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Latin American Research Review, 31 #2 1996
Contents of Volume 31, no. 2

"Creating Cultural Prestige: Editorial Joaquin Mortiz"
  Danny J.  Anderson

"Recent Works on the Inquisition and Peruvian Colonial Society, 1570-1820"
  Teodoro Hampe-Martinez

"Popular Reigion and Appropriation: The Example of Corpus Christi in Eighteenth
 Century Cuzco'
 David Cahill


"Distilled Conclusions: The Disappearance of the Agrarian Question in El
  Martin Diskin

"Land Reform and Revolution in El Salvador: Comment on Seligson and Diskin"
  Jeffery M.  Paige

"Agrarian Inequality and the Theory of Peasant Rebellion"
  Mitchell A.  Seligson


"Survival and Cultural Evolution in the Andes"
  Jeffrey A.  Cole

"Andean Economy, Technology, and Society: A Review of Recent Literature'
  Maria A.  Benavides

"Central America, U.S. Policy, and the Crisis of the 1980s"
  Thomas M.  Leonard

"In the Name of the People: Democracy, Revolution, and Intervention across
 America's Fourth Frontier"
 W.  Marvin Will

"Gender, Sexuality, and Revolution in Cuba"
  Alfred Padula

"Religion and Society in Latin America: Ambivalence and Advances"
  Anna Peterson

"Mexico: Economic Reform and Political Change"
  Judith Teichman

"Dialogues with  the Other': Mexican Voices in Performance"
 Deb Cohen

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