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  • Welcome to JSN, an affiliate of Hebrew College and Shamash. Our H-Judaic discussion is a member of H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine since 1993. JSN is one of the oldest Internet projects in the humanities, initially operating as Judaica/He'Asif, starting in February 1989, operating out of Jerusalem using mailing list services at Tel Aviv U. From 1991-93 the network was at the University of Minnesota.

    With 3,000 subscribers worldwide, JSN is the premier electronic source concerning Judaica and the academic study and discussion of Judaism ancient, mediaeval, and modern. All services of JSN are provided free of charge.

    Recent Messages
    - Digitization of the original series of Melilah, 1944-1955  Katherine Aron-Beller <kathybeller8@GMAIL.COM>
    - APT: Jerusalem  Katherine Aron-Beller <kathybeller8@GMAIL.COM>
    - JOB: New York University - ASSISTANT PROFESSOR/FACULTY FELLOW Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies  Katherine Aron-Beller <kathybeller8@GMAIL.COM>
    - JOB: Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Social Sciences & Philosophy W3 Professorship for Economy and Society of the Middle East  Katherine Aron-Beller <kathybeller8@GMAIL.COM>
    - JOB: Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Philosophische Fakultšt und Fachbereich Theologie W3 Professorship for Politics and Society in the Middle East  Katherine Aron-Beller <kathybeller8@GMAIL.COM>
    - Query: English Translation of Yosef Haim Brenner's essay  Katherine Aron-Beller <kathybeller8@GMAIL.COM>
    - Re Query: Eshet Hayyil  Admiel Kosman [kosman@uni-potsdam.de]
    Recent Reviews
    Reviewer: Harvey Goldberg
    Title: Memories of Absence: How Muslims Remember Jews in Morocco
    Author: Aomar Boum
    Reviewer: Erik Greenberg
    Title: From the Shahs to Los Angeles: Three Generations of Iranian Jewish Women between Religion and Culture
    Author: Saba Soomekh
    Reviewer: Orit Bashkin
    Title: Modern Middle Eastern Jewish Thought: Writings on Identity, Politics, and Culture, 1893-1958
    Author: Moshe Behar, Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, eds.

    H-Judaic is a moderated and edited electronic discussion group (or Scholarly Electronic Forum). Thus all messages are screened to ensure reasonable content. H-Judaic is a signatory to the H-Net Charter and follows all additional rules of the Consortium, particularly concerning advertising policy. Copyright lies with each individual poster, the list itself, and with the H-Net Consortium. Please cite accordingly.

    The Jewish Studies Newsletter is a professional industry newsletter. We invite all relevant information for publication relating to employment, conferences, calls-for-papers, etc. Please submit items regarding an event or available position to: h-judaic@h-net.msu.edu

    In February, 1996, a short history of the newsletter was published on the occassion of its seventh anniversary.

    H-Judaic Book Reviews H-Judaic invites authors and publishers to submit new books for potential review.

    Please send books for potential review to:

    Matthew Kraus
    University of Cincinnati
    The Department of Judaic Studies
    3508 French Hall
    Cincinnati, OH 45221-0169

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