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Journal of Latin American Studies; Vol. 29 #2
Contents of Volume 30, no. 1 (Feb 1998)
Kenneth P. Serbin
The Anatomy of a Death: repression, human rights and the case of
Alexandre Vannucchi Leme in authoritarian Brazil

Patrick Barr Melej
Cowboys and Constructions: national representation of pastoral life in
post-Portalian Chile

William K. Meyers
Seasons of Rebellion: nature, organisation of work and the dynamics of
revolution in La Laguna, Mexico, 1910-1916

Philip F. Dur
American Diplomacy and the Salvadorean Revolution of 1931

Erik Ching and Virginia Tilley
Indians, the Military and the Rebellion of 1932 in El Salvador  

Juan Pablo Perez Sainz
Commentary: The New Faces of Informality in Central America

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