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  • H212 Latin American Culture and Civilization II Spring 1994

    Woodburn 009 4-5:15 T-Th Dr. Peter Guardino Office: Ballantine 708 Phone 5-6108

    This course will survey the history of Latin America from the early nineteenth century to the present. This period witnessed both the construction of polities based on national states and the evolution of capitalist economies. The course will focus on how social movements both reflected and drove these two major transformations. Areas of concern will include the social implications of various models of economic development, the opportunities and problems which result from economic ties to wealthy countries, changing ethnic, gender, and class relations in Latin America, and the diverse efforts of Latin American people to construct stable and equitable political systems. The general approach of the course will be thematic but examples will be drawn from the histories of various Latin American countries, including Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador and Cuba.

    Required Books (Available at the Bookstore)

    Benjamin Keen. A History of Latin America: Vol. II National Period to Present 4th ed. 1991. Houghton Mifflin.** Sandra Lauderdale Graham. House and Street: The Domestic World of Servants and Masters in Nineteenth-Century Rio de Janeiro. Austin: University of Texas Press 1992. Isabel Allende. The House of Spirits. Bantam 1986. Alicia Partnoy. The Little School: Tales of Disappearance and Survival in Argentina. Pittsburgh: Cleis Press 1986. Sonia Alvarez. Engendering Democracy in Brazil: Women's Movements in Transition Politics. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

    **Don't be fooled by the chapter numbers listed below. We will be reading almost all of this volume of Keen.


    You are required to complete reading assignments by the day on which we will discuss them. In addition there will be two essay exams and a short paper. The first essay exam will be held on FEB. 17 in class. The second will be held during finals week.

    The short paper for this class will be due during our class meeting on MARCH 24. You will be penalized for each day this assignment is late. Your paper should be 4-6 pages long.

     Grading:        Midterm 20%                                                    
                     Paper   30%                                                    
                     Final           50%                                            

    Week 1: The Colonial Legacy

    Reading: Lauderdale Graham, House and Street, 1-58

    Jan. 11 Introduction Jan. 13 Production and Politics in Colonial Latin America

    Week 2 Colonialism and Independence

    Reading: Keen Chapter 9

    Jan. 18 Class, Ethnicity and Gender in Early Latin America Jan. 20 Latin American Independence

    Week 3: The Search for Order

    Reading: Lauderdale Graham, House and Street, 59-137

    Jan. 25 Mexico: Rural Unrest and Foreign Interventions Jan. 27 Brazil: Empire and Social Control

    Week 4: The Promise of Export-Oriented Development

    Reading: Keen, Chapter 10

    Feb. 1 Discussion of House and Street Feb. 3 Argentina's Revolution on the Pampas

    Week 5 The Costs and Perils of Export-Oriented Development

    Reading: Keen, Chapter 12

    Feb. 8 Chile and Peru: Development and Foreign Intervention Feb. 10 The Mexican Revolution

    Week 6: Food for Thought

    Feb. 15 Export-Oriented Development Reprised Feb. 17 Midterm Exam

    Week 7: Urbanization, Populism, and Import Substitution

    Keen, Chapter 12; Begin Allende, The House of Spirits

    Feb. 22: Argentina: Peronism Feb. 24 Mexico, 1930-1960s

    Week 8: Revolutions and U.S. Intervention

    Keen, Chapter 17; Continue Allende, The House of Spirits

    March 1 Guatemala: Revolution, Intervention, Aftermath March 3 The Cuban Revolution

    Week 9 Reform and Response

    Finish Allende, The House of Spirits

    March 8 Chile, 1950-1973 March 10 Discussion of The House of Spirits

    Week 10: Dictatorship and Repression

    Reading: Begin Partnoy, The Little School

    March 22 Film: The Official Story March 24 Film: The Official Story

    Week 11 Dictatorship and Repression, cont.

    Reading: Finish Partnoy, The Little School

    March 29 "El Proceso" in Argentina March 31 Discussion of The Little School and The Official Story

    Week 12 Crisis in Central America

    Reading: Keen, Chapter 18

    April 5 Civil War in El Salvador April 7 The Nicaraguan Revolution

    Week 13 Authoritarianism and Foreign Debt

    Reading: Start Alvarez, Engendering Democracy

    April 12 Video: Capital Sins: Authoritarianism and Democratization April 14 Debt and Liberalization

    Week 14 Gender and Migration

    Reading: Continue Alvarez, Engendering Democracy

    April 19 Video: Continent on the Move: Migration and Urbanization April 21 Gender in Contemporary Latin America

    Week 15 Review and Speculation

    Reading: Finish Alvarez, Engendering Democracy

    April 26 Discussion of Engendering Democracy April 28 Review

    Information provider:
    Unit: H-Net program at UIC History Department Email: H-Net@uicvm.uic.edu
    Posted: 9 Sep 1994

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