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    housingHousing Information for Traveling Researchers

    The purpose of this page is to provide scholars, in this case specifically to researchers working on Latin American themes, with housing information. While pursuing scholarly research abroad scholars often face the daunting task of finding a temporary yet secure and affordable place to stay. This is frequently the case whether the researcher comes from Latin America to the United States or from Europe to Latin America. Fortunately there are people conscious of these circumstances that would prefer to provide housing opportunities to responsible scholars.

    H-LatAm has regularly published announcements of housing opportunities and housing requests on the listserve.  This page supplements the quick housing announcements on the listserv.  On this page we will include contact information and will update it as original contacts provide new information.  We have not confirmed the information provided here, nor have we verified its authenticity. The researcher is responsible for contacting and authenticating those claiming to provide affordable and safe housing. Thus, H-LatAm and H-Net are not responsible for any unhappy circumstances resulting from the listing.  H-LatAm subscribers (neteros) are welcome to submit fresh intelligence regarding the accuracy of these announcements. We would change and bring this page current at the request of subscribers.

    We now lead on the left column with announcements already posted in H-LatAm. Some are truly ancient. So, we would appreciate initiatives to update such details. Temporarily, while we study its practicability, we would admit emails of former clients next to the housing announcements as references.

    Please use this form to add or update information to be posted to this website.

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