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Latin American Research Review, Vol. 31, no. 1
LARR, Volume 31, Number 1, 1996 Published for H-Latam by Susan V. Richards, University of New Mexico. lily@unm.edu
"Taxation and Transition: THe Politics of the 1990 Chilean Tax Reform"
Delia M Boylan

"Agricultural Export Booms and the Rural Poor in Chile, Guatemala, and
Michael R. Carter, Bradford L.Barham, Dina Mesbah

"After the Mining Boom: Demographic and Economic Aspects of Slavery in
Mariana, Minas Gerais, 1750-1808"
Laird W. Bergad

"The Arquivos das Politicais of the State of Rio de Janeiro"
Darren J. Davis

"Archives in the Guatemalan Western Highlands"
Greg Grandin and Rene Reeves

"Somebodies and Nobodies in the Body Politic: Mentalities and Social
Structures in Colonial Brazil"
Stuart B. Schwartz

"Recent Literature on Latin American Slavery"
Patrick J.Carroll

"Afro-Hispanic and Carribean Literatures in Recent Theory and Criticism:
Affirmations and Implications"
Laurence E. Prescott

"Recent Trends in Bolivian Studies"
Herbert S. Klein

"Identity and Political Process: Recent Trends in the Study of Latin
American Social Movements"
Paul Lawrence Haber

"Got a Gringo on Their Shoulders: US Relations with Latin America"
Mark T. Gilderhus

"New Perspectives on Central American History, 1838-1945"
David Kaimowitz

"The Electoral Defeat of the Sandinista Regime: A Postmortem"
Shelley A. McConnell

"Evolving Archaeological Interpretation of Inka Institutions:
Perspectives, Dynamics, and Reassessments"
David L Browman

"The First Century of Mexican Independence"
Stan Shadle

"Studies of Ancient Mesoamerica at the end of the Twentieth Century"
Janet Catherine Berlo

"Recent Reference Works on Latin American Politics"
Rafael E Tarrago

The Latin American Research Review is published quarterly.
Subscription information is available from them at:
Latin American Institute
University of New Mexico
800  Yale Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87131

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