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Michael Honhart has been teaching courses in German history at the University of Rhode Island since 1971. He majored in chemistry as an undergraduate at Carleton College but switched to European history as a graduate student at Duke University. He currently teaches Western Civilization Since 1789, German History Since 1914, the Holocaust, a capstone sequence on Nationalism and National Identity in Modern Europe, and a graduate seminar on Empire. For a few years in the 1990s he tried to teach quantitative analysis to undergraduate history majors. His research interests shifted in the 1980s to worker housing, especially company housing. He joined the editorial team of H-German in July 2012. In addition to taking his turns as moderator of the list, he serves as subscription editor of H-German.
Lynn Kutch is an associate professor of German in the Modern Language Studies Department at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She received her Ph.D. in from Rutgers University. Although she earned her degree in Language and Literature, she takes a decidedly interdisciplinary approach in her research, often concentrating on the intersections and confrontations between literature and history. She has published articles on German playright Ilse Langner, on post-Unification German comic books, and on Veit Müller's crime fiction. Kutch has also received institutional research and assessment grants for studying the pedagogy of graphic novels in the foreign language classroom. Her current research interests include using German detective fiction to teach culture and history, film of the former East Germany, women's writing as response to politics and history, and considering literary texts as historical documents in the classroom.

Margaret Lewis is an assistant professor of history at the University of Tennessee at Martin. She earned her Ph.D. in early modern German history from the University of Virginia in 2012 under the direction of Erik Midlefort. Her research interests include gender and social history in early modern Europe. She is currently revising her manuscript, which is a history of infanticide in early modern Augsburg.

Shannon Nagy is a Ph.D. candidate in in the Department of History at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research interests include consumption, industrial design, material culture, memory, Ostalgie, and Alltagsgeschichte She is currently finishing her dissertation on the intersections of design and social engineering in children's toys entitled, "The Power of Play: East German Toy Design, Consumption, and the Socialist Personality, 1949-1989." Between 2007 and 2011 Nagy was an assistant editor for H-German. She became a full editor for H-German in 2011.
Chad Ross is an assistant professor of history at East Carolina University. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Missouri under the direction of Jonathan Sperber. His research focuses on the development of responses to industrialization and urbanization in the 19th century, including Life-Reform, alternative medicine, and "third paths" and politics. He offers courses on nineteenth-century Europe and the social history of medicine, and he also serves as North Carolina's regional coordinator for National History Day.
Kira Thurman is an assistant professor of central European history at the University of Akron. She earned her PhD in history from the University of Rochester under the direction of Celia Applegate, where she also pursued a minor field in musicology through the Eastman School of Music. Her research areas include German cultural history, music and identity, and the history of blacks in central Europe. Her article, "Black Venus, White Bayreuth: Race, Sexuality, and the De-Politicization of Wagner in Postwar West Germany" won the 2011 German Studies Associaton's award for best paper written by a graduate student. It appeared in German Studies Review in October 2012. She is currently revising her manuscript, which is a history of black musicians in Germany and Austria in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Greg Witkowski is the director of graduate studies and associate professor of philanthropic studies at Indiana Unviersity - Purdue University Indianapolis. He earned his Ph.D. from SUNY Buffalo in modern German history. His main areas of research are the relationships between philanthropic aid, civil society, and democracy in communist East Germany. His work shows how Germans created an identity for themselves distinct from their past using international philanthropic aid.

All  editors share the day-to-day list editing duties, with Kutch in charge of book and article reviews and Steege responsible for maintenance of the H-German Web site.  Please feel free to e-mail the editors at the addresses below.

Michael Honhart: honahart@uri.edu
Lynn Kutch: kutch@kutztown.edu
Margaret Lewis:  mlewis47@utm.edu
Shannon Nagy: shannonrnagy@gmail.com
Chad Ross: rossch@ecu.edu
Kira Thurman: kthurman@uakron.edu
Greg Witkowski: gwitkows@iupiu.edu

Past H-German Editors

Norman Goda 1994-1999
Dan Rogers 1994-1998
Jay Lockenour 1997-2002
Julia Sneeringer 1999-2002
Steven Remy 1999-2003
David Imhoof 2002-2007
William Glenn Gray: 2005-2009
Margaret Eleanor Menninger: 2008-2009
Paul Steege: 2002-2009
Eve Duffy: 2005-2010
Connie Moon Sehat: 2009-2010
Susan Boettcher: 2008-2010
Michael Sauter : 2005-2011
Benita Blessing: 2008-2012
Mathieu Denis : 2008-2012
Jon Berndt Olsen: 2005-2012
Christopher Fischer: 2003-2013
Bryan Ganaway: 2008-2013

Past H-German Editorial Assistants

Franke L. Smith 2006-2007
Shannon Nagy 2007-2011

In February 2003 H-German posted a brief retrospective, which describes some of the many accomplishments of these past editors.  This summary history, "H-German: the first eight years," is available via the list's web log.