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Archivo Nacional del Ecuador



  1. Name of Archive: Archivo Nacional del Ecuador (also known as the Archivo Nacional de Historia)
  2. Address: Avenida 6 de Diciembre N16-224, Quito, Ecuador
  3. Hours: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  4. Telephone: (5932) 553 919
  5. E-mail: archivonac@waccom.net.ec
  6. Web Page: www.ane.gov.ec
  7. Access Procedures: letter of introduction from university
  1. Contents: Documents from 1538 to 1964, including notarial archives; maps and plans; microfilm from other archives; some books.
  2. Catalogues: 2-volume Guia de los Fondos Documentales. (An edited version of this is part of the Archive's web page.) Recent issues of the Boletin del Archivo Nacional contain supplements for some of the sections with more detailed descriptions of the individual documents. Detailed descriptions are also found in card catalogues and along with individual volumes for other sections.
  3. Procedures for Requesting Documents: Provide a list of the required cajas to one of the archivists who will order them.
  1. Photocopying:
    a) Facilities: not self-service
    b) Cost: 3000 sucres c) Will supply by mail but is complicated
  2. Microfilm:
    a) Available
    b) Like photocopies
  1. Research Room:
    a) Facilities: Room with 10 individual tables
    b) Rules: Large bags must be stored in cupboard near archivist. Cajas must be placed on the floor.
    c) Staff: Knowledgeable and helpful
  2. Computer Access: Yes. Electrical points available.
  3. Wheelchair Access: No. The archive is on the second floor of a building without an elevator.
  4. Toilet Facilities: Yes but no toilet paper or towels.
  1. Public Transportation: located centrally with several bus lines nearby
  2. Lodgings: numerous hotels, hostels, and residencias of various sorts in the immediate area. The closest is the Hilton.
  3. Restaurants: numerous restaurants of various types within a short radius. The closest is McDonalds.
Peter Blanchard
May 2000

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