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  • History 104: Latin America in The World

    Emily Wakild
    Ph.D. Candidate
    Department of History
    University of Arizona
    May 2007

    List of possible chronicles, traveler’s accounts, memoirs, descriptions, etc:

    *means title is located in Z. Smith Reynolds Library
    (place) refers to present day name of area under study if not obvious from the title

    Sixteenth Century:
    *Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, We Came Naked and Barefoot: The Journey of Cabeza
    de Vaca across North America, (U.S. Southwest, Texas, Northern Mexico)

    *Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala, The First New Chronicle and Good Government (Peru)

    *Jean de Léry, History of a Voyage to the Land of Brazil

    *Hans Staden, The Captivity of Hans Staden of Hesse in A.D. 1547-1555 among the Wild Tribes of Eastern Brazil

    *Sir Walter Raleigh, Discovery of Guiana

    Charles Nicholl, The Creature in the Map (Guyana)

    *Christopher Columbus, Four Voyages of Columbus

    *José de Acosta, Natural and Moral History of the Indies

    *Alonso Gregorio de Escobedo, Pirates, Indians, and Spaniards: Father Escobedo’s La Florida

    *Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdés, Natural History of the West Indies


    Seventeenth Century

    Catalina de Erauso,  Lieutenant Nun (Chile and Peru)

    *Thomas Gage, Survey of the Spanish West Indies (Caribbean)

    *Ilyas Mawsili, An Arab’s Journey to Colonial Spanish America: The Travels of Elias Al-Musili in the Seventeenth Century

    Eighteenth Century

    *Antonio de Ulloa and Jorge Juan, Voyage to South America (Venezuela, Colombia, Peru)

    *Alexander von Humboldt, Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain (Mexico, or
    other volumes on Cuba,Venezuela, Ecuador)

    *Alonso Carrió de la Vandera (Concolorcovo) El Lazarillo: A Guide for Unexperienced Travelers between Buenos Aires and Lima

    William Dampier,  A Collection of Voyages Containing Captain William Dampier's Voyages Round the World

    Nineteenth Century
    *Fanny Calderón de la Barca, Life in Mexico

    *Mary Ashley Townsend, (ed. Ralph Lee Woodward) Here and There in Mexico  

    *John Lloyd Stephens, Incidents of Travels in Central America, Chiapas, and the Yucatán (Central America, Mexico)

    *Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Civilization and Barbarism (Argentina)

    *Lucio Mansilla, An Expedition to the Ranquel Indians  (Argentina)

    *C. Napier Bell, Tangweera: Life and Adventures among the Gentle Savages (Nicaragua)

    Charles Macomb Flandrau, Viva Mexico: A Travellers Account of Life in Mexico (Mexico)

    *Désiré Charnay, Ancient Cities of the New World (Mexico and Central America)

    *Friedrich Hassaurek, Four Years among the Ecuadorians

    *James Orton, The Andes and the Amazon; or, Across the Continent of South America

    *Ida Pfeiffer, A lady's second journey round the world from London to the Cape of Good
    Hope, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Celebes, Ceram, the Moluccas, etc., California, Panama,
    Peru, Ecuador, and the United States,

    Alfred Simson, Travels in the Wilds of Ecuador, and the Exploration of the Putumayo River

    *Isaiah Bowman, Desert Trails of Atacama (Chile)

    *Hiram Bingham, Across South America and Lost City of the Incas

    William Bennet Stevenson, Historical and Descriptive Narrative of Twenty Years' Residence in South America

    Carl Sartorius, Mexico about 1850

    *Euclydes da Cunha, Rebellion in the Backlands (Brazil)

    *Henry Koster, Travels in Brazil

    *Louis Agassiz, Journey in Brazil

    *James Fletcher and D.P. Kidder, Brazil and the Brazilians

    *John Mawe, Travels to the Interior of Brazil Particularly in the Gold and Diamond Districts

    *Thomas Ewbank, Life in Brazil

    *Théophile Conneau, Adventures of an African Slaver (Caribbean)

    G. Whitfield Ray, Through Five Republics on Horseback: Being an Account of Many Wanderings in South America

    H. W. Tilman, Mischief in Patagonia  

    Twentieth Century

    *Theodore Roosevelt, Through the Brazilian Wilderness

    *John Reed, Insurgent Mexico

    *Rebecca Dame West, Survivors in Mexico

    *John Kenneth Turner, Barbarous Mexico

    *Erna Fergusson, Cuba(Also other books on Chile, Mexico, Guatemala)
    *Harry Alverson Franck, Vagabonding down the Andes: Being the Narrative of a
    Journey, Chiefly Afoot, from Panama to Buenos Aires;
    or Tramping Through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras; or Vagabonding Journey around the World; or Working North from Patagonia

    Christopher P. Baker, Mi Moto Fidel: Motorcycling Through Castro's Cuba

    *Paul Theroux, The Old Patagonian Express (Mexico, Central and South America)

    *Salman Rushdie Jaguar Smile (Nicaragua)

    *Joan Didion, Salvador

    Ludwig Bemelmans, The Donkey Inside (Ecuador)

    Rolf Blomberg, The naked Aucas; an account of the Indians of Ecuador  and *Chavante: An Expedition to the Tribes of Mato Grosso (Brazil)

    Jennifer Harbury, Searching for Everardo (Guatemala)

    Patrick Marnham, So Far from God: A Journey to Central America

    *Alan Riding, Distant Neighbors: A Portrait of the Mexicans

    Patrick Oster, The Mexicans

    Claude Lévi-Strauss, Tristes Tropiques (Brazil)

    *Alma Guillermoprieto, The Heart that Bleeds: Dispatches from Latin America or Looking for History; or Dancing with Cuba; or Samba (Brazil)

    Tom Miller, The Panama Hat Trail (Ecuador)

    *Mortiz Thomsen, The Saddest Pleasure: A Journey on Two Rivers (Ecuador)

    *Margret Wittmer, Floreana : A Woman's Pilgrimage to the Galapagos (Ecuador)

    *Octavio Paz, In Light of India (Mexican writer in India)

    Sara Wheeler, Travels in a Thin Country: A Journey Through Chile

    Miranda France, Bad Times in Buenos Aires

    Sybille Bedford, A Visit to Don Otavio (Mexico)

    Ariel Dorfman, Desert Memories: Journies through Chile’s North


    *Stuart Schwartz, Victors and the Vanquished: Spanish and Nahua Accounts of the Conquest of Mexico

    *Ingrid Fey and Karen Racine Strange Pilgrimages

    *Irving Leonard, Colonial Travelers in Latin America

    Gerold Cole, American Travelers to Mexico, 1821-1972: A Descriptive Bibliography

    Isabel Allende, Magical Sites

    *Katherine Manthorne, Tropical Renaissance: North American Artists Exploring Latin America 1839-1879

    *Jurgen Buchenau, Mexico OtherWise: Modern Mexico Through the Eyes of Foreign Observers

    Carlos Sanhueza, “From the southern hemisphere to the Old World. Travel accounts of
    Chileans in Europe and Representations of National Identity in the 19th Century.”  In Raúl Galoppe and Richard Weiner, edits., Explorations in Subjectivity, Borders, and Demarcation:  A Fine Line.

    *June Hahner, Women in Latin America History: Their Lives, Their Views 

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