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    Sent: Monday, April 25, 2011 9:35 AM
    Subject: Expert Researcher available for Mexican Archival Work, May - September 2011

    Experienced Researcher Available for Summer Research, Mexico City and
    Regional Archives in Central-Southern Mexico

    Experienced researcher (Ph.D. with speciality in Mexican history), based in
    Mexico City and extremely well-acquainted with Mexican archives, available
    for research assistance, May-September 2011.

    Photography, Transcription, Note-taking or Photocopying of specific
    documents or document sets, sent to you either electronically or by snail

    Transcription of 18th and 19th century manuscripts (with which I am very
    familiar) but not colonial documents requiring specialized paleography.

    Standard rate $20/hour (+ you pay expenses for photocopies or other archival
    services). An extra charge may apply for difficult or remote assignments.
    Also available for research assignments in other cities and towns (Oaxaca,
    Puebla, Guadaslajara) are also possible, with an additional per diem of  $50
    plus transportation cost to and from Mexico City.

    If you are going to be in Mexico City doing research, I can meet with you to
    discuss your research needs, and am willing to assist in person in the
    archives to enhance your research efficiency.

    CV available upon request.

    Contact: Paul Ross
    email: mexico.city.archives.help@gmail.com

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