Message from Germany (MfG)


"MfG--Message from Germany" is an H-German feature that has appeared at irregular intervals since October 2003. Texts published in "MfG" will relate current events or experiences in Germany to historical matters of interest to the audience of H-German members and raise issues worthy of discussion in our forum in a light-hearted or provocative way.

We encourage independent contributions in a similar vein. Any H-German member currently in Germany may submit a text for inclusion as an MfG. Such texts are subject to the H-German posting/query guidelines. Interested authors should contact the editors for advance approval of the topic and a list of editorial guidelines.

This page collects these posts in a single location to make them more readily available to H-German members.

Susan Boettcher
Eve Duffy
Christopher Fischer
William Glenn Gray
David Imhoof
Paul Steege
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Message from Germany postings
2003 MfG 1: Boettcher on German Exhibitions, Summer 2003 view

Re: MfG 1 (Buse), posted 2 October 2003

MfG 2: Boettcher on Ostdeutscher Herbst 2003--Zwischenbericht view
2004 MfG 3: Boettcher on Observance in the Jewish Province view
MfG 4: Friedman on Hohmann Affair view
MfG 5: Smaldone on the Dilemma of German Social Democracy view
MfG 6 [FilmREV]: Margalit on _Der Untergang_ view
2005 MfG 7: Young on Berlin's New Mahnmal view
2006 MfG 8: Boettcher on the World Cup from Wolfenbüttel view
Re: MfG 8 (Port) posted 23 June 2006  
Re: MfG 8 (Guettel, Wade), posted 24 June 2006  
Re: MfG 8 (Kay, Gow, Jackson), posted 26 June 2006  
Re: MfG 8 (Jürgens, Dekel), posted 27 June 2006  
Re: MfG 8 (Kurlander, Ash, Miller- Kipp, Kay, Neander), posted 28 June 2006  
MfG 9: Zimmermann on Germany after the World Cup view

Re: Mfg 9 (Tängerstad, van Rosse ), posted 31 July 2006


Re: MfG 9 (Neander), posted 10 August 2006

MfG 10: Niven on Recent Revelations about Günter Grass view