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Volume 4 Number 1 February 1995

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Colegios is published biannually by Our Lady of the Lake University of San Antonio. Readers are hereby awarded permission to copy Colegios and to send it to interested colleagues. Readers are also encouraged to send names and addresses of potential readers to Colegios.


Colegios is sent to scholars throughout the world. If you have information about publications or conferences for philosophers, theologians, or historians interested in the colonial period, please send it to Colegios. Submissions to Colegios will be accepted in SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, ENGLISH, or your favorite colonial tongue. The deadline for the September, 1995 edition is August 15, 1994. Please send complete information to:

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A nuestros/as colegas latinoamericanos/as cordialmente pedimos que nos envien informacion sobre las conferencias academicos, tambien de los libros y periodicos sobre el tema de la historia de las ideas en America Latina colonial.


February 17-18, 1995. "Placing Gender in Latin America" at Duke University. Contact: Alexandra Fitts // Dept. of Romance Languages // 205 Languages // Duke University // Durham NC 27706 // USA.

March 8-12, 1995. "The Third Meeting of the International Society for the Classical Tradition (ISCT)" at Boston University. Two possible sessions of interest: The Classical Tradition and the Americas: European images of the Americas and the Classical Tradition; The Classical Tradition and the Americas: the Classical Tradition in the Latin American countries. Contact: ISCT: Third Meeting // Institute for the Classical Tradition // Boston University // 745 Commonwealth Avenue // Boston MA 02215 // USA. Fax/Phone: (617) 353-7369. Phone: (617) 353-7370. E-Mail: <isct@acs.bu.edu>.

March 31-April 1, 1995. "Northeast Modern Language Association" in Boston, Massachusetts. "Rehistoricizing/ Dehistoricizing the Medieval Iberian Text" Contact: Prof. Toni Pila Esposito // The University of Pennsylvania // Department of Romance Languages // 521 Williams Hall // Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305 // E-Mail: <esposito@sas.upenn.edu>.

May 19-21, 1995. "Logic and the Workings of the Mind: Ramus to Kant." University of Western Ontario, London, Canada. Contact: Thomas M. Lennon // Early Modern Logic Project // Philosophy Department // University of Western Ontario // London, Canada, N6A 3K7, or send e-mail to Lorne Falkenstein <LFalkens@uwovax.uwo.ca>

August 4-7, 1995. "88th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association". Island of Maui, in Hawaii. Profs. Marilyn Boxer and Robert W. Cherny // AHA-PCB Program Committee Co-Chairs // Department of History // San Francisco State University // San Francisco, CA. 94132. FAX: (415) 338-7539 OR (415) 338-2514. E-MAIL: <cherny@sfsu.edu> or <mboxer@sfsu.edu>.

November 8-11, 1995. "61st Annual Southern Historical Association Meeting." New Orleans. Contact: Dr. William F. Holmes // Secretary-Treasurer // The Southern Historical Association // History Department // U of Georgia // Athens, Georgia 30602-1602.


The Colonial Latin American Historical Review (CLAHR) invites the submission of manuscripts pertaining to Luso-Hispano America's colonial era (1492-1821). Essays must be original, non-published research, and may be submitted in either English or Spanish. Authors should include three hard copies of the manuscript along with a copy on disk in WorkPerfect 5.1 or any other IBM compatible software. Manuscripts should not exceed thriry double-spaced typed pages, including noted and any pertinent camera-ready graphics or illustrations, and should follow the format of the Chicago Manual of Style. Please send manuscript submissions to Dr. Joseph P. Sanchez, Editor // Colonial Latin American Historical Review // Spanish Colonial Research Center // Zimmermann Library // University of New Mexico // Albuquerque, NM 87131 // USA. PHONE: (505) 766-8743. FAX: (505) 277-4603.

Estudios de historia novohispana (founded 1966), an annual review of the Instituto de Investigaciones Historicas of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, seeks articles and book reviews about all aspects of the history of New Spain, which includes not only colonial Mexico but also the Spanish colonial history of the U.S. Southwest, the Caribbean and Philippines. The articles should be unpublished and make an original contribution to this area of knowledge. The author should also send a resume and an abstract; English and Spanish are the accepted languages. All papers are evaluated by the Editorial Committee. For details and questions about submissions, sent E-mail to Felipe Castro, editor <fcastro@redvax1.dgsca.unam.mx> or FAX to (5) 6650070.


The latest additions to this fine series are:

Fray Juan de Zumarraga. Regla cristiana breve. Edicion critica y estudio preliminar por Ildefonso Adeva.

Jose Aldjos-Grau, Carmen. Diego Valades: educador de Neuva Espan~a: Ideas pedagogicas de la Rethorica Christiana (1579).

Both are published by Ediciones Eunate, FAX: 948-303237. TELEPHONE: 948-303237. (Pamplona, Spain).


Arroyo Hidalgo, Susana. El primero suen~o de Sor Juana: estudio semantico y retorico. (Mexico City: UNAM, 1993).

Auat, Luis Alejandro. "El Poder en Francisco de Vitoria." Nuevas Propuestas 12 (Diciembre, 1992):27-48. {Nuevas Propuestas is available from Dr. Matias Zuzek // Universidad Catolica de Santiago del Estero // Av. Alsina y Nun~ez del Prado - CC 285 // 4200, Santiago del Estero // Argentina. FAX: (54-85} 21-9754.}

Auat, Luis Alejandro. "Dominio y Comunicacion: El Poder en Francisco de Vitoria." Nuevas Propuestas 13 (Junio, 1993):101- 141.

Auat, Luis Alejandro. "Para una Hermeneutica del Poder en Francisco de Vitoria." Nuevas Propuestas 14 (Diciembre, 1993):55- 71.

Auat, Luis Alejandro. "La Cuestion del Poder: Vitoria y la Filosofia Actual." Nuevas Propuestas 15 (Junio, 1994):83-110.

Boyer, Richard. Lives of the Bigamists: Marriage, Family, and Community in Colonial Mexico. (Albuquerque, NM: University of New Mexico Press, 1995).

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Dolan, Jay P. and Vidal, Jaime R. Puerto Rican and Cuban Catholics in the U.S., 1900-1965. (Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 1994).

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Poinsot, John. The American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 68 (Summer, 1994) is devoted to the philosophy of John Poinsot [John of St. Thomas] and includes: "A Morning and Evening Star: Editor's Introduction" (John Deely); "Intentionality in John Poinsot" (Mauricio Beuchot); "If Wittgenstein Had Read Poinsot: Recasting the Problem of Signs and Mental States" (John C. Cahalan): "John Poinsot on How To Be, Know, and Love a Non-existent Possible" (Jeffrey S. Coombs); "Poinsot on Knowability of Beings of Reason" (John P. Doyle); "Being-as-first-known in Poinsot: A Priori or Aporia?" (Vincent Raposa); "Poinsot on the Semiotics of Awareness" (Michael Raposa); "The Significance for Cognitive Realism of the Thought of John Poinsot" (Douglas B. Rasmussen); "John Poinsot on Created Eternal Truths vs. Vasquez, Suarez and Descartes" (Norman J. Wells).

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El Anuario Bibliografcio 1990 de Historia del Pensamiento Ibero e Iberoamericano edited by Jose Luis Gomez-Martinez is now availible. The subscription rate is $50.00 for institutions and $15.00 for individuals. Contact: The Editor // Anuario Bibliografico // Department of Romance Languages // The University of Georgia // Athens GA 30602.


We are happy to announce that Colegios, the Online Version of the International Newsletter on the History of Ideas in Colonial Latin America, has been placed on the H-Latam gopher. Colegios is published biannually by Our Lady of the Lake University of San Antonio. Vol. 3, Nos. 1 & 2 (1994) have been posted. They are located under the H-Latam submenu "Journals." If you have not used the H-Latam gopher or are having problems locating it, it is under North America/ USA/Illinois/University of Illinois,Chicago/The Researcher/ History/H-Net/H-latam. Please feel free to contact Phil Mueller at this E-Mail address if you have a problem: <hi23ahg@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu>.


Here are a few suggestions of bookstores with Spanish language books which may be of interest. Note: the first two have internet addresses! If you know of other convenient sources of spanish- language books, please send them.

THE LATIN AMERICAN BOOKSTORE, LTD. // 204 North Geneva Street // Ithaca, NY 14850 // USA. TELEPHONE: (607) 273-2418. FAX: (607) 273-6003. E-MAIL: <wk01942@worldlink.com>. {The flyer claims: "E-mail orders are welcome."}

PUVILL LIBROS S.A. // Boters, 10 y Paja, 29 // 08002 Barcelona // Spain. TELEPHONE: 318 29 86. FAX: (34-3) 412 31 40. EMAIL: <100317.3101@compuserve.com>.

THE SPANISH COLONIAL BOOKSTORE // 6539 San Jose Drive // San Antonio, TX 78214-2799 // USA. TELEPHONE: (210) 921-7220. {Books specializing in the Spanish Colonial Period in North America. A booklist is available.}


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