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Submitted by: Walter Felscher

Mrs. Neiberger's remark that Eugen (not Eugene !) Kogon may have been a Kapo, a perpetrator, or in any other way a 'person of authority' (meaning apparently approved by the Buchenwald management) is grossly erroneous. He was a political prisoner there. More on Kogon can be found in the review of The Buchenwald Report from October 13th, published here on October 15th.



Submitted by: Michael Kater

Regarding memoirs by Holocaust perpetrators, there is not much. Two things come to my mind right away: The ominous Dr. D. or P. or whatever, who was an Auschwitz physician and told his story to Robert Jay Lifton, who reproduced it in his The Nazi Doctors. But this man was the only Nazi physician ever to be tried and acquitted, so you can gauge his subjective measure of guilt from that. The other thing is the memoir by Hans Frank, Im Angesicht des Galgens: Deutung Hitlers und seiner Zeit auf Grund eigener Erlebnisse und Erkenntnisse (München-Graefelfing, 1953). There may be genuine remorse expressed in this, as Frank reconverted to Catholicism (presumably from gottgläubig) while on death row in Nuremberg. But I still would not put too much credence in this; toward the end of World War II Frank was known to condemn the excesses of the SS (with which he was in constant rivalry), while himself still engaging in a ruthless Polenpolitik. - If more should come to mind, I shall let you know.

Michael H. Kater
York University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada