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MINERVA: Quarterly Report on Women and the Military and Minerva's Bulletin Board

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VOLUME I, NO. 1 Spring 1983

LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: Top Stories of 1982 by Patricia A Paquette; American Veterans Committee Champions Men and Women Veterans by June A. Willenz; VVA's Women Veterans project Carries Issues to Congress and to Public by Lynda Van Devanter; CNS Brings Women into National Security Debate by Anne H. Cahn; EX-P.O.S.E. Lobbies, Educates Public by Shirley Taft; WEAL's Information Center Analyzes and Disseminates Data by Carolyn Becraft; The Women Officers' Professional Network Meets Need for Point of Contact by CDR Kathleen M. Byerly, USN; The Army Women's Informal Network Serves Washington Area by 1LT Claudia J. Casey, USA; DACOWITS Plans for 1983 by LCDR Nonna Cheatham, USN (Ret.). UPCOMING EVENTS: DACOWITS Spring Meeting, Reunion of World War II Navy Nurses, Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Bruce Myles, Night Witches reviewed by CAPT RitaVictoria Gomez, USAF; Linda Grant DePauw, Seafaring Women reviewed by CAPT Mary E. Bachand, USCGR (Ret); Major General Jeanne Holm, USAF (Ret.), Women in the Military reviewed by Dr. D'Ann Campbell; Michael L. Rustad, Women in Khaki reviewed by Dr. M.C. Devilbiss; Tobias, Goudinoff, Leader, What Kinds of Guns Are They Buying For Your Butter? reviewed by Dr. Judith Stiehm; Pam McAllister, Reweaving the Web of Life reviewed by Dr. Sonya A. Quitslund; Thomas Fleming, The Officer's Wives reviewed by Jean Ebbert; Patricia L. Walsh, Forever Sad the Hearts reviewed by Lynda Van Devanter. COMMENTARY: Recovering the Military History of Black Women by Dr. Bettye Collier-Thomas; Women and Arms: Portrayals Through Film by Priscilla Forance. LETTERS TO MINERVA by LtCol Ruth D. Woidyla, USMC, Naomi Thiers, Valerie Eads.


LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: DACOWITS Holds Spring Meeting by LCDR Nonna Cheatham, USN (Ret.); F.E.W. President Appoints Special Assistant for Military Women by LCDR Ann C. Greiner, USN; NMWA Works to Improve Lives of Military Families by Susanne D. Arnold; SWMA Reaches out to Women Aviators in All Services by LCDR Joellen Drag Oslund, USNR (Ret.); Women in the Army Group, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, Networks and Expands by MAJ Ann Wright, USA; MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: World War II POW's Honored; Navy Woman's wings to go into space; Pentagon corridor to honor military women; USNI elects Commander Byerly to Board of Control; Peace fellowship for women at Radcliffe College; Hearings held on Advisory Committee on Women Veterans to the Veterans Administration; EX-P.O.S.E. lobbies for medical benefits and monitors Former Spouses Protection Act; Film on the SPARS needs funds; Help needed to preserve the history of women in the Marine Corps; Women's Studies Quarterly issues call for papers; WEAL clearinghouse adds to list of publications; CNS Women's Leadership Conference proceedings published. RECENT MEETINGS AND PRESENTATIONS OF INTEREST. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. RECENT DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Marie Bennett Alsmeyer, The Way of the Waves & Old Waves Tales reviewed by Dr. Susan H. Godson; J. David Truby, Women At War reviewed by Dr. Marjorie Bingham; Lynda Van Devanter, Home Before Morning reviewed by Dr. Philip A. Kalish; Pat Conroy, The Great Santini reviewed by Betty Rodriguez; Mary Lee, "It's a Great War!" reviewed by Karen L. Hillerich. COMMENTARY: One Conscientious Objector's Struggle in the Navy: "Finding a Word for the Pain in her Soul" reviewed by Naomi Thiers; The Consciousness-Raising of M*A*S*H reviewed by Dr. Noralee Frankel; Excerpts from "Leadership, Women and the Military Profession," address by COL Evelyn P. Foote, USA. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Neptune & Oceanus Rex, 2LT Diana M. Dillman, USA, D'Ann Campbell, Grace Sevy, Marjorie Bingham, K. Jean Cottam, Ph.D. THE LAST WORD.


LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: American Veterans Committee Holds Session on Women Veterans by June A. Willenz; Army Nurse Corps Foundation Plans for Museum by COL Rita A. Cleveland, USA (Ret.); DACOWITS Members Visit Military Installations by LCDR Nonna Cheatham, USN (Ret.); Military Family Resource Center Offers Help for Students and Professionals by Lee Ann Walker; WEAL Information Center on Women and the Military Considers ERA by Jeanne Atkins and Carolyn Becraft; WEAL States Positions on Women and the Military; Women in the Army Report. MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Canadian Admiral explains opposition to women at sea; Twenty female soldiers sent to Falkland Islands; Draft of women will be authorized by Health Personnel Mobilization Act; Veterans Administration Advisory Committee on Women Veterans appointed, New DACOWITS executive secretary assigned; New Army Nurse Corps Chief Named; D.C. area Women Officers' Professional Network has new coordinator; Fort Belvoir's EERC celebrates its first anniversary; Fighting Woman News seeks articles, photos, ephemera on women's martial arts movement; Committee for National Security announces conflict resolution course; Tuition-free program in electrical engineering announced; Free annotated bibliography on women in the military services available. UPCOMING EVENTS. PUBLICATIONS: NEW AND FORTHCOMING. REVIEWS: Judith Stiehm, ed, Women and Men's Wars reviewed by LtCol Jean E. Klick, USAF; Margaret Randall, Sandino's Daughters reviewed by Capt. RitaVictoria Gomez, USAF; Jill Stephenson, The Nazi Organization of Women reviewed by D'Ann Campbell; Susan Ehrlich Martin, Breaking and Entering: Policewomen on Patrol reviewed by CDR Barbara Williams, USN. COMMENTARY: Military Women in Fantasy and Science Fiction by Valerie Eads; "Not Just Another Class": A Filmmaker's Story by Joan A. Jordan; Excerpts from the Testimony of Lynda M. Van Devanter, National Women's Director, Vietnam Veterans of America, Before the United States Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs; "Women in the Army Policy Review"--An Exclusive Interview with LTG Maxwell R. Thurman, Vice Chief of Staff of the Army by Kathryn M. Hodges; "Women in the Army Policy Review"--A Military Sociologist's Analysis by Dr. M.C. Devilbiss. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Kathryn earnest, Dr. Margaret Merrick Scheffelin, COL June E. Henry, USA, Dawn M. Patterson, Ph.D., Willie Oates. THE LAST WORD.


LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: Committee on Women in the NATO Forces Begins Third Decade by Lt Col Dolores R. Gresham, USMC; VA's Advisory Committee on Women Veterans is Launched by June A. Willenz; NOW Holds Workshop on Women in the Military by Christine R. Riddiough; Women's Maritime Association Networks for Seafaring Women by Molly Hogan; Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice Empowers Women by N. Anne Montes. MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Congress hears testimony on women in the military; Army drops "MOS Physical Demands Analysis" as bar to female soldiers; Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services holds Fall meeting in Jacksonville, N.C.; Anne (Nancy) L. Schulze appointed chair of DACOWITS; Women Officers Professional Association incorporates; Opportunities for sea duty expand for Coast Guard women; More historic firsts; Plans being made for National Military Spouse Day; New National Academy of Sciences committee to study tests and job performance in the military; Second International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women to meet this spring; Free publication on sexual harassment available; Graduate course on Women and War to be offered at George Washington University; Vietnam War Veterans archive formed at Cornell; "Women of the West" exhibit features military wives; Air Transport Auxiliary Museum dedicated. UPCOMING EVENTS. GRANTS AND AWARDS. RECENT MEETINGS AND PRESENTATIONS OF INTEREST. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Abby Wettan Kleinbaum, The War Against the Amazons reviewed by Sue Mansfield; Ruth Scarborough, Belle Boyd: Siren of the South reviewed by Barton C. Hacker; W. Chapkis, ed, Loaded Questions: Women in the Military reviewed by LTC Dolores R. Gresham, USMC; Jessica Amanda Salmonson, ed., Amazons! reviewed by CPT Claudia J. Casey, USA; Francis Patton Statham, Phoenix Rising reviewed by Dr. Rosemary T. McCarthy, COL, USA (Ret.) & LTC Pauline E. Maxwell, USA (Ret.). NOT-SO-RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. COMMENTARY: Toward a Feminist Position on the Arms Race by Dr. Sheila Tobias; Sandino's Daughters: Another Look by Douglas Green; Learning to be a "Significant Other" to a Combat Veteran by Jeri Stringer; One Woman's View of the Air War College by Lt Col Nancy S. Braswell, USAF; "Women Could Make Things Happen," Exerpts from an Address Presented by MAJ GEN Mary E. Clark, USA (Ret.); Testimony of Brigadier General Elizabeth P. Hoisington, USA (Ret.), Former Director, Women's Army Corps Before the House Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights; Testimony of Antonia Handler Chayes, Formerly Under Secretary of U.S. Air Force before the Committee on the Judiciary of the Unites States Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Adele M. Collier, Jean M. Colby, SMSGT USAF RET, Jean Ebbert, Sabrina Sigal Falls. THE LAST WORD.


LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: American Association of University Women Seeks to Support Women in the Military by Judith Clark Turpin. DACOWITS Fall Meeting Hosted by Marine Corps by LCDR Nonna Cheatham, USN (Ret.). Vietnam Veterans of America Show Respect for Women at Founding Convention by Saralee McGoran. WAVES "Super-Size" Reunion Has Long History by Marie Bennett Alsmeyer and Iva Jean Davis. World Veterans Federation Working Group on Women Considers Women in War and Peace by June A. Willenz. MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Services Respond to DACOWITS Recommendation to Support "Intercommunication Among Women"; DACOWITS Sets Agenda for 1984; Armed Forces Broadcasters Association formed; Consortium on Military Education and Training for Women established; Defense Department creates family support group; Army theme for 1984: "The Army Family"; A Few more jobs open for women flyers in Air Force; Some Bad news for women who want to fly Navy; Some good news for Navy women flyers; Proposal to draft women health professionals on hold; 1983 DACOWITS Chair receives Secretary of Defense medal for outstanding public service; Air Force pilot named California Military Woman of the year; Female aviator killed in C-1A accident; One Air Force woman nominated for space shuttle position; Kathleen Troia appointed Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs; America's oldest female veteran is 102; VA releases new statistics on female veterans; VA plans study on Vietnam Veterans' readjustment problems; Members of Congress urge inclusion of women veterans in epidemiological and biogenetic studies; Women veteran's personal papers wanted; Attention writers! Contributions solicited for special issue of Frontiers; Special newsletter available from EX-P.O.S.E.; VA nurse scholarships available for 1984-85 school year; Women fire fighters subject of film; National Public Radio has audio cassettes of interest; Autographed copies of Women Veterans available at reduced rate; WAC license plates for sale. UPCOMING EVENTS. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Nancy Loring Goldman, ed, Female Soldiers--Combatants or Noncombatants? Historical and Contemporary Perspectives reviewed by Romana Danysh; Helen Rogan, Mixed Company: Women in the Modern Army reviewed by Colonel Rose R. Stauber, USA (Ret.); Barbara Melosh, The Physician's Hand: Work Culture and Conflict in American Nursing reviewed by Dr. Nancy Noel; Tom Wolfe, The Right Stuff reviewed by Jean Ebbert; Francine Mezo, The Fall of Worlds reviewed by CPT RitaVictoria Gomez DeArmond, USAF; Evangeline Walton, The Sword is Forged reviewed by Myrna Rottman. NOT-SO-RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. COMMENTARY: Passing on the History and Heritage by SMSGT Jean M. Colby, USAF (Ret.), Candidacy Speech of Saralee McGoran, Member Vietnam Veterans of America Board of Directors, VVA Convention, November 1983,

Call for a Women's International Disarmament Alliance by Sonia Johnson, "Army Women" Looking Toward an Uncertain Future (Again)" by LTC Anna M. Young, USA; Public Opinion About Women and the Military by Dr. Judith Hicks Stiehm. LETTERS TO MINERVA by CPT Phyllis Gerben, USA, Major Ann Wright, USA, Greta L. Weaver, M.J. "Pidge" Nelson, Jean Ebbert, Joanne McQueen, Ruth Lauder. THE LAST WORD.


LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: W.A.S.P. Struggle for Militarization by LtCol Yvonne C. Pateman, USAF (Ret.), DACOWITS Spring Meeting Hosted by Coast Guard by LCDR Nonna Cheatham, USN (Ret.); VA Advisory Committee on Women Veterans Holds Second Meeting by June A. Willenz; EX-P.O.S.E. Continues to Lead, Lobby and Liaison by Donna M. Budd; NMFA Focuses on Military Family in 1984 by Joyce M. Brogdon; Harvard Workshop Examines Impact of War on Women by Nancy Costello; Society for Creative Anachronism Brings Back Ladies in Shining Armor by Sandra Bonds McDaniel. MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Rape is "incident to service" Army tells soldier; ROTC unit investigated for discrimination against homosexuals; Too tall to be a soldier; Foreign service still short on women 'Colonels and Generals'; Colonel Shirley J. Bach leaves Equal Opportunity Management Institute; Workshop on military women held by Second International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women; War Memorial Museum of Virginia opens permanent exhibit on Women at War; New publication gives data on military women; Veterans' health care legislation signed; 1984 Veterans Handbook available; Index/Directory of Women's Media helps women network in all media; Scholar seeks letters to and from Marine Vietnam veterans; TV series on Vietnam vets planned; Items on women Vietnam veterans sought for Memorial Library; Attention women historians of military nursing; SAGE: a scholarly journal on black women established; "Miscellaneous". RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. UPCOMING EVENTS. REVIEWS: Cynthia Enloe, Loaded Questions: The Militarization of Women's Lives reviewed by CPT Anita Williams McMiller, USA; June Willenz, Women Veterans: America's Forgotten Heroines by D'Ann Campbell; K.J. Cottam, Soviet Airwomen in Combat in World War II reviewed by N.J. Stewart-Smith; Vera Laska, ed., Women in the Resistance and in the Holocaust: the Voices of Eyewitnesses and Kevin Sim, Women at War: Five Heroines Who Defied the Nazis and Survived reviewed by Colonel Rose R. Stauber, USA (Ret.). POETRY: Lee-lee Schlegel, ed., Deros: A Quarterly Journal Devoted to those Who Served in Vietnam and Up Against the Wall, Mother: A Bi-Monthly Poetry Journal reviewed by Norma J. Boris. EXHIBITION: Pentagon Military Women's Corridor by Edith Mayo. SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: Congressional Hearings on Civilian Veterans, Testimony before the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, April 11, 1984 by Joan A. Maiman and Maureen E. Nerli. COMMENTARY: The Roles of Army Women in Grenada by MAJ ann Wright, USA; Prepared Statement by LTJG Susan K. Donner, USCG before the Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights of the House Judiciary Subcommittee, October 26, 1983; Excerpts from Statement of Honorable Lawrence J. Korb, Asst. Secretary of Defense, before Subcommittee on Military Personnel and Compensation of Committee on Armed Services, House of Representatives, November 17, 1983; Excerpts from Testimony of Carolyn Becraft before the Subcommittee on Military Personnel and Compensation of the House Armed Services Committee, November 15, 1983; Manning the Military: The Female Factor by Representative Les Aspin; Reflections of a Veteran of Nonviolence by Sabrina Sigal Falls; "A Memorial Day Question" (poem by Marye Hefty. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Maureen Nerli, Phyllis H. Larimore, K.J. Cottam, Stephen A. Berglund. THE LAST WORD.

VOLUME II, No. 3 FALL 1984

LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: George Washington University Sponsors Conference on Women in NATO Forces by LTC Patricia H. Jernigan, USA; DACOWITS Chair Visits Servicewomen Based in Europe by LCDR Nonna Cheatham, USN (Ret.); WOPA Begins 1984 as a New Organization by LCDR Deborah Burnette, USN; National Convention of Navy Women Held in Washington, D.C. by ENS Joy Smith, USN; Vietnam Veterans Women's Project Calls for "A Few Good Women" by Marilyn Edgerton-Mallard; Vietnam Nurses Memorial Project Raising Funds for Bronze Statue by Donna-Marie Boulay & Diane Carlson Evans. POETRY. MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: USNI Proceedings advances 'War between men and women'; Cooler heads prevail at USNI; Australian foreign minister "not amused" by magazines read by American sailors; Bad news turns to good news for women who want to fly Navy; "Smaller-sized personnel" essential to MX deployment Air Force says; Why Canadian women can't march; American soldier is first woman to attend French Commando School; More historic firsts in space; Former woman general named to VA Advisory Panel; Dr. M.C. Devilbiss now Senior Research Associate at Maxwell AFB; Dr. Judith Stiehm now Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs at USC; Research chair at Naval Postgraduate School honors Commodore Hopper; Anna M. Rosenberg honored by Pentagon; "Grey Turkey" awarded to senior line officer by Navy women; Navy women's memorabilia sought by Naval Historical Center; Overheard in the corridors of the Pentagon; Attention Vietnam nurses; Attention World War II veterans; Women in science, technology and medicine subject of bibliographies; Canada's Women's Army Corps to hold reunion; National Military Spouse Day celebrated; Second National Security Forum for women held in June; Amazons and warriors subject of panel at NWSA conference; Ninth Biennial Psychology in DoD Symposium held at Air Force Academy; FEW holds 15th National Training Program; DACOWITS recommendations adopted at Spring 1984 meeting. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Irene Tinker, ed., Women in Washington: Advocates for Public Policy reviewed by Caroline B. Head; Trudy Heller, Women and Men as Leaders reviewed by CDR Barbara Williams, USN (Ret.); Marie-Madeleine Fourcade, Noah's Ark: The Secret Underground reviewed by COL Rose Stauber, USA (Ret.); C.J. Cherryh, The Pride of Chanur reviewed by Mary Ann Tetreault; Mary Mackey, The Last Warrior Queen and A. Bertram Chandler, The Last Amazon reviewed by Abby Wettan Kleinbaum. COMMENTARY: Women in Uniform: The Case of Greece by Dr. James Brown; Testimony of Mary W. Gray and Carolyn Becraft submitted to the Republican National Platform Committee; The Consciousness-Raising of a male chauvinist Chaplain by BG Paul O. Forsberg, USA; A Salute to Military Nurses by Dr. Nora S. Kinzer; Letter to my Aunts by Ann McKernan Robinson; "The Devil" (poem) by Norma J. Boris. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Yvonne C. Pateman, M.J. "Pidge" Nelson, Norma J. Boris, Josette Wingo. THE LAST WORD.


LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: Women Marines Association Hold Biannual Meeting by LT. Donna J. Fournier, USNR; WASP Convention Draws Hundreds of Women Flyers by LtCol Yvonne C. Pateman, USAF (Ret.); Fort Bragg Chapter Opens New Era for NMFA by Suzanne Arnold; WEAL Targets Women and the Military for Primary Advocacy in 1984-85. BULLETIN BOARD: Cuba establishes all-woman combat unit; All-woman squad established in El Salvador; Women on field duty in Honduras complain of lack of sanitary supplies; Charges of rampant pornography trigger investigation of sexual harassment in Coast Guard; National Women Veterans Recognition Week celebrated; Women's Equity Task Force formed by Department of Defense; Officer Personnel Management System Study includes page on Army women; MINERVA and Xenophon enterprises to sponsor symposium on women in low intensity conflict; Athena Productions plans film series on women veterans; Attention Marine Corp Vets; Medical Corps reunions planned for Vietnam Vets; Legal Department of VVA offers aid; Post trauma treatment center officers aid to Vietnam nurses; Attention former military wives; Office of Air Force history offers dissertation year fellowships, 1985-6; U.S. Army Center of Military History offers dissertation year fellowships; VA nurse scholarships available for 1985-6; MINERVA T-Shirts for sale. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Tatyana Mamonova, Women and Russia: Feminist Writings from the Soviet Union reviewed by LCDR Margaret Harlow, USN; Edna J. Hunter, Families Under the Flag reviewed by Dr. Diane E. Levy; CAPT Joy Bright Hancock, USN (Ret.), Lady in the Navy: A Personal Reminiscence reviewed by YNC Sue Fischer, USN (Ret.); Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Tomoe Gozen, The Golden Naginata, The Thousand Shrine Warrior, reviewed by Josette Wingo; Janet Dailey, Silver Wings and Santiago Blue reviewed by N.J. Stewart-Smith. TELEVISION SERIES: "Call to Glory" by Suzanne Therrien-Rucker. COMMENTARY: In the Shadow of Andromache's Loom by Sue Mansfield; "Air Evacuation: Lauretta M. Schimmoler and her Aerial Nurse Corps of America by Robert E. Skinner; Three Heroic Women by K. Jean Cottam. SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: STAR TREK: The Trouble with Star Trek by Mary Ann Tetreault; Raging Hormones (a short story) by Linda Grant De Pauw. LETTERS TO MINERVA by LT Colleen Nevius, USN, Elaine Fox, Margaret A. Gigowski, Sharon Rice, Martha Cuddy. THE LAST WORD.


LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: DACOWITS Holds Fall Meeting by LCDR Nonna Cheatham, USN (Ret.); World Veterans Federation Council Meets in Athens by June Willenz; NOW Advances the Rights of Lesbians in the Military by Christine R. Riddiough; National Women Veterans Recognition Week Celebrated in Erie, Pennsylvania by Natalie Stewart-Smith. BULLETIN BOARD: Utilization of women slows under Reagan; Combat roles open for women in Denmark; Proposal to recruit German women defeated; "Marijuana detector dog handler" and other "combat jobs: closed to women Marines; Women's roles in missile silos in doubt; Air Force opens Security Police field to women; Errata: French Commando school; Navy promises reforms for women prisoners; Military wives have higher unemployment rate than wives of civilians; Single mothers sue for right to enlist in the military; Pregnancy upheld as bar to Navy commission; Army captain honored by Glamour magazine; Army intelligence center has first woman commander; Coast Guard officer becomes first woman military aid to president; First woman Coast Guard officer retires; Navy assigns first woman ship executive officer; Army guard gets first woman sergeant major; VA Chief Benefits Director retires; Modern Language Association holds sessions on women and war; WEAL Women and the Military Project has new address and new fact sheets; Attention veterans of Vietnam medical services; New York City to celebrate Vietnam Veterans Week. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Marie Marmo Mullaney, Revolutionary Women: Gender and the Socialist Revolutionary Role reviewed by Kathryn Hodges; K.J. Cottam, In the Sky Above the Front reviewed by LtCol Pat Pateman, USAF (Ret.); Jim and Sybil Stockdale, In Love and War reviewed by Jean Ebbert; Myrna Trustram, Women of the Regiment: Marriage and the Victorian Army reviewed by Joan I. Biddle; Breaching the Peace: A Collection of Radical Feminist Papers reviewed by Sheila Tobias; Robert E. Vardeman, Mutiny on the Enterprise reviewed by Carol McNeill. COMMENTARY: Women Who Say No to the Military by Robert A. Seeley; How to Deal With Sexual Harassment in the Military by Margaret Merrick Scheffelin, Ph.D.; Amazon Dreams: Feminism and the Amazon Image by Professor Abby Wettan Kleinbaum; Where Have all the Women Gone? The Pre-twentieth Century Sexual Division of Labor in Armies by Barton C. Hacker; Chest Pains (a short story) by Josette Wingo. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Margaret Merrick Schefflin, Ph.D., LtCol Yvonne C. Pateman, USAF (Ret.), M.C. Devilbiss, Ph.D. THE LAST WORD.


LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: DACOWITS Holds Spring Meeting by LCDR Nonna Cheatham, USN (Ret.); CASSANDRA invites military nurses to join radical feminist network by Linda Bergstrom; Transition completed for Military Family Resource Center by Ralph Blanchard; Women Vietnam veterans form networks by Margaret Gigowski; Rand Study shows job turnover no higher for military women by Josette Wingo; Women Marines face sexual harassment by Ann Wrixon; Military women move forward in aviation, missiles, and space by LtCol Pat Pateman, USAF (Ret.); Air Force missile silos opened to women by Marj Jensen. MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Marine Corps promotes first woman to Brigadier; Soviet military to accept women; Civilian women test combat gear for Army; Uniform problems now affect women astronauts; Women prominent among Lebanese suicide bombers; Nurses Against Misrepresentation attack Home Before Morning; NOW honors women in aviation; VA honors outstanding nursing staff during National Nurses Week; Health status of women in the army to be studied; VA report contains first available census data on female veterans; Congressional bills of interest; Commemorative stamp to honor women veterans proposed; Exhibit of women in World War I poster to tour; WAC museum seeks communications artifacts for exhibit; Air Force now hiring historians; Research reports on women in government uniformed services sought; Experiences of Vietnam vets' wives and mothers sought. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: K.J. Cottam, ed and trans., The Golden-Tressed Soldier reviewed by COL R.R. Stauber, USA (Ret.); Maureen Honey, Creating Rosie the Riveter: Class, Gender, and Propaganda during World War II reviewed by D'Ann Campbell; Teresa Griffin Viele, Following the Drum: A Glimpse of Frontier Life reviewed by Joan I. Biddle. COMMENTARY: Teaching about Women and the Military by Mary Ann Tetreault; Address to Washington State Federal Womens Program Directors by Saralee McGoran; Women Veterans of the Great War: Oral Histories by Michelle A. Christides; Memories of a Woman Marine (1950-1957): An Oral History by Margaret L. Moore; Remarks delivered at the Zonta International Amelia Earhart Banquet, January 5, 1983 by LCDR Rosemary Bryant Mariner, USN. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Robert A. Seeley, K. Jean Cottam, Ph.D., Charles Kinzer, Jean Colby, SMSGT, USAF (Ret.), Barbara V. Temple, M.J. "Pidge" Nelson, USN (Ret.). THE LAST WORD.

VOLUME III, No. 3 FALL, 1985

LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: Veterans Administration Advisory Committee on Women Veterans reports to Congress by COL Lorraine A. Rossi, USA (Ret.); International Studies Association holds session on Women in the Military by LCDR Margaret Harlow, USN; Women Veterans opens membership to veterans of all services by Sharon Marie Culbertson; Women Veterans Memorial planned by June A. Willenz; American Friends Service Committee group visits Indochinese women by Lady Borton and Asia Bennett. MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Three NATO nations now allow women in combat, NATO conference told; Women still being assigned to Army's "Highest Probability of Direct Combat" positions; Army surgeon general asks for peacetime registration of nurses; Air Force balks at recruiting 22% women, but Congress insists; More firsts for women and F-16s; First woman completes flight leader course; Cadoria is Army's first female combat support general; Foote will be Army's second female combat support general; Woman tops class at Coast Guard Academy; Naval Academy's top woman grad is back in school; West Point grad not a feminist but wants equal rights; DACOWITS chair receives defense award for outstanding public service; Nurses who died in service honored; WAC Museum accredited; Women's history landmark project wins support; Department of Defense hosts National Security Forum for women; Women veterans' coordinators conference held; Society for Traumatic Stress Studies to hold founding meeting; Military history research grants available; Air Force wives wanted to correspond with novelist; Researchers want to contact active duty women and vets. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: D'Ann Campbell, Women at War with America: Private Lives in a Patriotic Era reviewed by Jean Ebbert; Antoinette May, Witness to War reviewed by Patricia A. Paquette; Bobette Gugliotta, Pigboat 39: An American Sub goes to War reviewed by Elizabeth Henifin; Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Herland and Marian Zimmer Bradley, Thendara House reviewed by Mary Ann Tetreault. COMMENTARY: An Army Career: 1945-1968: An Interview with Major Edith N. Straw, USA (Ret.) by Ali J. Abed; Soldiers of Happenstance: Women in Soviet Uniform by Anne Eliot Griesse and LCDR Margaret A. Harlow, USN; The Legend of "Molly Marine" by LT Donna J. Fournier, USNR. LETTERS TO MINERVA by: LtCol Elizabeth Svery, Margaret A. Harlow, LCDR, USN, K. Jean Cottam, Ph.D., Marie Bennett Alsmeyer. THE LAST WORD.


LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: DACOWITS Fall Meeting Highlights Women in Space by LCDR Nonna Cheatham, USN (Ret.); EX-POSE Moves Forward on Legislative Front by Shirley Taft; Hawaii Women Officers' Professional Association (H.W.O.P.A.) Celebrates First Anniversary by LT Janice M. Hamby, USN; WEAL sets Agenda on Women and the Military; SPARS Hold 43rd Reunion by Anna D. Sener; Vietnam Vets "Welcome Home" Features Women's Symposium by Rudi Rinne; MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Admiral Narmi charged with sexual harassment given nonpunitive letter; Child abuse charged at West Point day care center; Married Army couples program now automated; Harris survey provides data on women vets; Women vets Agent Orange study passes House of Representatives; Germany struggles to maintain manpower levels; Billets identified for women Marine officers; Marine women to receive basic weapons training; Fleet marine force gets first woman chaplain; Fair is first woman to win SAC's top maintenance award; Mahon continues to set "firsts" in Army National Guard; Schimmenti becomes first Hispanic woman general in Air Force; Analyst receives Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Award; Hijack heroine becomes first woman to receive Silver Cross; Women in Military Aviation find Wings of Gold article offensive; Soldier of Fortune puts actress on cover; Golden-tressed Soldier misclassified by Library of Congress; Attention medical historians; WAC subject of study by new CMH fellow; Course on Women in the Military taught at Air War College; Women in blue one year old this month; Navy women's convention will be held in 1987; Reunion for Southeast Asia vets planned; Support grows for Vietnam Women Veterans Memorial; "Casualties" brings Vietnam Nurses to off-off-off Broadway; "The Women Warriors" to document experience of Army nurses who served in Vietnam; "So Proudly We Hail!" is new newsletter for women Vietnam vets; Vietnam Veterans of America publishes revised guide on stress disorder; Prepare now to celebrate Women's History Week; Women vets bumper sticker available; MINERVA publishes index for first two years. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Marrs and Read, Everywoman's Guide to Military Service reviewed by Ann Glynn; Shangold and Mirkin, The Complete Sports Medicine Book for Women reviewed by LTC Patricia H. Jernigan, USA; FILM REVIEW: CATCH 36-24-36 reviewed by Joan Jordan. COMMENTARY: I Wish I Could Do It All Over Again by Marie Bennett Alsmeyer; Address Before the International Organization of Women Pilots (The 99's) July, 1985 by LtCol Yvonne C. Pateman, USAF (Ret.); The Women who Died in Vietnam by Doreen Spelts; Why We Need a national Women Veterans Memorial by Sharon Marie Culbertson; Black Women in the Military by Cynthia Enloe and Harold Jordan; The Fate Worse than Death: Women Captives of the Indian Wars by LtCol Nancy B. Sanuelson, USAF (Ret.); Women in the Military and Women in Development--The Missing Link by Ellen C. Collier. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Samantha Parish, Bill Baller, Lillian Cheney. THE LAST WORD.


LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: Women Veterans Memorial is on the road by June A. Willenz; Smithsonian Institution accessions Scheffelin/DACOWITS collection by Deborah G. Douglas; Women's Armed Forces Association preserves a living image of history by Gurthalee Clark; Alliance of Women Veterans networks for organizations and individuals by Stacey Fletcher; Women and Star Trek fandom: From SF to sisterhood by Edi Bjorklund. MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Three women soldiers die in 101st Airborne tragedy; Two civilian women die in Shuttle explosion; Air Force women participated in Grenada invasion; Canadian servicewomen perform well at isolated stations; Female Marine sets marksmanship record for recruits; Marksman honored as outstanding woman athlete in the military; New Army fitness test imposes higher standards on women; Hedberg, Army's first female Adjutant General, retires; Coast Guard Honor Guard wants more women; Woman Army Captain becomes personal attendant to Prince Charles; Patty Duke brings story of housewife turned Army Huey Pilot to TV; Few civilian women reach top pay grades in Defense Department; Hiring preference rule is benefiting military spouses; Civilian women Vietnam vets still pressing for inclusion in Agent Orange studies; Massachusetts establishes Advisory Committee on Women Veterans; VA Medical Center in Portland has new woman's health clinic; Dr. Jacquelyn K. Davis is new chairman of DACOWITS; Outgoing DACOWITS chair receives Secretary of Defense award; NMFA honors four in Congress for aid to military families; Bolling Officers Wives Club ordered disbanded; Planning conference on role of women to be held by World Veteran's Federation Committee; WAC Foundation to host reunion; Black WAAC/WAC plan October reunion; Red Cross vets plan to meet; Ohio based Women Veterans Organization dissolves; So Proudly We Hail! broadens outreach; 1986 International Directory of Women's Media now available; Directory of Peace Archives holdings published; Radcliffe College announces small grant research support program; Military history graduate fellowship available. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Claudia M. Oakes, United States Women in Aviation: 1930-1939 reviewed by LCDR Rosemary Bryant Mariner, USN; Bourdonnay, Johnson, Schuman, Wilson et al, Fighting Back: Lesbian and Gay Draft, Military and Veterans Issues reviewed by P.M. Gormley and C.D. Senseman; W.D. Ernhart, Carrying the Darkness: American Indochina--The Poetry of the Vietnam War reviewed by A.C. Holland-Brett. COMMENTARY: Civilian Veterans should not be Overlooked by Women Veterans Memorial by Margaret Hodge; Refugee Women: A Forgotten Majority by Nancy Ridner Iris; One Woman's War: The Story of Joan Campbell, Member of the Women's Army Corps, World War II, April 1943-September 1945, An oral history conducted by Eleanor Stoddard, part 1; "Be All That You Can Be": The 1958 Army by Julia Perez; The Campaigns of Matilda of Tuscany by Valerie Eads; Warrior of Light (A Short Story) by Jan W. Whiteley. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Francine J. D'Amico, Kay Gott Chaffey, M.L. "Pidge" Nelson, Sharon Marie Culbertson, Shirley Sarmiento, M.C. Devilbiss. THE LAST WORD.


LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: General Union of the Women of Libya Work for Overthrow of Qadhafi Regime by "Fauzia"; International Peace Bureau and Peace Union of Finland Plan Symposium on "Women and the Military System" by Ilkka Taipale and Eva Isaksson; Women for a Secure Future Support "Star Wars" by John Kwapis; Professional Advancement and Family Well-Being Focuses of DACOWITS Spring Meeting by LCDR Nonna Cheatham, USN (Ret.); Navy Women's National Convention planned for Chicago, Illinois by LT Donna J. Fournier, USNR; Nevada has new Women Veterans Association by Jean Huff Fredriksen. MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Air Force, Navy women participate in action against Libya; Weinberger says he'll never support combat service for women; Nicaraguan women begin training for combat; East Germany deploys women as border police; Soviet special forces detachment infiltrates women's protest group at Greenham Common; Bill requiring registration of women health-care professionals introduced in Congress; Air Force wants "relief" from mandated female accession requirement; Ban on single-parent enlistments upheld; Bill would aid victims of military spouse; Equal opportunity policy-making office reorganized; Women FBI agents summoned to meeting to air complaints; Officer convicted of fraternizing says accusers were "oversexed"; Smut and smokes to remain on shelves of military exchanges; Marines establish new female brig; Nail polish approved for women marines; New jumper uniforms for Navy women now being tested; Navy says pregnant sailors can stay on ships until 20th week; Photos sought for article on martial arts training during pregnancy; Civilian woman a casualty of 101st Airborne tragedy; Woman heads Air Force Academy Class of 1986; Thirty-two West Point women assigned to combat arms; Top woman grad at Annapolis chooses sea duty; Air War College presents pioneering panel on women in the military; Women march with memorial float in Chicago "Welcome home" parade; National Society of Colonial Dames creates local women's Veteran's Day; First woman shipmaster receives $10,000 prize; Air Force Association honors Anne Morrow Lindbergh; Navy league awards tea honors military women of achievement; UNESCO desk diary marks end of United Nations Decade for Women; Swarthmore peace collection to publish women's studies guide; Gelman Library at George Washington University to make titles of Carnegie Peace Library available; Naval Institute adds volume on Navy wives to oral history collection; WAC vets who served with 8th Air Force sought; Wanted: former Vietnam health care professionals; Help for women entitled to claim Veterans benefits; Survivors of Air Force Reservists eligible for annuity; Project to provide educational aid to Asian military wives. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Keith Walker, A Piece of My Heart: The stories of twenty-six American women who served in Vietnam reviewed by Sandie Fauriol; Margaret L. Rossiter, Women in the Resistance reviewed by Al Nofi. COMMENTARY: Lessons of the War: The Effects of Disillusionment on the Consciousness and Political Thinking of Conservative Women Veterans by Grace Sevy; One Woman's War, April 1943-September 1945, The Story of Joan Campbell, Member of the Women's Army Corps, World War II, An oral history conducted by Eleanor Stoddard (Part 2). LETTERS TO MINERVA by Joan Jordan, Constance Merims, Maggie Salvator, LCSW, SSG Leisa Montanye Corbett. THE LAST WORD.

VOLUME IV, No. 3 FALL, 1986

LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: Canton, Ohio's Vietnam Veterans and Aultman Hospital Pay Tribute to 1st Lieutenant Sharon A. Lane, USA 7 July 43 - 8 June 69 by Bradley S. Keefer, M.A.; Word Veterans Federation Sponsors Conference on Women in and after Wars by June A. Willenz; Citizen Soldier Defends Right of Lesbian to Remain in Air National Guard by Tod Ensign, Esquire; Brainstorming Session Launches The MINERVA Center by Joan I. Biddle. MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Married Air Force women lack commitment and singe ones are "queer" says Curtis Lemay; Court says Navy may not bar civilian women from submarines; RADM Grace Hopper - last of the World War II WAVES - retires from active duty; In Memoriam: Colonel Katherine A. Towle, USMC & Captain Joy Bright Hancock, USN; Women no bar to Army team success in survivability competition; Navy lieutenant is military's first woman jet test pilot; "Gray Turkey" award goes to Captain Von Wantoch; Appointment of military's first woman rabbi shatters unity of Jewish military chaplaincy; Army chaplain sentenced to prison for molesting women in counseling; Reports that American servicewomen and wives moonlight as bar hostesses and prostitutes sparks investigation; Uniform policy to be set on home businesses conducted by military wives; Defense Department establishes new office for military families; Kathleen A. Buck appointed Air Force General Counsel; DACOWITS to hold its fall meeting in Williamsburg; MINERVA Center and Bethune Museum to co-sponsor seminar on Women's Armed Forces Archive; Enlisted Army Air Force and U.S. Air Force women veterans sought; Women in Nicaraguan militia featured on videotape; Nurse "sheroes" featured in 1987 calendar; Work gloves sized for women's hands available; Price of MINERVA boxes going up. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Shelley Saywell, Women in War reviewed by Ann Wrixon; Kathleen Brooks-Pazmany, United States Women in Aviation, 1919-1929 reviewed by RitaVictoria Gomez; Rosemarie Tong, Ethics in Policy Analysis reviewed by M.C. Devilbiss; Pauline Glen Winslow, I, Martha Adams reviewed by Mary Anne Tetreault; Gale Anne Hurd, Producer, James Cameron, Director, Twentieth Century Fox, Aliens (movie) reviewed by Jan Whiteley. COMMENTARY: "Girls Can't Fight" or, Why a Civilian is Writing a Book about Women Warriors by Susan Ribner; Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine--and Wife by Dorothy Schneider; Facts and Figures on Women in the U.S. Compiled by Kathleen Tesi, Research Office Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI). POETRY by Sharon Marie Culbertson, Fran Bellersen. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Jayne Seidman, Peg Harlow, Bobbi Trotter, Kathleen E.R. Smith. THE LAST WORD.


LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: Veterans of Polish Women's Combat Battalion Hold Reunion by K. Jean Cottam; Campaign Against Military Prostitution Launched by Sister Mary Soledad Perpinan, RGS; DACOWITS Holds Thirty-fifth Anniversary Meeting by LCDR Nonna Cheatham, USN (Ret.); Women Veterans Memorial Authorized by Law by June A. Willenz; Women Vets Gather in Washington, D.C. to Kick-off Vietnam Women's Memorial Fundraising Drive by Major Mary Ann Attebury, USAFR; Columbus Day Week-end in Buffalo, NY Marks Awareness for Women Veterans by Doreen Spelts. MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Mostly female firefighters serve at Naval Air Station Adak, Alaska; Woman Titan II missile crew officer convicted on charges of adultery and fraternization; "Doctor Draft" rejected by House committee; Vietnam nurse returns Bronze Star to protest U.S. Central American policy; "Project Proteus" sheds light on issues confronting women officers in dual-career marriages; Israel's top woman officer combines career and family; Grace Hopper sees moving toward change as good--but not on the combat issue; Watkins says Navy now has a few too many women; Lehman sees greater combat support role for Navy women as possibility; Army weightlifter aims to be world's best in her weight class; Army reservist is licensed boxer in Ohio; Regulations governing hiring preference for military spouses set; Statistics on Air Force families; Army spouses to get a chance to evaluate family life programs; San Diego women's council of the Navy League honors military women of achievement; Army woman honored by International Association of Women Police; All-woman Marine Reserve band holds reunion; Navy women's national convention association seeks names of sea service women; U.S. Army Center of Military History offers dissertation year fellowships; Naval Historical Center offering predoctoral fellowship; Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers offers scholarships; U.S. Naval Academy history department calls for papers; George Washington University seeks senior military/diplomatic historian; Air University to publish analysis of women and military service; Researcher seeks sea service wives for study; Funds sought to restore statue of "Molly Marine"; "Mom's a Vietnam Vet" buttons for sale. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: K. J. Cottam, ed. & trans., The Girl From Kashin: Soviet Women in Resistance in World War II reviewed by LCDR Margaret Harlow, USN; Mary Ruth Myers, An Officer and a Lady reviewed by RitaVictoria Gomez. COMMENTARY: The Propaganda and the Truth: Black Women and World War II by Debra L. Newman; No Supplies, No Benefits, But Earned Respect: The Dieticians of World War I by Karen Treegar; Three Myths about Women and Combat by Senator William Proxmire; Moral Considerations for Combat Assignment by Major Linda M. Ewing, USA; The Nuclear Threat: A Woman's Perspective by Betty G. Lall. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Leisa Montanye Corbett, Romana Danysh. THE LAST WORD.

VOLUME V, No. 1 SPRING, 1987

LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: First International Women's Air Show set for San Diego by Pat Wagner; Veterans Administration Advisory Committee on Women Veterans Reports to Congress by Colonel Lorraine A. Rossi, USA (Ret.). MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Proposed legislation would open more combat support jobs to women; Evacuation of women from combat zones "possible but not probable"; Services revise exclusionary policies affecting women; Navy tries to freeze number of enlisted women but Weinberger says no; James H. Webb, author of "Women Can't Fight" is Reagan nominee for Secretary of the Navy; Navy women participate in combat training on carrier, Danish women now accepted for Naval combat duty; Dutch woman is NATO'S first female combat pilot; Current statistics on rated women in the Air Force; Hellstrom becomes Canada's first woman general; Canadian women are 8.9 percent of total forces; Sexual harassment in Army has not decreased says CSM Erickson; NOW supports woman welder who charges that sexually explicit photos constitute harassment in workplace; Lesbian who investigated gays for DIS sues to get the job back; Weight rules for recruits discriminate against women says Defense Department; American woman soldier killed in Honduras; All female flight crew makes history; Coast Guard licenses first female chief engineer; Center for Defense Information honors ten women; New law benefits veterans of Cadet Nurse Corps; Nurse in charge when Pearl Harbor attacked dies at age 93; Sculpture of Navy woman will be placed in U.S. Navy Memorial; Navy women's national convention to be held in Chicago, WAC Foundation planning 1988 reunion. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: John Costello, Virtue Under Fire: How World War II Changed Our Social and Sexual Attitudes reviewed by Joan I. Biddle; Ruth Walker, Air Force Wives reviewed by RitaVictoria Gomez; Marion Zimmer Bradley, Warrior Woman reviewed by Jan W. Whiteley. FEATURE ARTICLES: The Amazons of Dahomey by Captain John S. Harrel, USMC; Naval Air Station Sigonella: "A Day on the Line" by Edward Lundquist; Shore Duty: The Story of Frances Prindle Taft, Officer in the WAVES, World War II, an oral history by Eleanor Stoddard. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Anne M. Anderson, Stephen A. Acai, Jr., K. Jean Cottam. THE LAST WORD.

VOLUME V, No. 2 SUMMER, 1987

LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: DACOWITS Holds Spring Meeting by LCDR Nonna Cheatham, USN (Ret.); NOW Raising funds for All-ERA All-Service Memorial by June A. Willenz; Society of Women Geographers Holds Aviation History Symposium to Commemorate Earhart-Noonan Flight by LCDR Nonna E. Cheatham, USN (Ret.). MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Women sailors go to Persian Gulf on destroyer tender Acadia; Navy sued for inaction on EEOC order; Canada will test mixed-gender combat units; Denmark tests women in Army and Air Force combat roles; First women soldiers enlist in Luxembourg Army; Woman takes first place in helicopter competition, Women win endurance dog sled races; Good Housekeeping honors military women; Study shows women flyers have fewer accidents; Army women promoted faster than men; Why your BDU doesn't fit; Dual-service couples face growing problems; Congress considers legislation affecting military widows; Services provide separation support for families; Resources on separation available; Private women Vietnam veteran's health study planned; Training and placement program for women veterans funded; Many Vietnam memorials honor women; Vietnam Women's Memorial project holding conference for volunteers; War correspondent memorial dedicated; Attention World War II veterans; International Navy women's reunion planned; Alliance of Women Veterans selects new board; New York State establishes "Women veterans benefits awareness week"; Coming soon: Another woman general. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. RECENT DISSERTATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Jane E. Gibish, Women in the Armed Forces: Selected References reviewed by Sarah M. Pritchard; Adela Riek Scharr, Sisters in the Sky: The WAFS reviewed by LtCol Yvonne C. "Pat" Pateman, USAF (Ret.); Jean Reith Schroedel, Alone in a Crowd: Women in the Trades Tell Their Stories reviewed by Eleanor Stoddard; Rita Mae Brown, High Hearts reviewed by Noralee Frankel. DRAMA: Sinners Can Stand, Too by June Willenz reviewed by Eleanor Stoddard. FEATURE ARTICLES: Acceptance and Avoidance: The Woman Vietnam Vet by Brenda Denzler; One Woman in Uniform: A Tale of Personal Growth by Marion B. Schon; Female Navy Pilot Supports Fleet by Edward Lundquist; Mother Bickerdyke: She Outranked Everybody but God by Nancy B. Samuelson. POETRY by Sharon Marie Culbertson, Sean Higgins. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Joan Jordan, Debra DeBondt, Martha Schultz, Marion H. Dent, K. Jean Cottam, Ph.D, Dorothy C. Morris. THE LAST WORD.

VOLUME V, No. 3 FALL, 1987

LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: Women Are Veterans Too! A Report on the 1986 New York State Assembly Hearings on Women Veterans by The Assembly Subcommittee on Women Veterans: Hon. Barbara Patton, Hon. Richard Conners; Military Policy Subject of WEAL Panel at 18th Women and Law Conference transcribed by Carol Martinelli; Women Veterans Speak Out at First Women in the Military Conference by Julia Perez; Women Veterans Visible at First National Veterans Unity Conference by Stacey Fletcher; WAVES and Navy Women Plan 1988 Australia/New Zealand Tour by Ann Collins. MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: More sea duty required for Navy women; Women get command at sea in the Air Force's Navy; Army has already decided issue of women in combat, says columnist; Dickinson supports increased combat-support role for women; Proposed legislation would allow Air Force women to train in fighters but not fly in combat; Mary R. Stout new head of Vietnam Veterans of America; Ritual recruit haircuts develop cohesion that excludes women; American women win CISM volleyball championship for first time since 1963; Webb rules woman submarine technician can go on sea trials but lawsuit continues; Air Force pays victim of sex discrimination after contempt of court order is issued; Federal workers entitled to paid leave to pursue discrimination suits; Parental and family leave policy under consideration; Schroeder threatens to eliminate DoD Office of Family Policy; Long Island Vet Center forming Vietnam Women Vets Network; Bay area women veterans meet monthly; Joiner Center to sponsor conference for women in the military next spring; Information sought on women POW's of World War II; Information sought on "Doll Lady" World War II spy for Japan; Documents on British women's work in first World War now on microfilm. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Louanne Johnson, Making Waves: A Woman in this Man's Navy reviewed by LCDR Donna J. Fournier, USNR; Jean Bethke Elshtain, Women and War reviewed by Sue Mansfield; F. M. Busby, Zelde M'Tana reviewed by Mary Ann Tetreault. FEATURE ARTICLES: A Descriptive Study of Coping Methods and Anxiety Levels of Relocated Military Wives by Melanie Erskine, R.N., M.S.N.; Farewell-Adieu: Posthumous Encomium for a "Hello Girl" by Stacey Fletcher; RAF Mildenhall: A Letter to my Mother by Captain Marcelyn Atwood, USAF. LETTERS TO MINERVA by CPT Perry A. Colvin, Mary Ruth Venditti, Anne E. Pitchford Kilbourn, Lynna K. Schuffield, June E. Henry. THE LAST WORD.

VOLUME V, No. 4 WINTER, 1987

LETTER TO THE READER. NEWS: DACOWITS Holds Fall 1987 Meeting by Betty Calhoun; Summary of Findings of 1987 DACOWITS WESTPAC Trip by Jacquelyn K. Davis; Military Women in the '80's by Carolyn Becraft & Lisa Zurmuhlen; New Program started for Women Foreign Policy Professional by Frances G. Burwell. MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: MINERVA goes on the air; No women radio reporters chosen for duty on Navy ships in the Persian Gulf; Women in Army combat units to be reassigned; Army opens two engineer specialties to women; Canadian women show little interest in Army combat positions; Japan may train women officers soon; Uganda unable to subdue forces of woman guerilla leader; Pentagon decision will exclude women from Army College Fund benefits; Lesbian ordered reinstated in Army Reserve; LCDR Harvey punished for sexual harassment; June Brown is new inspector general; Becraft retires from WEAL Project on Women and the Military; Pickett bill would benefit former spouses of enlisted people; Defense Secretary and Congress support right of spouses to work; Veto by Fine Arts Commission a temporary setback for Vietnam Women's Memorial; Monument honoring war nurses dedicated in Illinois; First baby delivered in Air Force C-5; Fat doesn't mean wimpy; United Women Veterans sponsors magazine drive; IUS presentations of interest. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Birgit Brocke-Utne, Educating for Peace: A Feminist Perspective reviewed by Sheila Tobias. FEATURE ARTICLES: The Issues: Women at Risk by Dorothy and Carl J. Schneider; Soviet "Girls" Can't Fly; Common Sense by M. Patricia Capin; Report on the MINERVA Survey (Part 1) by Joan I. Biddle; "Who Are You, Why Are You Doing This, and Where Do You Find The Time?": Confessions of an Editor/Publisher/Et cetera by Linda Grant DePauw. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Charlotte M. Morehouse, Carol A. Barkalow, Patricia H. Jernigan, LTJG T.R. Daly, USN. THE LAST WORD: MINERVA's Horoscope.


MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY: LETTER TO THE READER. Female Soldiers in Combat: A Policy Adrift by Ralph P. Witherspoon; Gender as Stigma: Probing Some Sensitive Issues by Linda Grant DePauw; Gender Belief Systems and the Integration of Women in the U.S. Military by Mary Ann Tetreault; United States Country Report: Women and Militarization in the Late '80's by Cynthia Enloe; A Woman Soldier at an Army Air Assault School by John J. Sullivan. REVIEWS: The Woman's Research and Educational Institute of the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues, The American Woman, 1987-1988: A Report in Depth reviewed by Gayle Bollinger; Lea Shamgar-Handelman, Israeli War Widows reviewed by Anne R. Bloom; Sally Hayton-Keeva, Valiant Women in War and Exile: Thirty-Eight True Stories reviewed by Ann Wrixon. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. THE LAST WORD.

VOLUME I, No. 1 SPRING, 1988

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Letter to the Reader. O'Reilly General Hospital to hold fourth reunion; War monument includes South Caroline woman killed in Vietnam; New risk rule for women to apply to all services; Mixed crews assigned to missiles; Air Force women ineligible for medals for 1986 Libya raid; Captain Kathleen D. Byerly new Navy Women's policy chief; Unwanted pregnancy rates high in Navy report says; Dress whites for Navy enlisted women back to the drawing board; Nyqust works to attract navy women to new billets; Coast Guard women to be excluded from wartime combat; Marine Corps balks at assigning women as Embassy guards; Marine women will now be trained for combat; DACOWITS blamed for Parris Island witch hunt; Army seeking more women drill sergeants; Army women promoted faster than men; Only combat restriction limits Army women's chance to command; Ban on women in forward units extended to Army Reserve; Promotion slow in Army Nurse Corps; Women Flag Officers still a rare breed; Military life inherently unstable court says; Number of dependents overseas now being studied; DACOWITS won't be recommending MINERVA to military libraries. LETTERS TO MINERVA by CAPT Kathleen M. Byerly, USN, CDR Rosemary B. Mariner, USN, 1LT Jacqueline M. Miller, OHM, John Andrews, Capt. Pat Linehan, NC, USN, CAPT Mary Jo Feroglia, USAF, CPT Karen L. Forehand, MP, Jacqueline Fay Henson, PRC (AW) USN, CTR1 Michelle G. Plymale, USN, Freddy Champagne, Mary Ann Humphrey, Kathy Knudson, Shelley Anderson, Gail Walden Watson, Deborah Butler, John Buechler.


MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY: LETTER TO THE READER. Report on DACOWITS Spring 1988 Meeting by Nonna Cheatham; Department of Defense Report Task Force on Women in the Military; There's Men, There's Women, and There's Me: The Role and Status of Military Women by Karen O. Dunivin; Women as Combatants: Is it an Issue at All? by Ruth Linn; Story of a Thrown-Away Military Wife by Betty Myers as told to Doris Mosley; Army and Navy Nurses Held as Prisoners of War During World War II by Mary E.V. Frank. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. REVIEWS: Billy Prior, Flight to Glory reviewed by Josette Wingo; Catherine Kenny, Captives reviewed by Kathryn Spurling; Higonnet et al, Behind the Lines reviewed by Joan I. Biddle. FICTION: Our Lady of the Trenches by Michael M. Fennel. THE LAST WORD.

VOLUME I, No. 2 SUMMER, 1988

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Women in Military Service for American Foundation, Inc. reports progress; WAC to hold reunion, GAO investigates abuse of women in the Maritime industry; Number of military women hits post WWII high; Code of conduct for fighting "men" revised; Air Force states policy on spousal employment; Congressional committee recommends cancelling Air Force quota for recruiting women; Air Force to open security specialties to women; Woman tops Class of 1988 at Air Force Academy; Bulimia rampant among Air Force Academy women; AFROTC cadet selected for Air Force pilot training; Women to deploy on combat logistic force vessels; Navy shifts rotation plan for women again; Coast Guard enlisted men and women compete for positions at sea; Army expects to have full quota of women drill sergeants; West Point cadets choose career branches; Women Marines train as embassy guards; Marine Corps drops fraternization charges; New WMPA president wants to fly jets. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Kathleen S. Robinson, SFC US Army, Ret., Nancee J. Hay, Marie Bennett Alsmeyer, J.E. Harper, LTC Patricia H. Jernigan, USA, MAJ L.M. Ewing, USA, Joan Kniss, Bobbie Trotter, Madonna V. Prestine, Nona Junee Naravez, Judy Barrett Litoff, David C. Smith, Lettie Gavin.

VOLUME VI, No. 3 FALL, 1988

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY: LETTER TO THE READER. ARTICLES: Early Images of the Female Warrior: Minerva, the Amazons, Joan of Arc by Charity Cannon Willard; This Man's Navy by Louanne Johnson; The Origins of Volunteer Support for Army Family Programs by D. Bruce Bell & Robert D. Iadeluca; Women Veterans From the Vietnam War Through the Eighties by June A. Willenz; Deborah Samson: Official Heroine of the State of Massachusetts by Patrick L. Leonard; The Story of "Yashka": Commander of the Russian Women's Battalion of Death by Connie L. Reeves. POETRY by Barbara Hedin. REVIEWS: Cochran and Brinkley, Jackie Cochran: the Autobiography of the Greatest Woman Pilot in American History reviewed by Yvonne C. Pateman; Rothblum and Cole, Another Silence Trauma: Twelve Feminist Therapists and Activists Respond to One Woman's Recovery from War reviewed by Sheila Spicer; Largen and Nga, Shallow Graves: Two Women and Vietnam reviewed by Elizabeth Woods. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. COMMUNICATIONS by LT Janice M. Hamby, USN, Carol S. Bessette, Lt Col, USAF (Ret.).

VOLUME I, No. 3 FALL, 1988

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Cover Story: The Russians Meet American Servicewomen by LCDR Peggy Harlow, USN. News Briefs: Women make up ten percent of American missile inspection team; women make up one third of Mujaheddin combat forces; Women make up one third of Eritrean guerrillas; Air Force picks new woman general; Army to get new woman general; General Reals becomes first woman to command Marine base; Commander Mariner first woman CO of reconnaissance squadron; Woman named top flight surgeon in the Air Force; Fort Bragg nurse is airborne-qualified; Air Force opens more jobs to women; Women may train for Air Force "Infantry"; New plans for Marine training isolate women; Women Marines go to sea; Navy says Mobile Construction Battalions too risky for women; Improvements planned for Navy nurses; Army Nurse Corps fails to meet recruiting goals; Entering rank for Army Nurses hurts recruiting; Army sergeant wins soldier's medal for heroism; Navy officer faces jail for refusing urinalysis; Two women Marines sentenced to prison; Court requires Army to process reenlistment of Ben-Shalom; Navy officer convicted but still confused; Reserve Admiral relieved for fraternizing; Network for Women Army Officers holds gathering in Germany; Navy attacks prejudice against women at Annapolis; Navy women may now carry swords. ANNOUNCEMENTS about Three Years Behind the Mast, Sistership, Vietnam Generation: A Journal of Recent History and Contemporary Issues, The Women's Overseas Service League, "Remember the Ladies" workshop. LETTERS TO MINERVA by LTJG Cynthia Axtell, USCG; Phyllis Gerben, CPT, MI, Diane M. Acurio, Major, USA, LTJG Charlotte E. Hunter, CHC, USNR, LT Kristin J. Arnold, USCG, Kathleen M. Diggs, Tod Ensign, Therese Slone Baker, Lt Col, USAF (Ret.), Fran G. Burwell, Irene Simpson, Elizabeth Allen, RD, PhD et al.


MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY: Report of the Veterans Administration Advisory Committee on Women Veterans by Jeanne M. Holm; Men and Authority: The Union Army Nurse and the Problem of Power by Nina B. Smith; The Soldiers' Nurse: Colonel Florence A. Blanchfield by Charles F. Bombard, Wynona M. Bice-Stephens, Karen L. Ferguson; Through a Glass Darkly: Vietnam, Alienation, and Passion by Barbara A. Hedin; Help Wanted: Women Defense Experts and Decision Makers by Barbara Ann Scott; Women in the Military of Foreign Countries by Britt Dohlie. FICTION: Greetings from Charlie by Bobbie Trotter. REVIEW: Marge Piercy, Gone to Soldiers reviewed by Josette Wingo. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. COMMUNICATIONS by Dorothy and Carl J. Schneider, Major Martha N. Stanton, USAF, (Ret.), Major Karen O. Dunivin, USAF.

VOLUME I, No. 4 WINTER, 1988

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Cover Story: Obituary for a woman warrior. News Briefs: Minerva's Bulletin Board survives first year; Women will not be evacuated from war zones; GAO report says military keeps women from jobs; More jobs opened for Army women; Army may close field artillery branch to women; DACOWITS tours european military facilities; General Foote takes command at Fort Belvoir; General Housington regrets passing of Women's Army Corps; Admiral Hazard is senior woman line officer; Women Marines now serving as embassy security guards; Marines approve camouflage maternity uniforms; Marines disciplined for testimony in court-martial; Defense Department surveys women's health concerns; More spouses take advantage of preference program; Reform of survivors' benefits wins support; Congress wants military to clarify fraternization policies; Yale says "Sexual Assault" Annapolis says "Tradition"; Upbeat mood at All-service women's get-together in Baltimore; National Women Veterans Conference held in Denver; President signs bill authorizing Women's Vietnam Memorial; Sons of union veterans honor woman Civil War soldier; Fund established to honor Yeomen (F) of World War I; Telephone operator claims longest Pentagon career. ANNOUNCEMENTS about Southeast Asia diseases, Boston VA Medical Center PTSD Program, Intrepid aircraft carrier museum, Family and Military Lifestyle subscriptions, Women's Army Corps anniversary, Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Dawn E. Jones, CPT, MP, Maurine Stich, Adele A. Graham, COL. USMCR, Michael Wagner, Sally D. Uebalacker, LtCol, USAF, Caitlin J. Porter.


MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY: Syphilis: The Legacy of War by Joan J. McKenna; Implications for Aging: Service as a Female Naval Officer by Dean Frazier Johnson, Carolyn McConnell Wells, Robert Breckinridge; The First Term Enlisted Man's Wife by Florence R. Rosenberg; A Day in the Life of a WAAC by Ethel ("Pat") Horton Vochko; The Best Little War Story in Georgia by Caitlin J. Porter; Women and Homophobia in the Armed Services: An Annotated Bibliography (Part One) by Donna L. Wilson. REVIEWS: Condell and Liddiard, Working for Victory? Images of Women in the First World War, 1914-1918 reviewed by Adele Gorelick; Judy Lomax, Women of the Air reviewed by RitaVictoria Gomez DeArmond; Julia Edwards, Women of the World reviewed by Virginia Elwood-Akers. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. POETRY by Marilyn M. McMahon.


MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Cover Story: Straight and gay servicewomen battered in wave of witch hunts by William J. Bartman. News Briefs: DACOWITS holds fall meeting by LCDR Nonna Cheatham, USN (Ret.). Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation, Inc. announces design competition; Major Vietnam veterans study reveals readjustment problems of women vets; Revision of ASVAB will impact unfavorably on women; Joint-duty requirement may help or hurt women; Tougher enlistment standards for women are legal court says; Defense Department considers restricting sale of pornography; Navy issues instructions on fraternization; Most military members are now married; Costs of military child care expected to double; Single parents a touchy issue; All services extend maternity leave to six weeks; Wives still feel pressured into volunteer work; Mixed missile crews a success; Army captain honored by Glamour magazine; More women to command at sea; Court supports civilian women's right to embark on Navy vessels; Civilian women hunt subs; Few jobs left for emergency medicine Navy nurses; Air Force Chief of Staff says women won't aid pilot retention; Canadian women training as combat pilots; Swedish women serve on combat vessels; Women in the Chinese Navy; Women fight in Afghanistan; Alice Lakwenda's cult warriors still holding out in Uganda. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Gertrude S. (French) Howlat and F. Harvey Howlat, Carlos Worm, Linda Dusek Ravenell, Kristin Brooks, Bill Houck, Major Anita McMiller, M.J. "Pidge" Nelson, USN (Ret.).

VOLUME VII, Number 2 SUMMER, 1989

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY: ARTICLES: Military Women in Contemporary Film, Television, and Media by Perry D. Luckett; Revolutionary War Women and the Second Oldest Profession by Nancy B. Samuelson; From the Heart of a Collector: The National Women's Military Museum by John Mull; Korean War Brides, Prostitutes and Yellow Slavery by William J. Bartman; DACOWITS European Trip Summer, 1988 by Jacquelyn K. Davis; Women and Homophobia in the Armed Services: An Annotated Bibliography (Part Two) by Donna L. Wilson. REVIEWS: Judith Stiehm, Arms and the Enlisted Woman reviewed by Dorothy and Carl Schneider; Susan Reverby, Ordered to Care: The Dilemma of American Nursing 1850-1945 reviewed by Martha L. Crawley; Virginia Elwood-Akers, Women War Correspondents in the Vietnam War, 1961-1975 reviewed by Doreen Spelts. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. FICTION: Indomitable: The Story of the First Women at West Point by Ben Alvord Spiller.


MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Cover Story: Women in Military Service For America, Inc. Announces Design Competition Winners. News Briefs: Two Women Marines Die in Helicopter Crash; Coast Guard Woman Awarded Air Medal; Woman Marine Decorated for Heroism; Woman Marine Breaks Weightlifting Records; Congressman Looking for Gallant Women; Woman Named Top Shore Sailor for Second Year in a Row; All-Male Admissions Challenged at Virginia Military Institute; Naval Academy Bars Distribution of Playmid; Go-Go Boys Perform at Navy Officers Club; GAO Reports on Sexual Assault on Civilian Ships; Pentagon has Given Up on Ending Sexual Harassment Says Former DACOWITS Chair; NATO Nations Turn to Military Womanpower; Arab Gluf States Have Military Women; Role of Women at Sea Expands; Second Annual NATO Servicewomen's Dinner Held; Women May Be Eligible for College Benefit Plan; DoD Seeks Bonuses for Nurses; Joint Nursing School Proposed; Congress Proposes Lower Standards for Nurses; Air Force ROTC Program Targets Nurses; Nurses Work to Relieve VA Hospital Shortages; Preliminary Results on Women's Health Care Survey; VA Fails to Followup Cancer Survey; Supreme Court Ruling Won't Affect Military Abortions; Navy Revises Pregnancy Rules; Baby Born on USS Yellowstone; Survivor Benefits not be be Reduced Court Says; NMFA Critical of New SBP Plan. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Brig. Gen. Johanna Hurni; Elizabeth Ann Harris; Dr. C. Burke; Susan Kay West; Jean Blankenship; Marian Vlasak-Murphy; Charles C. Sharp; Philip A. Serpico; Gurthalee Clark; Jessica Sylvanus.


MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY: "Womenfolk": Bringing Women's Music to the National Guard by Gerri Gribi; The Women and the Military Project in the Federal Republic of Germany by Janice Hill; Military Roles of Israeli Women by Barbara E. Johnson; The Evolution of a Mixed-Gender Canadian Forces by C.D. Lamerson; Work and Family Issues Affecting Early Career Decisions of the First Women Graduates of the U.S. Air Force Academy by Arthur E. Roffey, Frank R. Wood, Bridgett R. Price, Melissa R. Kallett; The Legal Status of United States Air Force Women in Front-line Space Combat Operations by Wayne E. Dillingham; Employment of Female Spies in the American Civil War by Nancy B. Samuelson; War Stories by Eve Gordon. REVIEWS: Ruth Roach Pierson, They're Still Women After All: The Second World War and Canadian Womanhood by D'Ann Campbell; John Mersereau, Jr. and David Lapeza, translators, Nadezhda Durova, The Cavalry Maid: The Memoirs of a Woman Soldier of 1812 and Mary Fleming Zirin, translator, Nadezhda Durova: The Cavalry Maiden: Journals of a Russian Officer in the Napoleonic Wars by Rita Victoria Gomez DeArmond. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST. MINERVA: THE FIRST SEVEN YEARS TABLES OF CONTENTS by Debra E. Morgenstern.

VOLUME II, No. 3 FALL 1989

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: COVER STORY: Kristin M. Baker: West Point's First Captain. NEWS BRIEFS: Barbie Joins the Army; Two Women Appointed to Top Defense Department Posts; High Ranking Civilian Woman Resigns Pentagon Post; BG Evelyn P. "Pat" Foote Retires; Two Firsts for BG Pocklington; Woman Takes Command of Marine Corps Recruiting Station; Marine Corps Plans to Set Quotas for Women; Marine Corps Training to Include Family Planning; Army IG Report Finds Child Care Plans Inadequate; Air Force Deinies Clearance Because of Abortions; Half of Army's New Two-Year Enlisteds are Women; Air Force Begins Gender-Neural Recruiting; Coast Guard Wants to Recruit and Retain more Women; Army Phasing Women Out of Men-Only Jobs; Discharge of Marine Captain Overturned; Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Army Lesbian; Cost of Uniforms Goes up for Women in the Sea Services; New Uniform Items Approved for Navy Women; Navy Plans Improvements in Sizing Women's Uniforms; Memorial Service for Women Aviators Held at Arlington Memorial Site; A Piece of My Heart Debuts in Philadelphia Festival for New Plays; Fort Belvoir Dedicates Road Honoring Sharon Ann Lane; British Women Will Train to Fly. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Alice A. Booner, Richard L. Hughes, W.K. Sutey, William Brunage, Shirley Menard, Judy Barrett Litoff and David C. Smith, Alan Gallay, Anna I. Evans.


MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: COVER STORY: A Monumental Tribute to Women Veterans. NEWS BRIEFS: Women's Equity Action League Closes its Doors; Minerva Goes Off the Air But The Minerva Center Survives; Design Selected for Nation's Memorial to Military Women; DACOWITS Recommends that Army Test Use of Women in Combat Roles; "Rape" Slogan Outrages Marine Commandant; Coast Guard Issues Fraternization Policy; Female Sailors Need Higher Test Scores for Promotion; Air Force Expands Undergraduate Flying Training for Women; Women Equitably Represented in Joint-Duty Assignments; Air Force Has Shortage of Medical Chaperons; Air Force Nurse Corps Reduces Continuing Education Requirements; Older Nurses May Now Join Air Force; All-Woman Crew Handles Coast Guard Cutter; Canada Promotes First Navy Woman to Flag Rank; West Germany Recruits Women Not in Medical Specialties; West German Men Claiming CO Exemptions From Military Service; Israeli Women Soldiers Move Into Previously Male-Only Jobs; White Women Serve in South African Army; Women on International Tour Want American Bases Closed; Museums Now Include Military Women; Joiner Center to Sponsor Third National Conference on Women and the Military; Captain Rita Lenihan, Former WAVE Director, Dies; World War I Vet Gets Navy Commission; Last Civil War Widow Gets Benefits. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Elizabeth Bouiss, Jane Dreeben, Charles M. Bonjean, Alice A. Booher, Mady Wechsler Segal, Lisa J. Bachman, Carl J. Schneider, Jannette Tappan, Lemoyne F. Blackshear.


MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY: 1989 DACOWITS Meetings by Nonna Cheatham; Women and their Wartime Roles by Mary Ann Attebury; Women in Combat: A Quick Summary of the Arguments on Both Sides by M.C. Devilbiss; Bonnie Yank and Ginny Reb by C. Kay Larson; 1964: Vietnam and Army Nursing by Dretha M. Emo, Sharon Hall, Darlene Kern; Life's High Spot by Amber Tullar (edited by Debra DeBondt) REVIEWS: Ben Alvord Spiller, Indomitable by Lillian A. Pfluke and Abigail Herrly; Marjorie H. Fletcher, The WRNS: A History of the Women's Royal Naval Service By Peter K.H. Mispelkamp; Brian Mitchell, Weak Link: The Feminization of the American Military by Linda Grant DePauw. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST.


MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD: Cover Story: Company Commander Reports from Panama. NEWS BRIEFS: Army and Air Force Women in Action in Panama, Female Sergeant Charges Discrimination in Panama Orders; Rumore that Army Women Refused Orders is Squelched; Air Force Officer Accused of Having Sex in Silo is Acquitted; CHAMPUS Abortion Rules Revised; Tougher Physical Standards Would Affect Older Women Most; Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case of Lesbian Reservist; Conviction of Woman Marine on Lesbian Charges is Overturned; Justice Department Sues to Force Integration of VMI; Study Shows Men and Women Respond to Same Recruiting Campaigns; National Association of Women Veterans, Inc. is Organized; Women Marine's Association Registers Women Marines of World War One; Vietnam Women's Memorial Project Moves Forward; A Doll for All Services. LETTERS TO MINERVA by

Kathleen Dennis, Florence M. Schneider, Eleanor Stoddard, Cathy C. Clothier, Margie Young and Diane E. Edgecomb, Jonathan Franklin, K. Kaufmann, Robert I. Alotta, Anne Cipriano Venzon, Therese Sloan Baker, Anna I. Evans, Johanna Hurni, Noonie Fortin and Belle Bellegrino.


MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Women at Arms: The Combat Controversy by Francine D'Amico; Women Pilots in Combat: Attitudes of Male and Female Pilots by Patricia M. Shields, Landon Curry, Janet Nichols; The Effect of Group Support on Relocated Corporate and Military Wives: A Secondary Analysis by Kathryn R. Puskar, Gloria Wilson, Lisa J. Moonis; A Bandage in One Hand and a Bible In The Other: The Story of Captain Sally L. Tompkins (CSA) by Patricia Paquette; Female Naval Reservists During World War II: A Historiographical Essay by Regina T. Akers; Black, Female and In Uniform: An African-American Woman In The United States Army 1973-1979 by Brenda L. Moore; In Memoriam: Barbara Ann (Holcroft) Yost 1960-1989 by Kirk Yost. REVIEWS: Ann Noggle, For God, Country and the Thrill of It by Pat Pateman; Julie Wheelright, Amazons and Military Maids: Women Who Dressed as Men in Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness by C.Kay Larson; Riane Eisler, The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future by Ellen M. Shively; Betty A. Reardon, Sexism and the War System by M.C. Devilbiss. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST.


MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. COVER STORY: An Open Letter to Virginia Military Istitute from VADM William P. Lawrence, USN (Ret), Superintendent, U.S. Naval Academy, 1978-1981. NEWS BRIEFS: Facts on Minority Women in the Military, Justice Department Begins Investigation of The Citadel; Where Women Veterans Live; Army Rejects Combat Role for Women; Ben-Shalom Chairs Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Veterans of America; Women Officers Train for Combat in Lebanese Forces; Few Women Graduate From French Military Academy; Women Command Combat Units in Eritrea; Italian Women Favor Having Women in the Military; Australia Opening More Military Roles to Women; Canadian Infantry Sets Unisex Physical Performance Standards; Fatter Women are Stronger; A Flurry of "Firsts" Plus One "Tenth"; Brigadier General Gail Reals Retires; Air Force Opens Airdrop Crews to Women; Rape Alleged on Navy Ship; Resignation of Woman Midshipman Triggers Investigations of USNA; Obituaries of Louella Luhrman, Ann Stringer, Bernice Sminth Tongate, Marina Woroniecka Viets. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Elizabeth A. Liechti, Janet M. Barret, Dawn Jones, Peter A. Sweaningin, Mary-Blair Valentine, Winni S. Weber, Norma V. Breedlove, Katie P. Thurman, Ana McKinley, Karen K. Johnson.

VOLUME VIII, Number 3 FALL 1990

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Combat Exclusion: Military Necessity or Another Name for Bigotry by Paul E. Roush; Sexism in the Military: Reality Echoed in Haldeman's Forever War and Herbert's God Emperor of Dune by Cynthia A. Wright; The Southern Side of "Glory": Mississippi African-American Women During the Civil War by Noralee Frankel; Lesbian Soldiers Tell Their Stories by Johnnie Phelps, Miriam Ben-Shalom; How It All Came Out: The Story of Florence Steinberg by Eleanor Stoddard. REVIEWS: Aphrodite Matsakis, Vietnam Wives and Patience Mason, Recovering From the War by Susanne Carter. LETTER TO THE READER.


MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. COVER STORY: Vietnam Women's Memorial Project Selects Design Finalists. NEWS BRIEFS: American Women Deploy for Operation Desert Shield; Some Needs of Women Deployed to Gulf May be Unmet; Gulf Crisis Spurs NOW to Adopt Resolutions on Military Women; Women Alone Responsible for Turning Public Opinion Against War; Gulf Crisis Strains Some Saudi Traditions; Woman Commands 140-Foot Coast Guard Icebreaker; Ten Women Marines Under Consideration for Promotion to Brigadier General; Naval Reserve Gets Its First Woman Admiral; Panel Honoring Navy Women Dedicated; Germans Angered by Jailing of American Soldier; Women Veterans Project Faces Extinction; Military Women's Memorial Extends Fund-Raising Raffle. LETTERS TO MINERVA by Linda Dusek Ravenell, Susan Helms, Randy Shilts, Patricia Bell-Scott, Joan Jordan, Jennifer L. Peeples, Dawn Jones.

VOLUME VIII, Number 4 Winter 1990

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Sexual Harassment in the Military by Nancy G. Wilds; The Possibility of American Women Becoming Prisoners of War : A Challenge for Behavioral Scientists by Wayne E. Dillingham; The Spirit of Molly Marine by Erika S. Nau; Anna Ella Carroll: Invisible Member of Lincoln's Cabinet by Benjamin L. Abramowitz. REVIEWS: Charoles Moskos and Frank R. Wood, eds., The Military: More than Just a Job? by Dorothy and Carl Schneider; Catherine (Bell) Chrisman, My War: WWII -- As Experienced by One Woman Soldier and Anne Bosanko Green, One Woman's War: Letters from the Women's Army Corps, 1944-1946 by Eleanor Stoddard. POETRY: The General Was a Lady by Sheila Craft. FICTION: Monkey Mountain Morning by Bobbie Trotter. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST.

VOLUME IX, Number 1 SPRING 1991

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Women and War: Observations from the Field by Carolyn Norstrom; Gender Identity Among Air Force Female Aviators by Karen O. Dunivin; Sexual Harassment in the Army: Roots Examined by Lois M. Beck. REVIEWS: Captain Carol Barkalow with Andrea Raab, In the Men's House by Marian E. Vlasak-Murphy; Danielle Steel, Message from Nam by Bobbie Trotter.

VOLUME IV, Number 1 SPRING 1991

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. COVER STORY: Women Casualties of the Gulf Operations. NEWS BRIEFS: Three Women Taken Prisoner During Operation Desert Storm; Two Women Remain on American Vietnam MIA List; Women Serve with American Red Cross in Gulf; Sex Discrimination Suit Filed Against Navy in 1973 Still Pending; Another First For Women in the Coast Guard; First Navy Woman Takes Command at Sea; Business and Professional Women Adopt Fifth Resolution in Support of Military Women; Shortages of Sanitary Supplies Reportedly Still a Problem in Gulf; Women Serve in Segregated Combat Units in Sri Lanka; Number of women in Australian Defense Forces Grows Rapidly; Australia Issues Stamp Honoring Women Serving in World War II; Military Roles of Middle Eastern Women; Raffle for Memorial to Military Women Ends with Net Loss; Female Figure Dominates Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Slide Sets on Military Women and Veterans Available. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Leslie Ann Lockett, Nadja Grammer-West, Lorraine M. Souza, Charlotte M. Morehouse, Rita Zawaideh, Therese Slone Baker.

VOLUME IX, Number 2 SUMMER 1991

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. A Constitutional Analysis of the Combat Exclusion for Air Force Women by Marilyn A. Gordon & Mary Jo Ludvigson; Making History, Teaching History: Women's History as a Catalyst for Change in the Air Force by Lorry M. Fenner; Amazons or Butterflies: The Recruitment of Women into the Military During World War II by Melissa S. Herbert; Yelena Fedorovna Kolesova: Woman Hero of the Soviet Union by K. Jean Cottam. REVIEW: Bettie J. Morden, The Women's Army Corps, 1945-1978 by D'Ann Campbell.

VOLUME IV, Number 2 SUMMER 1991

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. COVER STORY: The MINERVA Center Plans For Its Second Decade. NEWS BRIEFS: Congress Repeals Restrictions on Women Flying Combat Aircraft; Combat Controversy Destroyed Her Career Says Linda Bray; Army Women Killed in Honduras; Woman Makes Final Landing on Deck of USS Lexington; Woman Marine is Candidate for NASA Astronaut Program; Third Woman on Soviet Sapce Mission is British; Arab Women Expand Military Role; European Nations Urged to Give Women Increased Role in Military; What Women Did in Operation Desert Storm; Returning Women Reservists at Risk for Stress Disorders; Court Upholds Exclusion of Women at Virginia Military Institute; Media Study Finds Gender Bias in Gulf War Coverage; Businesswoman Develops Feminine Hygiene Kit; Body-Fat Standards Eased for Women Soldiers; 91st Birthday Tribute to First WAVES Director; New York State Women Veterans Have Benefits But Not Access; Woman Files Suit to Join Civil War Battles; Barbie Joins the Navy; New Source Available on Navy Women's History; Stoddard Collection of Oral Histories Now Available at California State University; Oral History of Male and Female POWS is Planned; Feminist Teacher Calls for Articles; Whirly-Girls, Inc. Establishes the 1992 Marie T. Rossi Memorial Flight Scholarship; Vietnam Women's Memorial Goes Back to the Drawing Board Again. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Mary Anne Schoffield, Eran Bahat, Saroja Sivachandran, Jim Kinnon, Mary E. Brady.

VOLUME IX, Number 3 FALL 1991

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Pregnant Enlisted Women in Navy Work Centers by Marie D. Thomas, Patricia J. Thomas, Virginia McClintock; Concepts of Social Support and Social Networks Applied to the Population of Women Vietnam Veterans by Maggie Salvatore; The Protection of Women in International Humanitarian Law by Francoise Krill; They All Fought at Bull Run by Richard Hall. REVIEWS: M.C. Devilbiss, Women and Military Service By Karen O. Dunivin; Allan Berube, Coming Out Under Fire: The History of Gay Men and Women in World War Two and Mary Ann Humphrey, My Country, My Right to Serve: Experiences of Gay Men and Women in the Military, World War II to the Present By Melissa S. Herbert; Dorothy and Carl J. Schneider, Into the Breach: American Women Overseas in World War I By Marie Bennett Alsmeyer.

VOLUME IV, Number 3 FALL 1991

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. COVER STORY: Midshipman Juliane Gallina is Brigade Commander at U.S. Naval Academy. NEWS BRIEFS: Women Casualties of the Gulf Operations: An Update; Update on Women Casualties in Honduras; Woman Royal Air Force Pilot Injured in Emergency Ejection; Army Reserve Doctor Sentenced to Prison for Desertion; Desert Storm Inspires Pin-Ups for Male and Female Soldiers; Saudi King Lifts Sanctions on Women Who Protested Ban on Driving Cars; First Women Soldiers of United Arab Emirites Complete Training; Poland Recruits First Women Into Police Force; Air Force Academy "Professional Briefing" Emphasizes Makeup Application; Marine Corps Considers Instruction on Rape and Pregnancy "Inappropriate for Men"; Marine Corp Officer's Lawsuit Focuses on Fraternization Standard; Air Force Sets Stricter Standards for Fraternization Cases; Former Nurse Corps Chief Takes Command at Fort Belvior; Shannon Lucid Sets Record for Woman in Space.

VOLUME IX, Number 4 WINTER 1991

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. The Combat Exclusion Laws: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone by The Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Committee on Military Affairs and Justice; The Education of Margaret Jackson, An Oral History Conducted By Eleanor Stoddard. FICTION: Melting Ice by Caitlin Porter. POETRY: Basic Training. RECENT PUBLICATIONS OF INTEREST.

VOLUME IV, Number 4 WINTER 1991

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. COVER STORY: Vietnam Women's Memorial Project Triumphs. NEWS BRIEFS: Robison Named Marine Corps Aviation Ground Officer of the Year; Death of Woman Gulf Casualty May Be Linked to War Souvenirs; Army Wants More Women Drill Sergeants; Woman is First Civilian Aviator to Complete "Huey" Training; India Will Recruit Women for Air Force; British Open Jet Air Combat to Women; Woman Appointed Head of British Military Intelligence Service; Women Prominent in Mojahedin Army; Pentagon Delays Opening Combat Flying to Women; Subs May Open to Navy Women Soon; Woman Surface Warfare Officer Takes Command at Sea; navy Repudiates Tailhook Association and Punishes Admiral in Abuse Case; President Bush Honors Women Veterans; Admiral Grade M. Hopper Dies; WIMSA Reports Progress in 1991; WASP Historic Monument Planned for Dedication in 1993; Memorial to Soldiers Killed in Scud Attack Will Depict Man and Woman. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Lt Karla M. Seyb Stockton; Amy L. Aukema; Mathilda "Tim" Kamandulis, nee Miller; Miriam Ben-Shalom; Alice A. Booher.

VOLUME X, Number 1 SPRING 1992

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. The Force Drawdown and its Impact on Women in the Military By Deborah L. Rogers; the Politics of Constructing the American Woman Soldier as a Professionalized "First Class Citizen": Some Lessons From the Gulf War By Cynthia Enloe; Relations Between Male and Female Soldiers in the Belgian Armed Forces By Eric Bauwens; the Role of Women in the Chinese People's Liberation Army By Mady Wechsler Segal, Xiaolin Li, David R. Segal; Women Casualties of the Persian Gulf Operations: A Bibliography By Doreen Spelts.

VOLUME V, Number 1 SPRING 1992

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. COVER STORY: Women in Combat: A New Front to an Old War. NEWS BRIEFS: Bush Appoints Commission to Study Military Women; Royal Air Force Cuts First Woman Trainee; "Angel of Arnhem" Dies in Netherlands; Marine Corps Promotes Black Woman to O-5; Lesbian Still Serving as Washington State National Guard Chief Nurse; Pentagon Explains Delays Assigning Women to Combat Aircraft; Air Force Conducts Survey on Female Pilots; Navy Assigns First Woman to Combat-Equipped Frigate; Navy Women's Sea Billets Expand as Number of Ships Decreases; First Woman Named Pilot of the Year; Navy Boot Camp Begins Pilot Coed Program; Women Marines to Train With Live Grenades Again; Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment in Navy and Marine Corps; Japan Aplogizes to "Comfort Girls" But Won't Pay Compensation; Death Rate of Women Vietnam Veterans Studied; High Childhood Leukemia Rate Reported for Vietnam Vet Children; WIMSA Has New Design for Memorial. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Sandy Adams, LCDR USNR; Gretchen Davis; Edwin P. Hoyt; Judy Barrett Litoff & David C. Smith; Victoria Hudson; Michael P. Thomason; Alix Kirsta.

VOLUME X, Number 2 SUMMER 1992

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Women in Combat: Who Should Make the Policy By Major Michael H. Gilbert; Living Under the Debated Homosexuality Regulations: Lesbians in the U.S. Military Challenge a Policy of Containment By Susan Warshauer; "We're Looking For a Few Good Men": The Impact of Gender Stereotypes on Women in the Military By Tracy Timmons; Bonny Yank and Ginny Reb Revisited By C. Kay Larson.

VOLUME V, Number 2 SUMMER 1992

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. COVER STORY: A Special Salute to Women Military POWs. NEWS BRIEFS: The Tailhook Scandal; Harassment Issues Kill Promotions For Two Admirals; Army Colonel Relieved After Being Charged in Pornography Case; A Roundup of Harassment Cases; Navy Woman Raped and Murdered After Bringing Charges of Sexual Harassment; Reported Rapes Triple in Navy, Drop in Army and Air Force; Sexual Assaults During the Gulf War; Sexual Assault of Women POWs Fuels Debate Over Women in Combat; Navy Punishes Victim of Abusive Partners; DACOWITS Takes Advocacy Role for Military Women; First Navy Coed Recruit Companies Excel Physically and Scholastically; Seabees Gets First Female Master Chief; LT Erichsen is Navy's First Woman Catapult Officer; Army Lt Col Dunwoody is First Woman Battalion Commander in 82nd Airborne Division; Marine Corps BG Mutter is First Woman with Operational Combat Command; Japan Opens Officer Training to Women; Japanese Woman Runs Terrorist Group in Lebanon; Woman Veteran of China's "Long March" Dies at Age 80; Women in Combat in Yugoslavia. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Margaret Hussey; Natalie J. Stewart-Smith, Regina McNew, William Gawthrop, Noonie Fortin & Belle Pellegrino.

VOLUME X, Numbers 3 & 4 FALL/WINTER 1992

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Cathay Williams: Black Woman Soldier (1866-1868) By DeAnne Blanton; Combatting the Gender Gulf By D'Ann Campbell; Impact of Pregnant Woman and Single Parents Upon Navy Personnel Systems By Patricia J. Thomas and Marie D. Thomas; In Memorium: Emma Jane Riley By Lorry M. Fenner. REVIEWS: Anne E. Hunter, Ed., On Peace, War and Gender: A Challenge to Genetic Explanations. By Melissa S. Herbert; LCDR Bobbi Hovis, NC, USN, Station Hospital Saigon: A Navy Nurse in Vietnam, 1963-1964 By Gioia Grasso Cattabriga; Betty Sowers Alt and Bonnie Domrose Stone, Campfollowing: A History of the Military Wife and Uncle Sam's Brides: The World of Military Wives By Joan I. Biddle; Lucy Freeman and Alma Bond, America's First Woman Warrior: The Courage of Deborah Sampson By Patrick J. Leonard; Dr. Ken Magid, Producer, Women of Courage: Story of the WASP -- Women Airforce Service Pilots, World War II By Kay Gott Chaffey.

VOLUME V, Number 3 FALL 1992

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. News from the MINERVA Center. NEWS BRIEFS: Navy Names Combatant for Admiral Grace Hopper; Admiral Roberta Hazard Retires With Two Stars; Navy Pays Victims of Discrimination After Years of Litigation; Victims of Tailhook Sue for Ten Million Dollars; Navy Secretary Approves Sweeping Reforms; Vietnam Refugee is Named Top Enlisted Soldier at Fort Benjamin Harrison; Senior Vietcong Woman Dies; Women Prominent Among Members of "Shining Path" Guerilla Group in Peru; Women War Correspondents Face Danger; In Eritrea, Legal Rights for Women Follow Equality in Combat; Marines Integrate Basic Training; Researchers Plan Third Study of Women Vietnam Veterans; New Legislation Promises Easier Access to Care for Vets Who Suffered Sexual Abuse; Military Height and Weight Standards Discriminate Against Women and Minorities; New Navy Uniforms Promise Better Fit; Opinion Surveys Show Most Americans Favor Women in Combat, Most Service Members Do Not; New Defense Department Policy for Child Care Plans; Judge Refuses to Dismiss Lawsuit Against The Citadel; VMI All-Male Policy Declared Unconstitional; Planet Venus Surface Features To Be Named After Women; WIMSA Memorial Design Wins Approval; Black WAC Calendar and Slide Show Now Available; "American Women in War" Smithsonian Showcase Exhibit Opens By Pat Jernigan (COL, USA-Ret); Navy Women: "Proud Legacy, New Challenges" By Marie Bennett Alsmeyer. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Jessica Wolfe, Beth Harrison.

VOLUME V, Number 4 WINTER 1992

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. News from The MINERVA Center. COVER STORY: Women's Trauma Recover Program Open at VAMC Palo Alto By Joan A. Furey, R.N., M.A. NEWS BRIEFS: Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces Submits Report; DACOWITS Criticizes Report of Presidential Commission; VMI and Citadel Unite to Fight Integration; American Military Women Can't Drive in Saudi Arabia; American Military Women Serve in Croatia; More News in Pictures; Rape a Tactic in Balkan Warfare; Japanese Journalist Suggests Sending "Comfort Women" to Cambodia; American Military Members in Somalia Share Latrines; Civilians Have Privacy Solution For Women Urinating in the Field; Rape in the Military; Clinton Order Could Render Legal Cases of Lesbians Moot; Advocates for Military Women Will Press Clinton To Keep His Promise To Gay and Lesbian Service Members. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Nancy B. Bouchier, Elizabeth A. Coble Popowski.

VOLUME XI, Number 1 SPRING 1993

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. The Spectacle as Political Resistance: Feminist and Gay/Lesbian Politics in the Military By Mary Fainsod Katzenstein; American Military Women Prisoners of War By Alice Booher; Female Participation in the U.S. Military: Gender Trendsy by Branch, Rank and Racial Categories by Ellwyn R. Stoddard; From Crinoline to Camouflage: Initial Entry Training and the Marginalization of Women in the Military By Melissa S. Herbert. REVIEWS: Rhonda Cornum as told to Peter Copeland, She Went to War: The Rhonda Cornum Story. By Dorothy Schneider and Carl J. Schneider; Winni S. Webber, Lesbians in the Military Speak Out. By M.C. Devilbiss.

VOLUME VI, Number 1 Spring 1993

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. COVER STORY: Women's Army Corps Veterans' Association Issues Call for Members. NEWS BRIEFS: Navy Proposes Opening Every Job to Women Within Four Years; Women Jet Pilots Becoming an Endangered Species; Founder of Navy's Blue Angels Supports Opening Team to Women; Coast Guard Family Leave Policy Helps Retain Top Performers; Japan Bans Women Fighter Pilots to "Protect Motherhood"; Australia Expands Combat Roles for women; Lesbians in Australian Military Test Limits of Change; Portugese Woman Passing as Army General is Tried for Fraud; Campbell Becomes Canada's First Female Defense Chief; Women Chaplains in the News; Flag Rank Promotions for Women; Woman is Active Army's Top Drill Sergeant; Abortions at Military Hospitals Now Legal But Unavailable; Report on a Decade of Sexual Harassment in VA Results in Major Changes; Services Introduce New Policies To Deal With Sexual Harassment; VA to Open New Post-Traumatic Stress Facility for Women; Army Women to Get Less Revealing Exercise Trunks; Norplant Contraceptive Hard to Get at Military Hospitals; Army is Nation's Lead Agency for Breast Cancer Research; Reenactor Wins Battle to Fight at Antietam; Three Women Veterans of World War II; National Archives Publishes Finding Aid for Sources on Women and the Armed Forces; Women Military Aviators, Inc. Announces 1993 LTC Susan Rogers Regele Memorial Scholarship. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Mary Ann Schofield, Noel Julnes Dehner, Diane Carlson Evans.

VOLUME XI, Number 2 SUMMER 1993

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Powder Puff Problems and the Curse of the Ladybirds: An Exploration in the History of Aviation Medicine By Leon Day; Rape in Wars: Analytical Approaches By Ruth Siefert; Beyond Paradise: The U.S. Navy Nurse Corps in the Pacific in World War II (Part One) By Barbara B. Tomblin. REVIEWS: Richard Hall, Patriots in Disguise: Women Warriors of the Civil War By Lauren Cook Burgess; Bernadette M. Marriott and Judith Grumstrup-Scott, editors, Body Composition and Physical Performance: Applications for the Military Services By Nancy B. Samuelson; Saundra Pollock Sturdevant and Brenda Stoltzfus, Let the Good Times Roll: Prostitution and the U.S. Military in Asia by MaryAgnes Costello. POETRY By eB. Liechti.

VOLUME VI, Number 2 SUMMER 1993

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. NEWS BRIEFS: Tailhood Report Released; Sexual Harassment Training Not Yet Perfected; Army Civil Engineer Testifies About Sexual Harassment; New Supreme Court Justice Argued Landmark Case for Military Women; Woman Commands Operational Combat Squadron; Air Force Reserve Major General is DOD Highest Ranking Woman; Woman Astronaut Meets The Next Generation; More News From Sapce; And Three More Women Astronauts for Missions Yet to Come; DACOWITS Savors Success and Charts a New Course; Push to Giving Nursing Chief a Second Star; Virginia Military Institute Continues to Resist Integration; Justice Department to Join Suit Against Citadel; Women Wanted for Army Helicopters; Women Wanted as Survival Trainers; More Women Wanted as Warrant Officers; Quality of Recruits Begins to Decline; Vietnam Women's Memorial Will Be Dedicated in November; Time is Running Out For Women in Military Services for America Women's Memorial; Recreation of 42-Foot Statue of Athena to be Dedicated; A Final Monumental Story; Private Military Group Recruiting for Action in Bosnia; Women Flying in Bosnia Already Face Risk of Hostile Fire; Family of Gulf War Casualty Hope to Change Daughter's Status; Women's Military History on Videos; Sale of Prints by Former WAVE to Benefit Conference on Military Women in World War II; MINERVA Suffers Summer Doldrums, Launches New Project and Asks You to Send Money. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Melissa S. Herbert, Linda Bird Francke, Dawn E. Jones, Thu Tran and Harold Jordan, Judy Barrett Litoff and David C. Smith.


MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Ann Bailey: Mystery Woman Warrior of 1777 By Patrick J. Leonard; Woman "On War": Marie Von Clausewitz's Essential Contribution to Military Philosophy By Cecilia A. Rodriguez and Patricia Shields; The Participation of Women in the Wars for Independence in Northern South America 1810-1824 By Evelyn M. Cherpak; Beyond Paradise: The U.S. Navy Nurse Corps in the Pacific in World War II (Part Two) By Barbara B. Tomblin; Tradition, Technology, and the Changing Roles of Women in the Navy By Jean W. Fletcher, Joyce S. McMahon, Aline O. Quester. REVIEWS: Lee Middleton, Hearts of Fire: Soldier Women of the Civil War By DeAnne Blanton; Kay Gott, Women in Pursuit By RitaVictoria Gomez; Jean Ebbert and Marie-Beth hall, Crossed Currents: Navy Women from WWI to Tailhook By Dorothy and Carl Schneider.

VOLUME VI, Number 3 FALL 1993

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. COVER STORY: Thoughts on the All-Volunteer Force Conference By Francine D'Amico, PhD. NEWS BRIEFS: Women Casualties in Somalia Are Little Noted; Large Proportion of Somali Wounded are Women; Woman Casualty of Gulf War Reclassified as Killed in Action; Second Lieutenant Lisa N. Bryant Murdered at Fort Bragg; Tailhood Legal Proceedings End: No One Punished for Assault on Lieutenant Coughlin; Sheila E. Winall Becomes Secretary of the Air Force; Women Now Qualified to Serve As Cahir of Joint Chiefs of Staff Says Korb; Collins Named as First Woman Shuttle Pilot; Navy Reservist is First Woman In a Combat Air Crew; Woman Now Heads Britain's MI5 Security Service; Navy Puts Women on Warships; Senators Want Training Aircraft To Accommodate Female Pilots; F-16C Crash Blamed on Piddle Pack; Nurse Takes Navy to Court Over Weight Standards; Service Policies Differ for Women With Eating Disorders; Police Forces Around the World Expand Roles For Women; Mujaheddin and Bassijis Both Include Women in Military Forces; Amerasian Children Sue U.S.Navy; Rape of Nuns in Bosnia Leas Jesuits to Sanction Contraception; U.N. Peace-Keepers Patronize Forced Prostitutes; Japan Apologizes to World War II "Comfort Women"; Dale Hansen Producing Documentary on Women in the Military; Attention China, Burma, and India World War II Veterans; Call for Papers. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Donna M. Dean, Janice hafelfinger, Reina Pennington, Christine Hyatt, Susan Fox, Mary Anne Schofield,PhD, Joe Hammell, SSG, USA.

VOLUME VI, Number 4 WINTER 1993

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. COVER STORY: The Word from WANDAS By Barbara Emery. NEWS BRIEFS: Vietnam Women's Memorial Dedicated "With Love and Honor" By Mary Beth Newkumet; Military Drawdown Results in Larger Percentage of Women Serving; Navy Women on Ships to Wear Pants; Army Still Working to Develop Women's Uniforms That Fit; Coast Guard Boot Camps and Ill-Fitting Boots; Deaths of Four Women Darken December at the Naval Academy; Elder Statesman of Aviation Award Goes to Civil Air Patrol Pilot; Retired General Adams-Ender Leads Battle Against Military Racism; A Flurry of Firsts; More Women Take Top-Level Jobs in Pentagon; Navy Settles Twenty Year Old Lawsuit; Tailhook: The Latest Episode; Gulf War Sexual Assault Case Ends With Bad Conduct Discharge; Family of Harassment Victim Sues After Soldier's Suicide; Defense Department Plans Sexual Harassment Survey in 1994. Canadians Define Harassment Broadly; Australian Navy Investigates Sexual Harassment; Britian Dissolves Women's Naval Service; Red Cross Nurses Casualties in Sierre Leone; American Woman Wounded By Somali Gunmen; Female Terrorists Make List of Europe's Most Wanted; Kuwait Recruits Its First Women Soldiers; Japan Opens More Military Positions to Women; Some Very Ancient History.

VOLUME XII, Number 1 SPRING 1994

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Women in Combat: One Commissioner Reports By Captain Mimi Finch, U.S. Army; I Remember a Lady By Credessa Williams; Christmas, 1939: A Memoir of World War II By Wanda Pomykalski.

VOLUME VII, Number 1 SPRING 1994

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. NEWS BRIEFS: Combat Jobs to Open for Women; Navy Assigns First Women to Combatant; Women Enter Navy Nuke Program; Proportion of Women Growing Among Recruits; Friendly Fire Kills Two American Women in Iraq; Marine Corps Nominates First Woman for Two Stars; Navy and Air Force Nominate Women for Stars; First Full-Career Enlisted Woman Dies; Woman Chief Master Sergeant is Last 33-Year Chief; Tailhook Trudges On; Flyers with Tailhooker Tastes Still Have a Place to Party; Indian Navy Training in Gender Sensitivity; Kuwait Has Reservations on Women's Rights; Pregnant Soldiers Sue Britain's Ministry of Defense; Britain Disbands Women's Royal Air Force; Germany Appoints First Woman General; Rape Continues to Be a Military Weapon; Lebanon Beauty Queen Threatened With Court-Martial; Another "Son-of-a-Gun" Born on Navy Ship; Ban on Umbrellas for Male Soldiers Holds Firm; Women Veterans of America Calls For Members; Congress Helps WIMSA Building Fund; Assorted Authors' Inquires (Ann O'Keefe & Bob Moffitt; Barbara B. Tomblin; Olga Gruhzit-Hoyt; Jody Hoenninger); WREI Call for Papers; MINERVA Goes to Iceland; An Invitation to MINERVA Open House. GUEST COLUMNS: Thoughts on the Workshop: "Institutional Change and the US Military: The Changing Role of Women" By Francine D'Amico; The Word From WANDAS. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Diane Carlson Evans, David L. Cabral, Wendy R.R. Burroughs, Judy Barret Litoff, Bessie Strohm.

VOLUME XII, Number 2 SUMMER 1994

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Married Female Officers in a Combat Branch: Occupation-Family Stress and Future Career Choices By Ellwyn R. Stoddard; Those Unseen, Unheard Arkansas Women: WAC, WAVES, and Women Marines of World War II By Marie Bennett Alsmeyer; An Introduction to the Legend of Molly Pitcher By Carol Klaver.

VOLUME VII, Number 2 SUMMER 1994

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. NEWS BRIEFS: Army Opens More Jobs to Women; Marine Corps Opens More Jobs to Women; Rape Charges Mars Integration of USS Eisenhower; Sexual Politics in the Navy: Lt(jg) Hansen and Adm Arthur; Sexual Politics in the Navy: Lt Simmons and Adm Mauz; Tailhook Tidbits; Two Playboy Stories; Lesbian Colonel Reinstated; Coast Guard and Navy Ban Discrimination Against Gay Civilians; A Roundup of "Firsts"; Record Number of Navy Women Screen for Aviation Commands; California Girl Breaks Sound Barrier; Another Navy Baby; Citadel Ordered to Admit Woman Cadet; New Hair Style Regulations for Navy Women Flyers; The Navy's Powder Room Problems; All Right, You Dogfaces, Who Left the Toilet Seat Up?; Marines to Hilary: "Maybe the Dogs Would Take You"; National Archives Sponsors Major Conference on Women in the Armed Forces During World War II; Ban on Umbrellas for Male Soldiers Holds Firm; MINERVA: Quarterly Report as an Aesthetic Object. GUEST COLUMN: The Word From WANDAS. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Jan Howard, Ronald J. Maciejowski.

VOLUME XII, Number 3 FALL 1994

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Why Promotable Female Officers Leave the Army By Beverly C. Harris, Alma G. Steinberg, Jacquelyn Scarville; Civil War Doctress Mary: Only Woman to Win Congressional Medal of Honor By Allen D. Spiegel and Andrea M. Speigel; Saint, Soldier, Spriit, Savior, The Images of Joan of Arc By Elizabeth Foxwell; The 50th General Hospital: A Memoir of World War II By Gretchen L. Hovis.

VOLUME VII, Number 3 & 4 FALL/WINTER 1994

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. NEWS BRIEFS: Navy Women are First to Fly Combat Missions; DACOWITS Concentrates on Holding Ground; Women Troops in Haiti Not Big News; Women Reservists Serve in Sinai and Croatia; Second Woman to Qualify as F-14 Pilot Dies in Crash; First Director of WAVES Dies; "Colonel Maggie" Dies; Most Decorated Woman in Navy Retires; Tailhook - It's Not Over Yet; West Point Comes Down Hard on Football Players Who Groped Women; Israeli Woman Pilot Sues to Fly Combat; Duke University Woman Hopes to Play Division 1-A Football; Veterans Benefits Extended to Some Who Served in WWII; VA West Side Medical Center, Chicago Has Comprehensive Care for Women Veterans; Navy Looking for Histories of Medical Personnel; Collection of Army Nurse Oral Histories Open to Researchers; National Museum of Civil War Medicine Commissions Print Featuring Clara Barton; Booklet on Women Soldiers of Civil War Answers Intimate Questions; JBL Devotional Statues Will Appeal to MINERVA Fans. GUEST COLUMNS: The Word From WANDAS; Women's Voices Bookclub Foundation Supports The MINERVA Center; Books for MINERVA Readers From Women's Voices Bookclub Foundation. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Elizabeth Pearce-Ziegenfus, Eleanor Stoddard, Mareena McKinley Wright, Therese Slone-Baker, Trish Beckman, Judith P. Ackerman, Linda Grand DePauw.

VOLUME XII, Number 4 WINTER 1994

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Women at War: The Ethics of Women in Combat By Lucinda J. Peach; Reconstruction Aides in World War I: A Brand New Profession By Lettie Gavin. REVIEW: Elisabetta Addis, Valeria E. Russo, and Lorenza Sebesta, eds., Women Soldiers: Images and Realities. By Carl J. and Dorothy Schneider.


MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Servicewomen and the Academies: The Football Cordon and Pep Rally As a Case Study of the Status of Female Cadets at the United States Military Academy By D'Ann Campbell; Creating Gender Detente in the Military By Laura L. Miller; Women in Combat? By Karen Sellers Geraci; The Homecoming By Credessa Williams; Creation of the WAC Image and Perception of Army Women 1942-44 By Cecilia Hock.


MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. NEWS BRIEFS: The MINERVA Center Lurches Forward; WIMSA Plans Gala Ground Breaking Ceremonies; Vietnam Women's Memorial Project Still Needs Your Help; WASP Memorial Unveiled; Women Veterans Conference Highlights Benefits and Services Available; "A Woman's War Too: U.S. Women in the Military In World War II"; Women of World War II: Wingspread Conference Now on Cassette; Special Vietnam Tour For Women Vets Planned. WANDAS FORUM: WANDAS Receives Grants Generosity of Two Donors Moves Us Ahead; You Can Help By Joining Us!; WANDAS Is Now Online; WANDAS' Military Advisors to Meet On East Coast; DoD Dragging Feet On New Law; WANDAS To Challenge the Air Force Position. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Josette Dermody Wingo, Jean Zimmerman, Olga Gruhzit-Hoyt, Joan E. McFadden, Constance J. Moore, Lee R. Da Roza, Molly Tyler, Gladys G. MacKay, Brie A. Swenson, John T. Mitchell.


MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. "Neither Fish, Flesh, Nor Fowl" the World War I Army Nurse By Jo-=Anne Mecca; The Women of the British Army During the American Revolution By Don N. Hagist. REVIEW: Jean Zimmerman, Women at War in the Wake of Tailhook By Carl J. Schneider.


MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. NEWS BRIEFS: Lt. Hultgreen and the "Hot Dogs" -- A Bad Year For Navy Flyers; Women in Space; American General Heads Committee on Women in NATO Forces; Woman Top of West Point Class of 1995; West Point Honored for Public Relations Skill; Former Army E-7 Now Heads Militia Group; Navy Has First Woman Skipper -- A Civilian; Coast Guard Pilot Decorated for Heroism; Navy Victim of Sexual Harassment Honored for Moral Courage; Six More Tailhook Victims Settle Lawsuits; Navy Reservist Challenges Observed Urine Testing; Navy Approves Retention of Lesbian Officer; Army Settles Case of Dusty Pruitt; Archive Calls for Collections; The Colonial Dames of America Present "Dames in Uniform"; Tennessee Technological University Presents Symposium on American Women and War; Celebration Honoring Female Army Aviators Proposed; First British Woman Qualifies as Combat Pilot; "Sweet Old Lady" Was A Nazi Spy; Japan's WWII "Comfort Women" Still Wait for Apology; Algerian Militants Target Women. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Beverly L. Pack, Linda Dusek Ravenell, Dorothy Schneider.

VOLUME XIII, Numbers 3 & 4 FALL/WINTER 1995

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Now Hear This: Self Publish! By Marie Bennett Alsmeyer; The Golden Fourteen, Plus: Black Navy Women in World War One By Richard E. Miller; Changing Laws and Women of Color in the U.S. Military By Brenda L. Moore; Dual-Service and Single Parents: What About the Kids? By Connie L. Reeves; Combat in the Courts: Gender Equity in the Military, An Analysis of Supreme Court Voting Behavior By Melanie McCoy. REVIEWS: Peter A. Soderbergh, Women Marines in the Korean War Era By Joanne E. McFadden; Stephen B. Oates, A Woman of Valor: Clara Barton and the Civil War By David A. Rubenstein; Maria Graeff-Wassink, Women at Arms: Is Ghadafi a Feminist? By William H. Foster, III.

VOLUME VIII, Number 3 FALL 1995

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. NEWS BRIEFS: Norway Has World's First Woman Submarine Commander; Air Force Reservist Is First Woman to Fly Combat Over Bosnia; Marine Corps Has Its First Woman Combat Pilot; First African American Woman Heads Veterans Organization; Air Force Reserve Has First Female Senior Enlisted Advisor; Army Has First Female Rabbi; Military Women Advance In Latin America and Africa; Navy Pilot Who Says He Can't Lead Women Is Grounded; Announcing MINERVA on the Net; Award for Student Paper On Nursing History; Statue of Pilot Honors Women of World War II; WIMSA Seeks Interns. CONFERENCE REPORT: The Soldier's Experience of World War II, 1939-1945. WANDA'S FORUM: DACOWITS Is Alive and Well!; News From WANDAS, WANDAS Is Now Online. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Sam J. Tangredi.


MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. NEWS BRIEFS: The Real Rosie the Riveter Dies in Peekskill; The Hopper Honors Computer Pioneer; New Air Force Trainer Will Fit Women Flyers; Navy's New Weight Limits More Liberal for Women; Alleged Rape at West Point Under Investigation; Soldier Statistics; Hutton is First Woman to Command Naval Air Station; Clemens is First Woman to Command Navy Training Squadron; Twin Sisters Command Miami University ROTC Units; Air Guard's First Female F-16 Pilot Has Rough Ride With Syracuse Unit; WREI Launches Project For Women Vets; SeniorNet Launches "Memories of World War II". A BRIEF HISTORY OF BLACK WOMEN IN THE MILITARY By Kathryn Sheldon. WANDA'S FORUM: Sibling Rivalry in the Navy.

VOLUME XIV, Number 1 Spring 1996

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Women as POWS Forgetting the Rhonda Cornum Story by Elliott Gruner; Alta Isadore Gould's "Allan Worth" An American Revival of the Female Warrior Ballad by Trudy Carmany Last; Allan Worth A Story in Two Parts by Alta Isadore Gould; The Captain Winifred Quick Collins Story How One Navy Woman Wrote Her Memoir and Found a Publisher (And How You Can Do The Same) by Herbert M. Levine

VOLUME XIV, Number 2 Summer 1996

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. "The Multitude of Women" An Examination of the Numbers of Female Camp Followers With the Continental Army by John Rees; Biographical Note on Sarah Edmonds Alias Franklin Thompson by Diane Montgomery; Supreme Court of the United States Nos. 94-1941 and 94-2107 United States, Petitioner 94-1941 v. Virginia Et Al. Virginia, Et Al., Petitioners 94-2107 v. United States on Writs of Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. POETRY: A Fiftieth Anniversary Interview for the Navy Flight Nurses by John Manesis.

VOLUME XIV, Number 3&4 Fall/Winter 1996


The Mother of All Future Debates: Women in Combat By J. Michael Brower; On John Keegan, Soviet "Amazons," and the Issue of Women in Combat By Jeffrey J. Roberts; Do Real Women Wear Uniforms? Invisibility and the Consequences For the U.S. Military Wife By Doreen M. Lehr; Between Scylla and Charybdis: Clara Barton's Wartime Odyssey By Jane E. Schultz; From Civilian To Military: Bodily Transformations and Transgressions in Philippine Militaries By Anne-Marie Hilsdon.

VOLUME IX, Number 1 Spring 1996

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. NEWS BRIEFS: Mutter Makes Three Stars; Navy And Air Force Firsts For Women In Command; Army Opens More Jobs To Women; First Woman Joins The Old Guard; New Citadel Challenger; DACOWITS Recommends Ending ROTC at Single-Gender Schools; Chief Petty Officer Convicted in Airline Harassment Incident; Navy Captain Cleared of Harassment Loses Promotion; Admiral's Career Advances Despite Harassment Controversy; Promotions Denied to Tailhook Aviators; Removal of Military Hospital Abortion Restrictions Proposed; Army Grant Funds Military Research Center; Army Funds Study of Women's Energy Needs; WIMSA Selects Contractor for Memorial; Women Martial Artists Convene for Special Training; Women May Fly in Combat Says Israeli Supreme Court; First Woman Trains as Fighter Pilot in Taiwan; Royal Jordanian Women Work to Open Military to Women; American Woman Convicted of Aiding Revolutionaries in Peru; Military Prostitution Flourishes on Okinawa; Remarks on Rape Lead to Admiral's Retirement; Japanese Incensed by Okinawan Rape; American Women Sexually Assaulted by Koreans; American Soldier Alleges Rape in Bosnia. WANDA'S FORUM: Direct Ground Combat in Bosnia.

VOLUME IX, Number 2 Summer 1996

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. NEWS BRIEFS: VMI and Citadel Must Admit Women; Gender Neutral Training Endorsed; Gender Restrictions May Return; Pregnancy Rate in Bosnia Is Average for Army; Women in Command; Lawrence Training For MIR Mission; Good News and Bad News on Sexual Harassment; Religion vs. Regulations; Centennial Park Victim Remembered; More Bad News From the Naval Academy; Harassment in Kansas Air Guard Under Investigation; Germans Debate Increased Role For Army Women; Israel Graduates First Class of Combat Trained Women; Japanese World War II Nurses Ask for Pension Increase; Japan Pays World War II Comfort Women; World War II Vets CD-ROM; Committee on Women in NATO Forces Holds 1996 Conference; LETTERS TO MINERVA By Darlene M. Iskra; Olga Gruhzit-Hoyt; Betty Dooley.

VOLUME IX, Number 3&4 Fall/Winter 1996

MINERVA'S BULLETIN BOARD. NEWS BRIEFS: First Woman in Navy Surface Combat Action; Five Red Cross Women Killed in Chechnya; Army Investigates Harassment at Bases; Role of Women in the Military Under Debate; Survey Reveals Harassemnt Rates in the Services; Senate Eases Tailhook Rules Delaying Promotions; Military Bans Pornography From Bases; Air Force Cracks Down on "Barstoolers"; Air Force Commander Guilty of Harassment and Assault; Air Force General Demoted For Sexual Harassment; Sexual Misconduct Verdict Against Rear Admiral Upheld; Chief Air Force Historian Accused of Ethics Violations; Army Domestic Violence Program Head Found to be an Abuser; Servicewomen in Italy Have No Protection Against Harassment by Civilians; Sailors Punished For False Rape Accusations; Army PT Test For Women Too Easy Experts Say; Marines Toughen Training For Women; Marines Require Women To Run As Far As Men; Body Fat Policies Under Review; Woman Threatens Legal Battle Over Weight Ouster; Women In Command; Lawrence Training For MIR Mission; Air Force Academy Celebrates 20 Years With Women; Korean Air Force Academy Admits First Women; Former Air Force Cadet Settles Suit; Naval Academy Appoints Ethicist; West Point Cadet to be Tried For Rape; Mids To Lock Doors; Woman Mid Died of Heat Ailment; Muslim Soldier Denied Right To Wear Head Scarf; Marine Corps Women Now Wear the "Smokey Bear" Hat; Haircuts and Hazing at the Citadel; VMI May Return to Traditional Hiarstyles When Women Enter; New Uniform News; Shipboard Birth Ends in Tragedy; Pregnancy Not Used to Shirk Sea Duty Researcher Reports; Navy Tests Child Care Certification Program; Military Hospital Fees For Pregnancy Increase; New Navy Policy on Married Sailors; Coast Guard Maternity Leave Program a Success; Army Colonel Wins Round in Fight Over Officers's Wives Club; Debate Over Retired Pay and Divorce Continues; Statistics on Sexual Harassment and Assault Will Be Kept; Field Privacy Technologies Not Tested For Women; Woman Civil War Reenactor Files Federal Lawsuit in Arkansas; Play Celebrates WWII Corregidor Nurses; Rosie the Riveter Monument Planned. LETTERS TO MINERVA By Ruth Ross; Scotty Campbell; Paula Mandryk; Nicole F. Rafter.

Volume XV, No.1 Spring 1997

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. ARTICLES: Lurching Toward the Third Millennium: A Report from The MINERVA Center, Inc. by Linda Grant De Pauw; Canadian Enlisted Women: Gender Issues in the Canadian Armed Forces Before and After 1945 by Patricia Bowley and Kris Wright; Guide to Stoddard Collection Military Memoirs Women in World War II by Eleanor Stoddard; Published Memoirs of Military Women in World War II: A Bibliography by Eleanor Stoddard. REVIEWS: Barbara Brooks Tomblin. G.I. Nightingales: The Army Nurse Corps in World War II, Reviewed By Eleanor Stoddard; Suzanne J. Stark, Female Tars: Women Aboard Ship in the Age of Sail, Reviewed by Josette Dermody Wingo. FICTION: The Patrol By Gene Moser.

VOLUME X, Number 1 Spring 1997


Volume XV, No. 2 Summer 1997

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. ARTICLES: Under Fire: Soviet Women Combat Veterans By Noel Julnes-Dehner; The Propaganda Factor and Soviet Women Pilots In World War II By Reina Pennington; Women In The Russian Military: A Reluctant Marriage By Dale R. Herspring; Guarding The Nation, Guarding Ourselves: The Management of Hetero/Homo/Sexuality Among Women in the Military By Melissa S. Herbert.

VOLUME X, Number 2 Summer 1997


Volume XV, No. 3/4 Fall/Winter 1997

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. SPECIAL ISSUE: LEADERSHIP IN A GENDER-DIVERSE MILITARY: WOMEN AT THE NATION'S SERVICE ACADEMIES THE TWENTY-YEAR MARK. Conference Proceedings 20-23 March 1997, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut. Editors: LCDR Anne Flammang, Ph.D, Gwendolyn Stevens, Ph.D., Sharon Zelmanowitz, Ph.D. Technical Editor: Diana Bishop, M.A. INTRODUCTION: LCDR Anne Flammang, Gwendolyn Stevens, Sharon Zelmanowitz. CONFERENCE PROGRAM. Male Privilege. Male Fear. Influence On The Intersection Of Gender And Leadership By Gwendolyn Stevens; Leveraging Individual Difference To Get Ahead: A Road Map To Competitive Advantage By COL Mike McGee and MAJ Phyllis E. Phipps-Barnes; How Can Male Leaders Promote Sexual Equality In Military Academies? By Erik Wingrove-Haugland; The Effects Of Gender On Cadet Selection For Leadership Positions At The United States Military Academy By LTC Gayle L. Watkins and CPT Mary C. Bourg; Gender And Moral Reasoning: Empirical Study Of Relationship Between Gender, Attitudinal/Behavioral Indicators, And Moral Reasoning. A Cross Sectional Analysis of Midshipmen At tTe U.S. Naval Academy By Charles L. Chochran, Eloise F. Malone, and Paul Roush; We Didn't Want to Stand Out By CPT Jessica Bertini and CPT Alison Weir; Male Midshipmen's Attitudes Toward Women: 1976-1996 By 11C Julie Kathleene Gill, USN and 11C Daniel Zozung, USN.

VOLUME X, Number 3&4 Fall/Winter 1997


Volume XVI, No. 1 Spring 1998

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. SPECIAL ISSUE: FICTION AND POETRY. Guest Editor: Eugene P. Moser, Jr. Navy Brat By Katie Mann; Armistice By Barbara Barnett; Citation By Florence Kuhn; A Day In The Life A Woman Vet At The VA By Donna M. Dean; Thunderbird's Egg By Diann Thornley; Semantics By J.D. Reeves; The Memorial By Mara C. Hurwitt; The Day The Enemy Found His Face By Lisa Miller; The Iron Countess By Erin Solaro; Trascendence By Jan Whiteley.

VOLUME XI, Number 1 Spring 1998


Volume XVI, No. 2 Summer 1998

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. ARTICLE: Thoughs On The Film Saving Private Ryan By Kay Gott Chaffey. REVIEWS: Mary Nash. Defying Male Civilization: Women in the Spanish Civil War By Sharon Halevi; Jane Slaughter. Women and the Italian Resistance, 1943-45 By Andrea Peto; Rachel Waltner Gooseen. Women Against the Good War: Conscientious Objection and Gender on the American Home Front, 1941-1947 By Ilene Feinman; LaVonne Telshaw Camp. Lingering Fever: A World War II Nurse's Memoir Reviewed By Katherine Burger Johnson; Marion Stegeman Hodgson. Winning My Wings: A Woman Airforce Service Pilot in World War II Reviewed By Maura Phillips Mackowski; Molly Merryman. Clipped Wings: The Rise and Fall of the Women Airfoce Service Pilots of World War II By Reina Pennington; Beth F. Coye, Marmaduke Bayne, James T. Bush, Patricia J. Bush, Kitty R. Clark, and Sandra L. Snodderly, My Navy Too By Donna M. Dean; Lois Shawver. And The Flag Was Still There: Straight People, Gay People, and Sexuality in the U.S. Military By Miriam Ben-Shalom; William H. McMichael, The Mother Of All Hooks: The Story of the U.S. Navy's Tailhook Scandal By Francine D'Amico; Linda Bird Francke, Ground Zero: The Gender Wars in the Military By Kelly S. Hamilton; Donna M. Dean. Warriors Without Weapons: The Victimization of Military Women By Jan Whiteley.

VOLUME XI, Number 2 Summer 1998


Volume XVI, No. 3/4 Fall/Winter 1998

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. SPECIAL ISSUE: WOMEN PRISONERS OF WAR. ARTICLES: Stress, Suffering, and Sacrifice: Women POWS In The Civil War By Mercedes Herrera-Graf; Remembering the Forgotten: A Look At The Women POWS Of World War II By Kristin Conrey; Prisoner Of The Soviets By Wanda E. Pomykalski; An Officer And A Gentlewoman: Rhonda Cornum Holds Her Own By Erica Iverson. REVIEWS: Deborah Gera. Warrior Women: The Anonymous Tractatus De Mulieribus and Joyce Tyldesley. Hatchepsut: The Female Pharaoh By Barton C. Hacker; Karen G. Turner and Thanh Hao Phan. Even The Women Must Fight: Memories of War From North Vietnam By Ginger R. Davis; Suzanne J. Kessler. Lessons From The Intersexed By Donna M. Dean.

VOLUME XI, Number 3 Fall/Winter 1998


Volume XVII, No.1 Spring 1999

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. ARTICLES: Gender and Heroism in the British Army: Women and the Victoria Cross By Melvin Charles Smith; An Electronic Amelia Earhart in Eastern Europe By Laura L. Smith; Military History in the Academic World: Present and Future By Linda Grant DePauw. FICTION: Rite of Passage by Leisa Corbett; How I Averted War With Mexico By Donna M. Dean. BOOK REVIEWS: Weinstein, Laurie, and White, Christie C., Eds. Wives and Warriors: Women and the Military in the United States and Canada Reviewed by Lance Janda; Calvin L. Christman, Ed. Lost in the Victory: Reflections of American War Orphans of World War II Reviewed by Mark D. Van Ells; Stiehm, Judith, Ed. It's Our Military Too! Women and the U.S. Military Reviewed by Ilene Feinman; Trish Schiesser Ida's Ride Reviewed by Donna M. Dean.

Volume XVII, No. 2 Summer 1999

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. ARTICLES: May You Never, Ever Have Any War Stories To Tell: One Poet's Wish By Marilyn Knapp Litt; Gender Integrated Basic Training: A Theoretical Analysis of the Continuing Debate By Brian J. Reed; Military Women in the NATO Armed Forces By Sarah Garcia. BOOK REVIEWS: Linda Grant DePauw, Battle Cries and Lullabies: Women in War from Prehistory to Present Reviewed by Dennis E. Showalter; Author's Reply; Selene H.C. Weise, The Good Soldier Reviewed by Donna M. Dean.

Volume XVII, No. 3/4 Fall/Winter 1999

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. SPECIAL ISSUE: WOMEN IN THE [NATO] ARMED FORCES. ARTICLES: Introduction By Anna Boros; Women, War, and Military in Eastern Europe By Andrea Peto; Women in the Austrian Armed Forces By Dietmar Pfarr; National Report: Czech Republic By Marie Vlachova; On the Back of the Third Wave By Marian Cieslarczyk, Stanislaw Jarmoszko & Mirislawa Marciniuk; Women in the Armed Forces: The Case of Romania By Oana C. Popa; Women in the Slovenian Armed Forces By Jelena Trifunovic; The Role of Women in the Armed Forces of NATO Countries: Military Constraints and Professional Identities By Helena Carreiras; Leadership Considerations and Lessons Learned in a Mixed Gender Environment By W.T. Moxley; The Establishment of the Hungarian Women Soldier's Section and It's Justification By Andrea Szabo; Training of Women Officers By T. Farkas; Training Possibilities for Women By Czimmer Istvan Laszlo; Women Soldiers and Human Resources Policy By Janos Krizbai; Women in the Hungarian Armed Forces By Judit Bolgar; The Career Picture, Values Orientation, and Sentiments of Szolnok ATC Students By Alexandra Toth; Career-socialization of Women College Students By Zsuzsa Kormos.

Volume XVIII, No. 1 Spring 2000

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. Introduction By Joan I. Biddle. ARTICLES: Military Wives in China, 1127-1279 By Chia-lin Pao-Tao and Xueliang Wang; American Military Families Overseas and Early Cold War Foreign Relations By Donna Alvah; Forgotten Women? Did Americans Care About Wives of American Servicemen in Vietnam By Elizabeth Brown. REVIEWS: Francine D'Amico and Laurie Weinstein, eds. Gender Camouflage: Women and the U.S. Military Reviewed By Donna M. Dean; Missy Cummings, Hornet's Nest: The Experience of One of the Navy's First Female Fighter Pilots Reviewed By Gioia Grasso; Stephanie Gutmann, The Kinder, Gentler Military: Can America's Gender-Neutral Fighting Force Still Win Wars? Reviewed By J. Michael Brower; Susan Zeiger, In Uncle Sam's Service: Women Workers with the American Expeditionary Force, 1917-1919 Reviewed by Heidi Hamilton.

Volume XVIII, No. 2 Summer 2000

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. ARTICLES: Alice Lydia Ward: An Almost Forgotten U.S. Navy Nurse By Patrick J. Leonard; Emancipation or Exploitation? The Women's Land Army in the Second World War By Suzanne V. Cooke; Phyllis Schafley's Battle Against the ERA and Women in the Military By David John Marley. BOOK REVIEWS: Kathleen Kennedy, Disloyal Mothers and Scurrilous Citizens: Women and Subversion During World War I Reviewed By Anne Angstadt; Mary T. Sarnecky, A History of the US Army Nurse Corps Reviewed By Donna Crail-Rogotzke; Will Roscoe, Changing Ones: Third and Fourth Genders in Native America Reviewed By Donna M. Dean; R. Claire Snyder, Citizen-Soldiers and Manly Warriors: Military Service and Gender in the Civic Republican Tradition Reviewed By Ilene Feinman; Mary Fasod Katzenstein and Judith Reppy, eds., Beyond Zero Tolerance Reviewed By Regina F. Titunik.

Volume XVIII, No. 3/4 Fall/Winter 2000

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. SPECIAL ISSUE: SOVIET AND RUSSIAN WOMEN'S EXPERIENCE OF WAR AND THE MILITARY. About The Contributors. ARTICLES: Ready For Work And Defense: Visual Propaganda and Soviet Women's Military Preparedness in the 1930s By Alison Rowley; Soviet Women Soldiers In World War II: Three Biographies By Kazimiera J. Cottam; Heroes, Lovers, Victims - Partisan Girls During The Great Fatherland War By Juliane Furst; Stalin's Falcons: The 586th Figher Aviation Regiment By Reina Pennington; Russia's Mothers - Voices Of Change By Brenda J. Vallance; Women In The Russian Armed Forces: A Marriage of Convenience? By Jennifer G. Mathers.

Volume XIX, No. 1 Spring 2001

MINERVA: QUARTERLY REPORT ON WOMEN AND THE MILITARY. ARTICLE: Women Nurses In The Spanish-American War By Mercedes H. Graf. BOOK REVIEWS: Capt. Deborah Dempsey and Joanne Reckler Foster. The Captain's a Woman: Tales of a Merchant Mariner. Linda Greenlaw. The Hungry Ocean: A Swordboat Captain's Journey By CDR Darlene Iskra; Gerard J. DeGroot and Corinna Peniston-Bird, eds. A Soldier And A Woman: Sexual Integration In The Military By Donna M. Dean; Judith Ann Giesberg. Civil War Sisterhood: The U.S. Sanitary Commission and Women's Politics in Transition By JenniferRebecca Harbour; Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic. Women, Violence and WAR: Wartime Victimization of Refugees In The Balkans By Kathryn Spurling, Ph.D.; Rosemarie Skaine. Women at War: Gender Issues of Americans in Combat By Patricia Jernigan; Melissa S. Herbert. Camouflage Isn't Only For Combat: Gender, Sexuality, and Women in the Military By Gioia Grasso; Cynthia Enloe. Maneuvers: The International Politics of Militarizing Women's Lives By Daniela Rechenberger; Louise Barnett. Ungentlemanly Acts: The Army's Notorious Incest Trial By Gioia Grasso; Robert B. Edgerton. Warrior Women: The Amazons of Dahomey and the Nature of War By Alfred S. Bradford.

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