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    Welcome to H-German, a member of H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine. H-German is a daily Internet discussion forum focused on scholarly topics in German history.

    H-German cooperates closely with and appreciates the ongoing support of

    The Conference Group for Central European History
    Frühe Neuzeit Interdisziplinär
    The German Studies Association
    The Sixteenth Century Society and Conference and
    The University of Texas at Austin, Department of History

    Contribute to H-German's "My 1989" memory bank and discussion. Send your story to: Contribute to H-German's "My 1989" memory bank and discussion. Send your story to: my1989[at]gmail.com!


    Recent Messages
    - CFP: NeMLA Call for Session Proposals  H-German Editor Margaret Lewis <mlewis47 [at]utm.edu>
    - ANN: sehepunkte 14 (2014), Nr. 4  H-German Editor Margaret Lewis <mlewis47 [at]utm.edu>
    - ANN: Keynote Presentation at International Conference on the ITS  H-German Editor Margaret Lewis <mlewis47 [at]utm.edu>
    - CFP: Transformations of the Ecology Movement  H-German Editor Margaret Lewis <mlewis47 [at]utm.edu>
    - ANN: Revisiting Early Modern Prophecies  H-German Editor Margaret Lewis <mlewis47 [at]utm.edu>
    - CFP: 2014 Jordan Schnitzer Book Awards (AJS)  H-German Editor Margaret Lewis <mlewis47 [at]utm.edu<http://utm.edu>>
    - TOC: Journal of the German Studies Association (GSA)  H-German Editor Margaret Lewis <mlewis47 [at]utm.edu>
    Recent Reviews
    Reviewer: Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius
    Title: The Lost German East: Forced Migration and the Politics of Memory, 1945–1970
    Author: Andrew Demshuk
    Reviewer: Kevin Goldberg
    Title: Medizinische Belehrung für das Bürgertum: Medikale Kulturen in der Zeitschrift "Die Gartenlaube" (1853-1944)
    Author: Florian Mildenberger
    Reviewer: Robbie Aitken
    Title: Race under Reconstruction in German Cinema: Robert Stemmle's Toxi
    Author: Angelica Fenner

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