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Dear Colleagues,

I will be teaching a seminar on "German-American Business Communication" at the University of Jena starting this April. This purpose of this course is to introduce German business students to some of the most important differences in the business institutions and business culture of the two nations. The students' reading assignments will all be in English, on the order of one article per week. Among the weekly topics I would like to cover are 1) the historicial role of banks and capital markets in the economies of Germany and the United States, 2) American stereotypes of Germany and the Germans and vice versa, 3) differences between, or comparisons of, American and German managerial/ entrepreneurial culture, 4) comparisons of American and German labor movements. If any one has suggestions for suitable articles or chapters (upper-division or beginning graduate level) on any one of these topics, I would be most grateful to receive bibliographical references. Please post replies with H-German or directly to me:

Kees Gispen
Department of History
University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677