethius.music.ucsb.edu. The first line of the message should include the word "path" followed by your e-mail address. For more information, contact Lee Rothfarb (sys-admin@boethius.music.ucsb.edu).


For song texts, see also under "Opera" above:

     Public-Domain Opera Libretti & Other Vocal Texts
     Vox Neapolis

See also under "Countries: Brazil and Brazilian Music:

Samba Schools and Ensembles"

Lied and Song Texts
(http://www.recmusic.org/lieder/). Texts of songs set by a host of composers: Beethoven, Bizet, Brahms, Haydn, Lalo, Liszt, Mahler, the Mendelssohns (Fanny and Felix), Mozart, Rachmaninov, Ravel, Schubert, Schumann, Wagner, Webern, and Wolf, to name a few. Indexed also by poets.


Women and Music

Archive of Women and Music Syllabi (http://www.rhbnc.ac.uk/Music/Archive/Women/). A sharing resource for syllabi not intended as definitive publications. Syllabi include those identified by instructor and institution and those with pseudonyms.

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