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The H-Diplo discussion network is a moderated electronic list that is delived to the e-mail address of your choice (once you subscribe at that address). (A companion RSS feed is also available).

Under the supervision of the H-Diplo Managing Editor, daily list traffic on H-Diplo is moderated by a rotating team of list editors: Kathleen Barr (Texas A&M University), Amanda Kempa, (Ph.D. Oxford; Johns Hopkins University), and Seth Offenbach (State University of New York at Stony Brook). For the purposes of transparency, their surnames or initials are included in the H-Diplo From line.

For more information on H-Diplo personnel, please visit the H-Diplo personnel page,

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All postings to the list are moderated by an H-Diplo list editor to filter out spam and to ensure that messages conform with H-Diplo and H-Net policies, as specified in our Welcome Letter and other documents.

Help with new and existing subscriptions can be accessed by following the links in the right column.

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