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Welcome message

This welcome message is designed to provide you with basic information about this network. It contains information on using the list (managing your subscription; tips on contacting and communicating via the list; mailing addresses of the list editors; a list of the current editorial board); rules for posting (style, editorial practice); information about the network's associated service on the World Wide Web; and contact information about the network's parent, H-Net.

I. The H-MUSEUM Network: Scope, Content, Purpose.
II. Editors.
III. Communicating Through the List.
IV. Technical Information.
V. The H-MUSEUM Site on the World Wide Web.
VI. Advisory Board.
VII. Our Parent Organization: H-Net.

I. The H-MUSEUM Network: Scope, Content, Purpose.

-- English

H-MUSEUM (ISSN 1618 - 0534) is a moderated mailing list and information forum. This means that texts are reviewed by an editorial panel, revised if necessary and only then transmitted. The manager of the list will ensure that the contents meet academic standards and prevent their use for commercial, non-academic or non-relevant purposes. The editorial team is supported by an advisory board. The mailing list addresses themes and questions primarily relating to museums and memorial places, but is also intended to be interdisciplinary, so that archaeological, historical, cultural and artistic information can be posted alongside other more established, central spheres of activity. Articles relating to the activities and news of archives and libraries will also be listed. A particular feature is the emphasis on museums and the internet. You will also find accounts and discussions of exhibitions, reviews of books and other communication media, as well as reports of conferences and calls for papers. Subscription applications are solicited from scientists in museums, universities, libraries, archives and other academic institutions, as well as from graduate students of the arts, cultural sciences, museology and history. The languages are mainly English and German, but Italian, French and Dutch too.

-- German

H-MUSEUM (ISSN 1618 - 0534) ist eine moderierte Mailingliste und ein redaktionell betreutes, international ausgerichtetes Informationsforum. Dies bedeutet, dass die Beiträge von einem Redaktionsteam gesichtet, ggf. überarbeitet und erst dann gesendet werden. Durch die Moderation der Beiträge soll gewährleistet werden, dass die Inhalte wissenschaftlichen Standards entsprechen und eine Nutzung für kommerzielle, nichtwissenschaftliche oder nichtzugehörige Zwecke verhindert wird. Die Redaktion wird von einem Wissenschaftlichen Beirat unterstützt. H-MUSEUM wendet sich in erster Linie an MitarbeiterInnen und WissenschaftlerInnen in Museen, Universitäten und Institutionen sowie an fortgeschrittende Studierende der Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften, aber auch an Lehrkräfte im Schuldienst und in Bildungseinrichtungen. Der geographische Schwerpunkt liegt gleichermassen auf dem deutschsprachigen und internationalen Raum. Es handelt sich folglich um keine ausschliesslich "deutsche" Diskussions- und Museumsliste, sondern um ein international fokussiertes Forum, in dem Veranstaltungshinweise, Tagungsberichte, Rezensionen von Ausstellungen und Literatur, fundierte Diskussionsbeiträge, usw. auch aus dem deutschen Museumsbereich veröffentlicht werden. Die Zusammensetzung der Subskribenten ist international. Aus diesem Grund ist H-MUSEUM grundsätzlich auch zweisprachig angelegt (deutsch / englisch), wobei auch Beiträge in italienischer, französischer und niederländischer Sprache publiziert werden. Für die Anmeldung benutzen Sie bitte das spezielle Formular. H-MUSEUM behandelt im wesentlichen Themen und Fragestellungen im musealen Kontext. Zugleich sind die Beiträge interdisziplinär angelegt, so dass besonders auch archäologische, historische, kunst- und kulturgeschichtliche Informationen sowie im Umfeld des Museumswesens angesiedelte Arbeitsbereiche (z.B. Restaurierung, Denkmalpflege), thematische Aspekte (z.B. Kulturpolitik und ihre Auswirkungen auf das Museumswesen, Personalentwicklung in Museen) und Institutionen (z.B. Gedenkstätten, Archive, Bibliotheken) von Interesse sind. Einen weiteren Schwerpunkt bildet der Bereich "Museen und Medieneinsatz". Daneben werden Ausstellungsbesprechungen, die Rezension von Büchern und Medien sowie Tagungsberichte und 'Call for Papers' veröffentlicht.


II. Editors.

The H-MUSEUM list is co-edited by:
Dr. Stephanie Marra, M.A. <marra@dx1.hrz.uni-dortmund.de>
Dr. Michael W. Conner, M.A. <MWConner@Earthlink.net>
Ralf Blank, M.A. <ralf.blank@historisches-centrum.de>
Michèle C.D. Jacobs, B.A., M.A. <jacobsmichele@hotmail.com>
Ralf Wolz, M.A. <ralfwolz@ZEDAT.FU-BERLIN.DE>

The editors serve two-year renewable terms, with the approval of the H-Net Executive Committee and rotate their duties. The current editor will be identified in all messages coming from the list. The editors will solicit postings (by email, phone and even by regular mail), will assist people in managing subscriptions and setting up options, will handle routine inquiries, and will consolidate some postings. Anyone with suggestions about what H-MUSEUM can and might do is invited to send in ideas. The editors will solicit and post newsletter-type information (calls for conferences, for example, or listings of sessions at conventions.) Like all H-Net lists, H-MUSEUM is moderated to edit out material that, in the editors' opinion, is not germane to the list, involves technical matters (such as subscription management requests), is inflammatory, or violates evolving, yet common, standards of Internet etiquette. Please read section III below for details about ownership, style, formatting, and content of your messages. H-Net's procedure for resolving disputes over list editorial practices is Article II, Section 2.20 of our bylaws, located at:



III. Communicating Through the List.

A. Copyright notice. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. H-Net considers all messages posted to its lists to be a form of publication. All contributions to H-MUSEUM fall under Art. II, Sec. 2.04 of the H-Net Bylaws concerning copyright and intellectual property:

"Although authors of messages to H-Net lists retain the copyright in those messages, sending a message to an H-Net list for posting will constitute permission to H-Net and its subscribers for electronic distribution and downloading for nonprofit educational purposes with proper attribution to the author, the originating list, and the date of original posting. Original messages to H-Net lists are not in the public domain, and may not be used for other than educational, nonprofit purposes without the permission of the copyright holder and notification to H-Net." In general, the author retains copyright rights to publication of any submission to the list, and grants to H-MUSEUM and H-Net permission to store, disseminate with full attribution, and make available to subscribers such submissions without further permission. Postings (such as H-Net reviews) that are commissioned by H-Net are copyrighted by H-Net and may be reprinted for nonprofit, educational purposes with proper attribution to the author, location, and H-Net. A full copy of the H-Net Constitution and Bylaws and other important information may be found on the World Wide Web at: http://www.h-net.msu.edu/about/.

B. Contributions: "Netiquette." The tone and content of H-MUSEUM depend directly on subscribers. The editors want to encourage lively, informal, productive discussion and exchange of information. To that end, we ask that contributions be considerate of the needs of a busy audience of scholars, many of whom must pay for their access to the internet. A number of excellent guides to online behavior and style are available on the World Wide Web; we invite you consult them.

-- ALL MAIL TO THE LIST MUST BE SIGNED. The editors will delay posting until authorship and email address are confirmed.

-- CONTENT: Editors retain the right to review material for its pertinence, tone, style, and relevance to the list's mission. Ad hominems, unattributed quotations or innuendo, private messages forwarded for posting without permission, or messages that violate the norms of civility and professional courtesy will be rejected. Persistent violators can be removed from the subscription list.

-- STYLE: the default editorial style for the list is that of a letter to the editor. Your remarks can be crafted to suit the tone of an existing discussion thread, but in any case they should address the editor and not make direct personal references to others, except where you are replying directly to a simple query (e.g., "you can find this information in Webster's Third International Dictionary."). Avoid excessive quotation of messages you refer or reply to.

-- FORMAT: Please send messages in plain text: no styles, html, special fonts, graphics files, or nonstandard characters (except diacriticals, which are acceptable). Signature files are subject to editing for content and length. Advertisements in signatures will be removed. Remove or turn off .vcf, digital signatures, or other automatic attachments. As a rule, editors do not redistribute attachments to the list; consider posting the material at a web site, or consult with the editor concerning proper venues for publication.

IV. Technical Information.


V. The H-MUSEUM Site on the World Wide Web.

In addition to providing interactive communications via electronic mail, H-MUSEUM also maintains a site on the World Wide Web. The site is located on the H-Net server at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan, USA. It may be located by following the hypertext links at http://www.h-net.msu.edu.The H-MUSEUM web site contains the following information and services:

- The archives of the H-MUSEUM list, known as its "logs." They are in searchable and sortable format.
- The network's official documents: its welcome files, lists of board members and editors, contact information, and other founding and information documents.
- Hypertext links to resources in our subject: teaching materials, research archives, other lists.


VI. Advisory Board.

H-MUSEUM's daily activities are managed by the editors. Its long-term policies are developed by the advisory board. If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact the current editor. Board members referee incoming articles, reviews, and teaching materials; establish basic subscription restrictions and policy; advise the editors on disputes among editors and subscribers; monitor the list and make active contributions to discussion; and serve as the subscribers' voice in H-Net affairs. You are encouraged to contact any or all of the editorial board members with ideas and concerns about H-MUSEUM.

Current Advisory Board, H-MUSEUM:

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Borsdorf, Essen / Germany
Prof. Dr. Jonathan Bowen, London / Great Britain
Prof. Dr. Peter Davis, Newcastle / Great Britain
Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, Berlin / Germany
Dr. Harald Krämer, Cologne / Germany
Dr. Oskar Pausch, Vienna / Austria
Dr. Martin R. Schärer, Vevey / Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Günter Schauerte, Berlin / Germany

Dr. Thomas Schuler, Chemnitz / Germany
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Waidacher, Graz / Austria


VII. Our Parent Organization: H-Net

H-Net is an international consortium of scholars in the humanities and social sciences that creates and coordinates electronic networks, using a variety of media, and with a common objective of advancing humanities and social science teaching and research. H-Net was created to provide a positive, supportive, equalitarian environment for the friendly exchange of ideas and scholarly resources. The goals of H-NET networks are to enable scholars to easily communicate current research and teaching interests; to discuss new approaches, methods and tools of analysis; to share information on electronic databases; and to test new ideas and share comments on the literature in their fields. H-Net's Constitution and Bylaws, along with a list of its officers and committees, is available at:

Among H-Net's many services are:

- Book and software reviews: timely, exhaustive, authoritative, professional, fast. Mailed through our lists and stored in searchable, printable, retrievable format on our site at the World Wide Web. http://www.h-net.msu.edu/reviews

- Job guide postings: at regular intervals, H-Net offers employment information in a broad array of fields in the humanities and social sciences. http://www.matrix.msu.edu/jobs

- H-Net calendar: announcements of conferences, papers, and professional activities, archived and searchable at our web site. You can visit our site and sample these and other services, at: http://www.h-net.msu.edu/announce


On the World Wide Web:
Electronic mail: H-NET@H-NET.msu.edu

Postal mail:
141h Old Horticulture
506 East Circle Drive
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: (517) 432-5134
FAX: (517) 884-6994

Executive Director: Prof. Peter Knupfer
Michigan State University
E-Mail: peter@mail.h-net.msu.edu

Associate Director: Heather Hawley
Michigan State University
E-Mail: hawley@mail.h-net.msu.edu


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