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Bolivian Studies Volume VI, 1996
Table of Contents
To the Reader						ix

The Export Roots of Bolivian Caudillo Politics:
The Cinchona Bark Boom and Belzu's Jacquerie
Carlos Perez						11

Potosi, the King of all Mountains, and the Envy
of All Kings
Ward Stavig						41

La Bio-Bibliografia Bolivian de Werner Guttentag
Jose Roberto Arze					62

Manuel Vargas:  el escritor
Ricardor Pastor						71

Distancias y Literatura
Victor Montoya y Manuel Vargas				72

Manuel Vargas and his works
Nelly S. Gonzalez					92

Bolivia in Australia:  a Locality, a Massacre,
a Booklet
Charles Arnade and John Ferry			       100

Adolfo Caceres Romero:  escritor a carta cabal
Ricardo Pastor					       120

Adolfo Caceres Romero:  A Selected Bibliograpy
Nelly S. Gonzalez				       122

Rene Hohenstein Ara
Mario Soria					       126

Bolivian Tin in the World Market:  Mitre's and 
Contreras' Works
John Hillman					       132

Hankho Mallko  (El condor blanco)
Reinaldo Alcazar				       140

Renanto Prado Oropeza:  _Los fundadores del alba_
y el conflicto social
Elena Ferrufino					       144

Recent Bolivia Publications
Sandra Chavarria				       153

Bolivian Scholars				       156

Bolivian Scholars Data Form			       164

Style Sheet					       165

Subscription form				       166

Avisos						       167

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