ON LINE COLEGIOS The International Newsletter On the History of Ideas

in Colonial Latin America

Volume 3 Number 1 February, 1994

COLEGIOS is published biannually by Our Lady of the Lake University of San Antonio. Readers are hereby awarded permission to copy COLEGIOS and to send it to interested colleagues. Readers are also encouraged to send names and addresses of potential readers to COLEGIOS.

The Texas Medieval Association (TEMA) will hold its 4th Annual conference at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, TX, September 8-11, 1994. Papers on all medieval topics are welcome, but we are especially soliciting papers and sessions on ... **MEDIEVAL INFLUENCES IN THE COLONIAL PHILOSOPHY OF MEXICO AND LATIN AMERICA*** ... Medieval Influences in Colonial Mexican and Latin American Art, Music, Literature, History, and Culture ... Medieval Philosophy ... Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, including a planning session for the Tricentennial of her Death 1695-1995. (1995 is also the 100th Birthday of OLLU.) ... Medieval Texas: Medieval Influences in Spanish Texas ... 101 Years Later: the Turner Thesis and Medieval Frontiers in the Old and New Worlds.

Please submit paper and session abstracts, in Spanish or English, (100-150 words in length) by July 30, 1994 to

Professor Edwin Duncan Department of English Towson State University Baltimore, MD 21204 U.S.A.

E-MAIL: e7e4dun@toe.towson.edu


COLEGIOS is sent to scholars throughout the world. If you have information about publications or conferences for philosophers, theologians, or historians interested in the colonial period, please send it to COLEGIOS. Submissions to COLEGIOS will be accepted in SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, ENGLISH, or your favorite colonial tongue. The deadline for the February, 1994 edition is January 1, 1994. Please send complete information to:

COLEGIOS c/o Jeffrey Coombs, Editor OLLU 411 S.W. 24th Street San Antonio, TX 78207-4689 U.S.A

To subscribe, send your complete name and address to the same address.


Notices for COLEGIOS can be sent by electronic mail. The address:

INTERNET: coombs@ollac.ollusa.edu Readers with access to a computer network are asked to send their E-mail addresses to COLEGIOS so that a listing of E-mail addresses can be published in a later edition.


March 10-12, 1994. "XVIII International Congress of The Latin American Studies Association (LASA)" in Atlanta, Georgia. For preregistration forms contact LASA// 946 William Pitt Union// University of Pittsburgh// Pittsburgh PA 15260. Telephone (412) 648-7929.

April 7-9, 1994. "Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America" hosted by the University of North Texas, Denton//Dallas, Texas. Contact: Craig Kallendorf, Chair// RSA Program Committee// Department of English// Texas A&M University// College Station, TX 77843// USA.

April 8-9, 1994. "Mid-Atlantic Conference On Latin American Studies (MACLAS)" at Kean College of New Jersey, Union, New Jersey. Contact: MACLAS//Kean College of New Jersey// Morris Avenue// Union, New Jersey 07083.

April 21-23, 1994. "Attending to Early Modern Women" at University of Maryland at College Park. Contact: Associate Director// Center for Renaissance and Baroque Studies// 1120 Francis Scott Key Hall// University of Maryland// College Park, Maryland 20742. Phone: (301) 405-6830.

June 5-7, 1994. "Conference on Cultural Relations in Medieval Spain among Jews, Muslims, and Christians" in Tel Aviv, Israel. Contact: Dr. Roberto J. Gonzalez-Casanovas// Modern Languages Department// Catholic University of America, Washington, DC 20064, USA. Phone: (202) 319-5240. Fax: 202-319-5297. E-Mail: <gonzalezcasa@cua.edu>.

June 13-16, 1994. "Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana" in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. SILAT will sponsor a session to explore relationships between iberoamerican literature and thought. Contact: Dr. Jose Luis Gomez-Martinez// Department of Romance Languages// The University of Georgia// Athens GA 30602. Telephone: (706) 542- 3123.

October 6-9, 1994. "18th Annual Conference of the Northeast American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies" at Fordham University. Contact: Frank Boyle and Susan Greenfield// NEASECS Program Committee// Fordham University at Lincoln Center// 113 West 60th Street// Room 924// New York, NY 10023.

October 13-16 1994. "XXVth Annual Meeting East-Central American Society For Eighteenth-Century Studies" in Pennsylvania State University at University Park, Pennsylvania. Conference Theme: Crossing Borders. Proposals for papers are due by 1 March 1994. Contact: Dick Frautschi// Arrangements Committee Chair// Department Of French// Penn State University// University Park, PA 16802.

November 9-12, 1994. "Annual Conference of the Southern Historical Association" in Louisville, Kentucky. Contact: Maurice Brungardt// Dept. of History// Loyola University of New Orleans// New Orleans, LA 70118. {They are seeking papers from Latin-Americanists.}


The PROGRAMA INTER-DISCIPLINAR DE ESTUDIOS SOBRE PENSAMIENTO VIRREINAL PERUANO was created at the Universidad de Piura as part of the PROGRAMA INTERNACIONAL DE RESCATE DEL PENSAMIENTO COLONIAL IBEROAMERICANO (see COLEGIOS Vol. 1, Num. 2, 1992). The PROGRAMA brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines to study the literature, history, philosophy and theology, etc., of the viceregal period in Peru. Presently, study is underway concerning the following subjects: (a) Sermon collections, paintings and other nonconventional means of conversion in the first evangelization (16th century); (b) the life, work, and thought of the Bishop of Trujillo, Peru, Martinez Companon (18th century); (c) el escarmiento and el desengan~o as literary attitudes in the Peruvian Barroque of the 18th Century.

As part of project (b), there were two international conferences in 1989 and 1990. The papers from the first have been published in a volume entitled VIDA Y OBRA DEL OBISPO MARTINEZ COMPANON.

For more information about the PROGRAMA INTERDISCIPLINAR DE ESTUDIOS SOBRE PENSAMENTO VIRREINAL PERUANO, contact: Dr. Jose M. Navarro// Coordinador// Apartado postal 353 - Piura //(Peru). TEL: 0051-74-328171, Fax: 0051-74-328645. Email: <JNAVARRO@UPIURA.EDU.PE>

        CUADERNOS DE DOCUMENTACION FILOSOFICA EN                                
            ARGENTINA Y LATINOAMERICA (CEFAL)                                   

Prof. Francisco Parenti is pursuing several projects under the organizational name CEFAL. (1) Publication of a series of "notebooks" (cuardernos) of works by and about Latin American, and especially Argentinian, philosophy. No. 2 in the series is "Filosofia Practica" which should be available after December, 1993. (2) Foundation of a Library and Documentation Center on Latin American Philosophy. (4) Compilation of a History of Philosophy in Iberoamerica. For more information contact: Francisco Parenti// Director de CEFAL// J.C. Paz 2053// (2000) Rosario// Argentina.


The Centro de Estudios Historicos y Sociales "Santiago de Cali" (CEHS) now publishes "Memorias: Revista del Centro de Estudios Historicos y Sociales 'Santiago de Cali'." CEHS promotes the study of Colombian history by means of conferences, courses, and educational trips to sites of historical and architectural interest. They also support the electronic cataloging of the Archivo Historico in Cali. Subscription information for "Memoirias" is available from the Secretaria del CEHS// Calle 11 No 1-07// Oficinas 411 y 413// Cali-Valle// Colombia. Telephone: 897457.

               THE CLASSICAL TRADITION AND                                      
                      THE AMERICAS                                              
       The International Society for the Classical                              

Tradition (ISCT) is publishing a multi-volume collection of essays entitled THE CLASSICAL TRADITION AND THE AMERICAS. Volume I consists of two half volumes of approximately 1,350 pages and is entitled EUROPEAN IMAGES OF THE AMERICAS AND THE CLASSICAL TRADITION and is published by Walter de Gruyter & Co. of Berlin and New York, 1993. Projected titles of further volumes are II: THE CLASSICAL TRADITION IN THE LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES; III and IV: THE CLASSICAL TRADITION IN COLONIAL LATIN AMERICA AND THE UNITED STATES; V: THE CLASSICAL TRADITION IN CANADA; VI: CLASSICAL SCHOLARSHIP IN THE AMERICAS. Information about ISCT is available from Prof. Hasse// ISCT// Institute for the Classical Tradition// Boston University// 745 Commonwealth Ave.// Boston MA 02215.


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The AMERICAN CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHICAL QUARTERLY devotes every third issue to a special figure in the history of thought. The deadline date for submission of manuscripts, and the guest editor and his address is: 4/94; JOHN OF SAINT THOMAS (POINSOT); Contact: John Deely// Dept. of Philosophy// Loras College// Dubuque, IA 52004// U.S.A.

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