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**Please note that the H-Diplo Reviews series on the 32-volume Makers of the Modern World Series (Haus Publishing) may be found on the H-Diplo Essays, Review Essays, and H-Diplo Reviews page.

H-Diplo reviews books on foreign relations history, broadly defined, including monographs, primary source collections, essay collections, and other works. These reviews are commissioned by the H-Diplo Book Review Editor and then edited and published by the H-Net Book Reviews staff, who allow redistribution under the terms of the H-Net Book Reviews copyright policy.

H-Diplo also commissions essays and review essays, some of which discuss books. These items can be found on the H-Diplo essays page.

Those reviews marked with [PDF] are in PDF format, which requires the free Adobe Reader (or another PDF reader).

Interested in becoming a reviewer? Then, please e-mail the Book Review Editor, , including the following details in your message- (1) Full Name; (2) E-mail Address; (3) Position and Affiliation (for example, Lorem Ipsum University); (4) Area(s) of Expertise and Interest; (5) Postal Address; and (6) Any Other Relevant Details.

H-Diplo publishes book reviews through the H-Net Book Reviews program. These reviews are stored in the H-Net book reviews database. Reviews stored at the H-Net book reviews site can be viewed by author, publication date, or title.

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