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  • Bookstores in Buenos Aires

    From: Robert Wilcox <wilcox@nku.edu>
    Date: 10 Dec 2007

    I want to thank everyone who sent me information on bookstores in Buenos Aires. It has been extremely helpful. Continuing in the spirit of sharing the knowledge, please find below a modified list of the information I received. There is a little repetition and I didn't include some messages because they contained the same information as others. I hope it is as useful to the list as it is to me.

    Robert Wilcox


    Your best bet, at least for new books, is probably the Libreria Gandhi, on Corrientes, near the corner with Callao. A couple of blocks down towards 9 de Julio is Liberate (or something similar), which can also be useful. If there is something particular you need and can't find, it's often a good idea to check with Fernando Garcia Cambeiro (http://latbook.cambeiro.com.ar/latbook/ar_Libros/default.html).


    Here's a list of my favourite bookstores:
    ** Prometeo -- on Av. Corrientes 1916, a couple of blocks west of Callao. This is a very serious store with knowledgeable staff. They can locate titles and also have a good website.
    Liberarte -- on Corrientes, about four blocks further downtown – across from the Teatro San Martin. They have music and videos in the front but also a huge collection of books.
    Gandhi -- Corrientes, on the same block as Liberarte.
    ** El Ateneo Gran Splendid -- On Avenida Santa Fe1860, esq. Corrientes. This place is gorgeous – a massive store located in an old cinema, with a cafe where the stage used to be. Naturally more commercial than some other stores, but good collections.
    You don't want to miss the used book fairs either, which are often goldmines. The booksellers really know their stuff. The best are in Parque Rivadavia and Plaza Italia. There are also lots of used book stores on Avenida de Mayo and Rivadavia, especially clustered below Nueve de Julio.
    Buying books in Buenos Aires is an absolute delight -- a LOT more fun than trying to deal with the libraries!


    The one in the old theatre is called is called El Ateneo, and is indeed beautiful and well equipped. But a hidden treasure, if looking for cheap old books and even documents, is El gaucho, Neuquen 765 (this is in the neighborhood of Caballito, you can take subway A if you are downtown); you can find very valuable old books there.


    In Corrientes Av.are a lot of book-stores, from Obelisco to Rio Bamba St. (there is Prometeo; other important stores are Fausto and Hernandez. Old books you may get in Platero, located at Talcahuano and Lavalle (one block from Fausto). Good luck.


    I would also visit Libreria Hernandez, on Av. Corrientes close to the corner with calle Uruguay (and once you're there, you can have great cafe con medialunas at La Giralda, across the street).
    If you are interested in out-of-print books, visit Libreria Platero in the Tribunales area, on Calle Talcahuano 485. It looks like a legal bookstore from the outside, but they have great stuff in the basement.


    Corrientes: En Corrientes el mejor lugar para comenzar es yendo al IIGHI (http://www.conicet.gov.ar/webue/iighi/) que es el centro de investigaciones de la Universidad del Nordeste.


    And don´t forget the bookstore-cum-bar & cabaret (very good selection of books on the city and its arts), "Clásica y Moderna". http://www.clasicaymoderna.com/ The late-night shows there are also a lot of fun.


    Prometeo is definitely one of the best options, and I would also suggest La Boutique del Libro, (Palermo branch in Thames st.), and Gambito de Alfil, the bookstore that caters to Facultad de Filosofia y Letras students, at the corner of Puan y Jose Bonifacio. It is really good, and focused on History, Cutural Studies, and Social Sciences.


    This is a guide in Spanish of Buenos Aires for researchers, which includes a list of bookstores: http://nuevomundo.revues.org/document4055.html#tocto22


    You are right. there are not bookstores specialized on your topics but there many bookstores y Buenos Aires. Walk on Corrientes Street and you will see one bookstore after another. There is a joke here that some people go from one bookstore to another until they finish the book they started reading at the first one. Also try Santa Fe and of course, you will go to Recoleta and there is a wonderful bookstore there at the entrance of the movie theaters.


    Librería de Antaño,
    Sánchez de Bustamante 1876
    While mainly an antiquarian bookshop, they also have a general-stock second hand shop called "The Antique Bookshop".

    Alberto Casares, Libros Antiguos & Modernos
    Suipacha 521

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