The Americas, Vol. 56:1, July 1999
Table of Contents

•van Deusen, Nancy E.
"The "Alienated" Body: Slaves and Castes in the Hospital De San
Bartolome in Lima, 1680-1700." pp. 1-30

•Rock, David
"Argentina Under Mitre: Porteno Liberalism in the 1860s." pp. 31-63

•Yarrington, Doug
"Populist Anxiety: Race and Social Change in the Works of Romulo
Gallegos." pp. 65-90

•Dutra, Francis A.
"A Hard-Fought Struggle for Recognition: Manual Goncalves Doria, First
Afro-Brazilian to Become a Knight of Santiago." pp. 91-113

And , as usual, Inter-American Notes, and reviews of newly published books
including Kicza on Carmen Castaneda, LaFrance on Timothy Henderson, Leonard
on Thomas Pearcy, and others.

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