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This list does not pretend to be complete or even fully representative.  Suggested readings, like literary canons, naturally engender hand wringing, outrage, and discussion.  The Editors place these titles here as a starting point, rather than definitive end.  We ask that H-German members and others viewing the list please send us (via David Imhoof) additional titles, corrections, and thoughts on what has been included or left out.  This updated list remains heavily weighted toward work of the 1970s through mid-1990s, so we are particularly keen to add more recent works.

The Editors recognize the danger of such a broad list and an even broader call for additions.  Should this compilation become an ever-expanding and never-ending group of titles under the heading of “German history” until it becomes a list of everything you might ever want to know about German history but probably won’t have time to read?  Or should it attempt to emulate real graduate student reading lists and thus aim to present a number of “representative” or “essential” titles that might be manageable for, say, a comprehensive exam?  We leave this question open for now and look forward to using this list, as much as anything, as an opportunity to discuss the state of the field.  Of course we hope as well that such an assembly will be of practical use to students, teachers, and scholars alike.

Presently titles are arranged simply chronologically but will eventually be ordered thematically as well.

If you would like to suggest revisions or additions to the pages below, please contact the David Imhoof at Susquehanna University:

The Editors thank you for your patience as we seek to re-invigorate this portion of the H-German website.

Susan Boettcher
Christopher Fischer
David Imhoof
Paul Steege
H-German Editors

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