Date:         Thu, 11 Apr 1996 08:52:14 -0500
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From:         H-GERMAN EDITOR Dan Rogers 
Subject:      Error in report on Goldhagen meeting

Submitted by:   Henry Friedlander 

          In the report on the Goldhagen symposium at the
          U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Mitchell and
          Caldwell make a serious error involving my name.

          Reporting on Kwiet's speech, they wrote:
          "In this context, he quoted Hilberg and
          Friedlaender, who said of the book (paraphrased):
          It's worthless, despite all of Knopf's overhype."

          Kwiet quoted from a letter Raul Hilberg had
          sent to me, but the word's he quoted were
          Hilberg's and not repeat not my words. As Hilberg
          had given permission for the letter to be read by
          others, Kwiet did add that I had the letter, was
          in the audience, and could read it to the meeting.

          By the way, I did not read the letter and did not
          participate in any way.

          I found the symposium tedious, and find the
          discussion of the book on three h-lists boring.
          Are historians unwilling to wait for the
          appearance of scholarly reviews?

          One additional note: I spell Friedlander without
          umlaut or ae combination.

          Henry Friedlander
          (Brooklyn College)
          Ruth Meltzer Fellow 1996 at U.S. Holocaust
          Memorial Museum