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  • Solidarity movements in the United States (Dennis Hidalgo, September 2010)

    As promised, we are sharing the reading list we have built on the topic of U.S. in Latin America and the solidarity movement in the U.S. This is an independent study, a graduate reading-course that follows the student's personal interest. It is also meant to support and dovetail a master thesis research on the U.S. solidarity movement for Sandinista women in the 1980s. We want to thank all of those who shared titles and ideas. We welcome any correction or further suggestions. Here is the list:

    Research Question: Since the late 1850s, how have U.S. citizens gone about “helping” or supporting people in Latin America? How have they viewed those they wished to assist, and how did they understand themselves and their own role in acts of solidarity or support?


    Blasier, Cole. 1985. The hovering giant: U.S. responses to revolutionary change in Latin America. University of Pittsburgh Press.

    Delpar, Helen. 2007. Looking South: The Evolution of Latin Americanist Scholarship in the United States, 1850-1975. 1st ed. University Alabama Press.

    Gambone, Michael D. 2001. Capturing the Revolution: The United States, Central America, and Nicaragua, 1961-1972. Praeger.

    Green, James N. 2010. We Cannot Remain Silent: Opposition to the Brazilian Military Dictatorship in the United States. Duke University Press.

    Hoyt, Katherine. 1996.  30 Years of Memories:  Dictatorship, Revolution, and Nicaragua Solidarity.  Washington, D.C.:  Nicaragua Network Education Fund.

    Kaplan, Amy, and Donald E. Pease. 1993. Cultures of United States Imperialism. Duke University Press.

    Mariscal, George. 2005. Brown-Eyed Children of the Sun: Lessons from the Chicano Movement, 1965-1975. University of New Mexico Press.

    Markarian, Vania. 2005. Left in transformation: Uruguayan exiles and the Latin American human rights networks, 1967-1984. Routledge.

    Park, James William. 1995. Latin American underdevelopment: a history of perspectives in the United States, 1870-1965. Louisiana State University Press.

    Peña, Milagros. 2007. Latina Activists across Borders: Women’s Grassroots Organizing in Mexico and Texas. Duke University Press.

    Reitan, Ruth. 1999. The Rise and Decline of an Alliance: Cuba and African-American Leaders in the 1960s. Michigan State University Press.

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    Smith, Peter H. 2000. Talons of the eagle: dynamics of U.S.-Latin American relations. Oxford University Press.

    Weber, Clare M. 2006. Visions of Solidarity: U.S. Peace Activists in Nicaragua from War to Women's Activism and Globalization. Lexington Books.

    Welch, Richard E. 1985. Response to Revolution. The University of North Carolina Press.

    Wright, Thomas C. 2007. State terrorism in Latin America: Chile, Argentina, and international human rights. Rowman & Littlefield.

    Young, Cynthia. 2006. Soul Power: Culture, Radicalism, and the Making of a U.S. Third World Left. Duke University Press.


    Berger, Mark T. 1993. Civilising the South: The U.S. Rise to Hegemony in the Americas and the Roots of “Latin American Studies” 1898-1945. Bulletin of Latin American Research 12, no. 1 (Jan.,): 1-48.

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    Week Two (8/30) General Overview
    Book: Smith’s Talons of the Eagle
    Articles: Mattiace’s “Representation and Rights”, Briggs’ “Transnationalism”

    Week Three (9/6) Academic Understanding of Latin America
    Book: Delpar’s Looking South
    Articles: Berger’s “Civilising the South”, Spivak’s “Can the Subaltern Speak”

    Week Four (9/13) Dependancy and Turn-of-the-Century Attitudes on “Solidarity”
    Book: Park’s Latin American Underdevelopment
    Articles: Gleijeses’s “1898”,  Perez’s “Intervention, Hegemony, and Dependency”

    Week Five (9/20) Effects of (Anti-)Imperialism in the U.S.
    Book: Kaplan’s Culture of U.S. Imperialism
                -Excerpts: Introduction (“Left Alone With America…” by Amy Kaplan, “New Perspectives…” by Donald E. Pease); “Black and Blue on San Juan Hill” by Amy Kaplan; “Américo Paredes and Decolonization” by Jose David Saldivar; “Pious Sites…” by Vicente M. Diaz; “Plotting the Border…” by Christopher P. Wilson; “Anti-Imperial Americanism” by Walter Benn Michaels; “Resisting the Heat” by Doris Sommer;
    Articles: Johnson’s “Anti-Imperialism”, Perez’s “Incurring a Debt of Gratitude”;

    Week Six (9/27) Solidarity 1940s-60s
    Books: Green’s We Cannot Remain Silent; Reitan’s Rise and Decline* excerpts
    Article: Hart’s “Making Democracy Safe”

    Week Seven (10/4) U.S. Responses to Latin American Revolutions
    Book: Blasier’s The Hovering Giant, Welch’s Response to Revolution
                Excerpts from Welch: “Response of the Political Right”, “Response of the Left: Division and Defeat”, “The Response of the Campus and Coffeehouse”, “Response as Illustration”
    Articles: Grossman’s “Solidarity with Sandino”

    Week Eight (10/11) Solidarity Before Sandinista Revolution
    Book: Gambone’s Capturing the Revolution
    Articles: Soares’ “Strategy, Ideology”; Power’s “U.S. Solidarity Movement with Chile”

    Week Nine (10/18) Resisting Reagan in the U.S.
    Book: Smith’s Resisting Reagan
    Articles: Peace’s “Winning Hearts and Minds”; Gosse’s “North American Front”

    Week Ten (10/25) Perceptions of Agency in Solidarity Movements
    Book: Weber’s Visions of Solidarity
    Articles:  Power’s “On Solidarity”; Perla’s “Si Nicaragua…”

    Week Eleven (11/1) Universal Rights as a Source of Solidarity
    Book: Wright’s State Terrorism;
    Articles:   Nepstad’s “Recruitment”; Johns’ “Bridging the Gap”

    Week Twelve (11/8) Latino/Chicano Solidarity
    Books: Mariscal’s Brown-Eyed Children; Markarian’s Left in Transformation
    Articles: Gosse’s “El Salvador is Spanish”; Perla’s “Heirs of Sandino”;  

    Week Thirteen (11/15) Issues of Gender in Latin American Connections
    Book: Isbester’s Still Fighting
    Articles: Rakowski’s “Women as Political Actors”; Kampwirth’s “Mother of the Nicaraguans”

    Week Fourteen (11/29) Latin America in Transnational Feminism
    Book: Peña; Latina Activists
    Articles: Churchill’s “Transnational Alliances”; Ray and Kortereg’s “Women’s Movements”

    Week Fifteen/End of Semester: What’s Left? Additional Issues and Looking Forward
    Book:  Young’s Soul Power
    Articles: Gosse’s “Legacy of Solidarity”; Nepstad’s “Creating Transnational”; Lopez-Vicuna’s “Approaches to Sexuality”

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