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    housingHousing Information for Traveling Researchers


    Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 11:58:58 -0500
    Name: PROUT Research Institute of Venezuela
    Email: maheshvarananda@prout.org.ve

    Description: The PROUT Research Institute offers a supportive environment for research. We promote generating and sharing knowledge in the social sciences, host conferences and educational workshops, and publish the work of our visitors. The Institute also has university contacts in Venezuela and internationally.

    The director of the PROUT Institute is Dada Maheshvarananda, a yoga monk for 35 years, a teacher of yoga and meditation, and the author of After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action. His book, and the PROUT Institute, promote a post-capitalist social vision elaborated by the 20th century Indian spiritual master P.R. Sarkar (1922-1990). With our roots in the yogic tradition, we offer daily yoga classes, and for those interested in spirituality, we practice and teach meditation. Our community is open to people of all religious traditions, and we encourage the connection between spirituality and social change in any religious tradition.

    PROUT is also a safe and comfortable environment for foreigners living in Venezuela. We are located in the Quinta PROUT, a large, quiet house with a beautiful garden, nutritious vegetarian food, stimulating conversations, WI-FI, and many contacts in the community. A mix of Venezuelans and international volunteers live here, usually about five to ten, with occasional visitors. Our house is a great place to improve Spanish language skills and be introduced to a new country.

    If you are interested in visiting the PROUT Research Institute of Venezuela, find more information at www.priven.org or contact us at ivip@prout.org.

    Date: July 25, 2006
    Name: Sue Taylor <taylors@unm.edu>
    Description: The manager of the building where I rented an apartment in Caracas (2005/2006) tells me he frequently knows of apartments available in my building and others in the area. El Rosal is a safe residential neighborhood on the east side of Caracas close to the metro. His contact information is:

    (212) 9532538/ (0414) 2462379 / (0416) 707-6633 (country code 58)

    He also speaks English.

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