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  •  552 HY (#5939)        LATIN AMERICA AND THE WORLD         Prof. Conniff        
     M-F 11-12 am                   Winter 94                       HC 7024         
     tel 6768                                                       HC 3353         

    MWF 12-1 pm

    This new course will examine the relations between major Latin American countries and the rest of the world. We will cover from the early nineteenth century (the Independence era) to the present. Major connections link the region to the United States and Europe, but we will also look at ties with Africa and Asia. Moreover, we will go beyond formal diplomatic contacts to study cultural, intellectual, economic, military, and migratory relations among these regions. Most attention will be devoted to the large nations (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, and Peru), but particular episodes may involve the smaller countries as well.

    We will occasionally meet with Professor Widell's class, PS 318, "Latin America and the United States," held MWTh in HC 2222. Feel free to consult him about your term paper.

    The course grade will be an average of your performance on the midterm (weighted 30%), the final (35%), and the term paper you submit (35%).

    Your paper should be thoroughly discussed with me before you begin research. It should be based upon your original investigations at the library and other places. It should be approximately 12 double-spaced pages, plus endnotes (18+ pp. for graduate students). I would like every student to make a brief oral presentation of their paper during the last week of class.

    You may earn an extra hour of credit by signing up for U305, Model United Nations (code 5938), this quarter. Your country research for UN may be used as a beginning for your paper. See me about this option.

    The assigned texts are: Lester D. Langley, America and the Americas (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1989), and G. Pope Atkins, Latin America in the International Political System, 2nd ed. (New York: Free Press, 1989).

    Dates Topics Readings

     Jan 5   Introduction                                           Lang. 1         
         6   Geographical background                                                
         7   Free period to develop paper prospectus                                
        10   Overview of Independence                               Lang 2          
        11   Africa, Europe, and North America                      Atkin 1         

    12 Monroe's Gambit 13 Int'l consequences: slave trade, republicanism

        14   1830s depression, readjustments, opportunities         Lang 3          
        18   Mex-Am War, Panama RR, Manifest Destiny                Lang 4          
        19   U.S. Civil War, consequences                                           
        20   Maximilian in Mexico                                   Atkin 2         
        21   Paraguayan War                                                         
        24   War of Pacific                                         Atkin 3         

    25 Boom export economies & Immigration 26 Latin American armies--guest lecturer Frank McCann 27 PAU 28 Spain, U.S., War Lang 5 31 Teddy, Wilhelm, Victoria Feb 1 Mid-term exam

         2   Widell's class                                                         
         3   WWI                                                                    
         4   Mexican adventures                                     Atk 4-5         
         7   1920s and the League                                                   
         8   The first Sandinistas: "Occupational Hazards"                          
         9   Good Neighbor, Invention of foreign aid                Lang 6          

    10 Ideological polarization 11 WWII 13 Brazil's FEB in Italy Atkin 6 14 Peron's gamble 15 UN

        16   Cold War                                               Lang 7          
        17   Rio Treaty '47                                         Atk 7-8         
        18   OAS '48                                                                
        21   Korea, MAAGs, & Guatemala                              Atkin 9         
        22   The New Economics (CEPAL)                              Atkin 10        
        23   Cuban Revolution, USSR                                 Lang 8          
        24   BID, Alliance, and Bay of Pigs                         Atkin 9         
        25   DR '65 and the National Security States                                
        28   Vietnam's impact on the Cold War, OAS                  Lang 10         
     Mar 1   Chile to 1973 and Beyond                                               
         2   OPEC and Latin America                                                 
         3   New Panama Canal Treaties '77                          Atkin 12        
         4   Ronald Reagan and Latin America                        Lang 10         
         7   Student Paper Presentations (Papers due)                               
         8   George Bush and Latin America                          Atkin 13        
         9   Student Paper Presentations                                            
        10   Latin America beyond the Cold War                      Lang 11         

    11 Review

    16 (9:30-11) final exam

    Information provider:
    Unit: H-Net program at UIC History Department Email: H-Net@uicvm.uic.edu
    Posted: 7 Aug 1994

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