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  •  555syl93                Southern South America          Prof. Conniff          
     M-F 8 am                      Spring 1993                      HC 7024         
     HC 2330                                                                        
     offhrs                                                         MWF9-10         

    Required readings: David Rock, Argentina, 1516-1987 [R], and Brian Loveman, Chile [L].

    Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay comprise the Southern Cone of Latin America. Because these countries share many of the same physical, economic, social, and historical attributes, they are treated in a single course.

    HY 555 will include lectures, discussion sessions, films, and visiting speakers. Field trips are optional! Evaluation of student work will consist of a midterm exam (30%), a term paper (35%), and a final exam (35%).

    The term paper, 12-15 pp. double-spaced in length, should deal with a topic germane to the course and cleared with the instructor. Early work on the paper will almost certainly improve your grade. Normal term paper rules are in effect: all original research, your own ideas and analysis, typed, fully documented, and on time. Graduate students are expected to use some Spanish language and primary sources and to write somewhat longer papers. Date Topic Reading Mar. 29 Geography (Guest Prof. Dawsey)

    30 Colonial Overview (Prof. Olliff) L-1;R-1 31 Library orientation (Boyd Childres, RBD instruction rm, 2nd

    floor) Apr 1 Film "Don Segundo Sombra"

         2    Film, conclusion                                                      
         5    Argentina during the colony                            R-2            
         6    Amerindians                                                           
         7    Trade with Potosi                                                     
         8    Creation of Viceroyalty                                               
         9    Dress Rehearsal for Independence                                      
        12   Chile during the colony                                L-2, 3          

    13 Araucanian wars 14 Agriculture and Mining 15 18th century reforms 16 Free day for term paper research 19 Independence and recovery L-4;R-3 20 Portales 21 Rivadavia and Rosas 22 Artigas and Rivera 23 Dr. Francia 26 Nationhood under Urquiza, Mitre L-5,6; R-4 27 Revolution on the Pampas 28 Paraguayan War 29 Chilean exceptionalism 30 War of the Pacific

     May 3   Politics of Modernization                              L-7;R-5         
         4   Roca and Generation of 1880                                            
         5   Paris of South America                                                 
         6   Parliamentary Republic                                                 
         7   Nitrates and the Social Question                                       
        10   Populism and ideology: Batlle                          L-8;R-6         

    11 Yrigoyen I 12 Yrigoyen II 13 Alessandri 14 Ibanez I PAPERS DUE!

    17 Mature societies L-9;R-7, 8 18 The Perons I 19 Frondizi 20 Ibanez II 21 Frei and Christian Democracy 24 Autocratic governments L-10;R-9 25 Perons II 26 The Generals 27 Allende 28 Pinochet 31 Redemocratization June 1 Review

    3 Turn in take-home final by noon

    Information provider:
    Unit: H-Net program at UIC History Department Email: H-Net@uicvm.uic.edu
    Posted: 7 Aug 1994

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