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Bulletin of Latin American Research 17:1
Contents of Volume 17, #1

  • Articles

    Nuria Vilanova: The Emerging Literature of the Peruvian Educated Underclass

    Sarah Howard: Land Conflict and Mayangna Territorial Rights in Nicaragua's Bosawas Reserve

    Lewis Taylor: Counter-Insurgency Strategy, the PCP-Sendero Luminoso, and the Civil War in Peru, 1980-1996

    Frank O. Mora: From Dictatorship to Democracy: the US and regime changes in Paraguay, 1954-1994

    Anna Reid: Disintegration, Dismemberment, and Discovery of Identities and Histories: searching the "gaps" for depositories of alternative memory in the narratives of Diamela Eltit and Carmen Boullosa

    Stephanie Linkogle: Soya, Culture, and International Food Aid: the case of a Nicaraguan communal kitchen

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