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Journal of Latin American Studies Volume 28, #1
Contents of Volume 28, no. 1
Jeremy Baskes:
Coerced or Voluntary?  The Repartimiento and Market Participation
of Peasants in Late Colonial Oaxaca (pp. 1-28)

John Charles Chasteen:
The Prehistory of Samba: carnival dancing in Rio de Janeiro,
1840-1917 (pp. 29-46)

Gail D. Triner:
The Formation of Modern Brazilian Banking, 1906-1930: opportunities
and constraints presented by the public and private sectors (pp. 49-74)

Mauricio Tenorio Trillo:
1910 Mexico City: space and nation in the city of the Centenario
(pp. 75-104)

Keith Brewster:
Caciquismo in rural Mexico during the 1920s: the case of Gabriel Barrios
(pp. 105-128)

Barry Carr:
Mill Occupations and Soviets: the mobilisation of sugar workers in
Cuba, 1917-1933 (pp. 129-158)

Piero Gleijeses:
Cuba's First Venture in Africa: Algeria, 1961-1965 (pp. 159-196)

Commentary Section:
Cecilia Mendez G.
Incas S'i, Indios No: notes on Peruvian creole nationalism and its
contemporary crisis (pp. 197-226)

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