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Welcome to H-MINERVA, a member of the H-NET Humanities On-Line initiative. This list is cosponsored by The MINERVA Center, Inc., a non-profit educational foundation devoted to promoting the study of women and the military and women in war. There are no geographical or chronological limits; messages will be in English. H-MINERVA is free; there are no dues or fees of any kind.

H-MINERVA is open to anyone with a serious interest in its subject matter and encourages a variety of contributions. We offer a forum for exchange between scholars and for the current concerns of active duty women and women veterans (including "civilian" veterans like military wives and members of the Red Cross). We are eager to receive personal memories, inquiries, commissioned book reviews, information on meetings, and cross-postings from other parts of cyberspace.

H-MINERVA is guided by H-Net policies and by an editorial board of distinguished scholars.

H-MINERVA is a moderated list, that is it is edited to filter out extraneous messages (like requests to subscribe) or items that do not belong on this list because they are not relevant to our subject matter. We will also edit out "flames" or other material that does not contribute to The MINERVA Center's mission to provide "information and inspiration."

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