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  • History 551                 BRAZIL 1800-PRESENT        Professor Conniff        
     M-F 9 am                        SPRING 1994            HC 7024, X 6768         
     HC 2312                                                off. hrs. MWF 10        

    Required Readings: E. Bradford Burns. A History of Brazil. 3rd ed. New York: Columbia University Press, 1993.

    Michael L. Conniff and Frank D. McCann, eds. Modern Brazil: Elites and Masses in Historical Perspective. Rev. ed. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1990.

    "Brazil from 1800 to the present" will introduce students to the recent history of this major South American nation. At the time of its separation from Portugal, Brazil stood on the threshold of tremendous economic development, with a per capita income close to that of the United States. The dream of growth was frustrated for the rest of the nineteenth century, for Brazil fell behind the industrializing nations of the North Atlantic. Since the early 1900s Brazil began to catch up economically and underwent political and social modernization as well. Today Brazil is poised between the Third and First Worlds, a country on the make with a dynamic economy and society and a political system on the mend after two decades of military rule. This course charts Brazil's development over the past 190-odd years.

    Lectures (laced with discussions, slides, and videos on Tuesdays and Thursdays) will follow a roughly chronological order. This will establish a framework for understanding topical and other approaches in the readings.

    The overall grade will be based upon a midterm, a final, and a term paper, weighted respectively 30%, 35%, and 35%. Exams will be drawn equally from lectures and readings. Please come and see me at any time if you have questions about grades.

    The term paper should be your original composition on a major theme in Brazilian history. I expect papers to be typewritten double-spaced and to follow a standard format such as presented in the style guides available.

    If you word-process your paper, please put notes at the bottoms of pages; otherwise endnotes are acceptable. Please see me about topics and bibliography early in the term. Undergrads should aim for 12-page papers, graduate students about 20 pages. Grad students should try to include some primary and/or Portuguese sources.

    Dates Topic Readings Mar. 28 INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW

          29   The Court in Rio                        Burns thru ch. 2             
          30   Geography of Brazil                     Burns 3                      
          31   The Rise of Coffee                                                   
     Apr.  1   Free to develop paper topics                                         
           4   Decline of Pedro I                                                   
           5   Regency                                                              
           6   Second Empire                           Burns 4                      
           7   Pedro II                                                             
           8   Coffee is King                                                       
          11   Abolition                                                            
          12   Army Takes Over                         Burns 5                      
          13   1890s                                                                
          14   Federalism                                                           
          15   Coffee                                  Modern Brazil, Holloway      
          18   Industry                                                             
          19   Locomotive                                                           
          20   Heartland                               Modern Brazil, Topik         
          21   Usina Velha                             Modern Brazil, Pang          
          22   Race Relations                          Modern Brazil, Adamo         
          25   Urbanization                                                         
          26   Troubled 1920s                          Modern Brazil, Love          
          27   MIDTERM EXAM                                                         
          28   Getulio's Revolution                    Modern Brazil, Conniff       
          29   Estado Novo                             Burns 6                      
     May   2   Democratic Republic                                                  
           3   Fifty Years in Five                     Burns 7                      
           4   Jan-Jan                                                              
           5   Origins of the Coup                     Modern Brazil, McCann        
           6   Castello Branco                         Burns 8                      
           9   Military Technocracy                    Modern Brazil, Levine        
          10   Rise of the Hard Line                                                
          11   Costa e Silva                                                        
          12   O Milagre                               Modern Brazil, Diniz         
          13   Climax of Violence                                                   
          16   Medici                                                               
          17   Soccer and Spooks                                                    
          18   Voting against the Generals             Modern Brazil, Straubhaar    
          19   Geisel                                                               
          20   Oiling Up the Works                                                  
          23   Abertura                                                             
          24   New Diplomatic Directions               PAPERS DUE                   
          25   Figueiredo                                                           
          26   Facing down the Generals                                             
          27   New Republic                            Burns 9                      
          30   From Sarney to Collor                   Mod Brazil, Hall/Garcia      
          31   Itamar Franco                           Modern Brazil, Sturm         
     June  4   9-11:30 am                              FINAL EXAM                   

    Information provider:
    Unit: H-Net program at UIC History Department Email: H-Net@uicvm.uic.edu
    Posted: 7 Aug 1994

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