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Itinerario 1998, Volume 2
Contents Itinerario 1998/2

  • Interviews

    The Best of Two Worlds: An Interview with Om Prakash

    Crayenborgh Lecture on East and West: Stephen K. Sanderson, 'East and West in the Development of the Modern World-System'.

  • Articles

    Alfons van der Kraan, 'On Company Business: The Rijckloff van Goens Mission to Siam, 1650'.

    Catharina Blomberg, 'Idolaters and Devil Worshippers: Religion in Olof Eriksson Willman's Travel Diary from Japan 1651-1652'.

    David Mikosz, 'Eurocentric view of universal languages from 1605 -1828'

    Raúl José Mandrini, 'Beyond the "Civilized" World: Pampean Indians between the Seventeent and Nineteenth Centuries'.

  • Reviews

    Dauril Alden, The Making of an Enterprise: The Society of Jesus in Portugal, its Empire, and Beyond, 1540-1750 (Ben Teensma).

    Pierre Pluchon ed., La Révolution de Haďti (Pieter Emmer).

    Sanjay Subrahmanyam, The Career and Legend of Vasco da Gama, and Genevičve Bouchon, Vasco de Gama (Ernst van Veen).

    Peter Gran, Beyond Eurocentrism: a New View of Modern World History (Marcel van der Schelde).

    Daniel Chirot and Anthony Reid eds, Essential Outsiders - Chinese and Jews in the Modern Transformation of Southeast Asia and Central Europe (Martha Chaiklin).

    Dieter Brötel, Frankreich in Fernen Osten: Imperialistische Expansion und Aspiration in Siam und Malaya, Laos und China, 1880-1904 (Frans Paul van der Putten).

    Wolfgang Reinhard, Kleine Geschichte des Kolonialismus (Hans Vogel).

    Subscribers of H-LatAm will find some of the following articles of interest. These articles are published in _ITINERARIO_ 1998/1. _ITINERARIO_ is the Journal of Global History in the  Age of European Expansion; published quarterly by the Department of History at the University of Leiden. Submissions are invited and may be sent to: ITINERARIO, PO Box 9515, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands. Subscription requests and inquires may be directed to: ITINERARIO@rullet.leidenuniv.nl
    or http://www.let.leidenuniv.nl/history/itin/int.htm

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