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Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies Vol. 4 #1
Contents of Volume 4, no. 1

Jeffrey Pilcher, 'Mad Cowmen, Foreign Investors and the Mexican Revolution'

Enrique Rajchenberg, 'El tributo al progreso: Los costos del transito al
mundo fabril: Los obreros de Orizaba a principios del siglo XX

Martin Scurrah, 'Forest Conservation and Human Rights in Peru: The Conflict
over the Chaupe Forest'

James Petras and Morris Morley, 'Neo-liberal Political Cycles:  Latin
America "Adjusts" to Poverty and Wealth in the Era of Free Markets'

Jonathan Tittler, 'Contemporary Spanish American Fiction in English: Who is
Translating Whom?'

The Poetry of Pablo Armando Fernández

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Victoria, Australia 3083 [b.carr@latrobe.edu.au or +61 3 9479 1942 fax) ]

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