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Journal of Lating American Studies; Vol. 29, #1
Contents of Volume 29, no. 1
Supplied to H-Latam by Rory Miller (University of Liverpool)

  • Articles Peter Lloyd-Sherlock: Models of Public Sector Intervention: providing for the elderly in Argentina, c. 1890-1994 Iain A.D. Stewart: Living with Dictator Rosas: Argentina through Scottish eyes Piero Gleijeses: The First Ambassadors: Cuba's contribution to Guinea-Bissau's war of independence Robert David Johnson: Anti-Imperialism and the Good Neighbor Policy: Gruening and Puerto Rican affairs, 1934-1939 Susan Hawley: Protestantism and Indigenous Mobilisation: the Moravian church among the Miskito Indians of Nicaragua Gary Williams: Prelude to an Intervention: Grenada 1983 Brian H. Pollitt: The Cuban Sugar economy: collapse, reform, and prospects for recovery
  • Commentary William M. Leogrande: Enemies Forever: US policy towards Cuba after Helms-Burton
  • Reviews The Journal is published by Cambridge University Press and further information about subscriptions and contents of past issues can be found on the press's web pages at http://www.cup.cam.ac.uk/ Rory Miller 7th March 1997

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