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    H-DC / DC History

    Irish Washington

    Irish Washington


    • Urban Odyssey: A Multicultural History of Washington, D.C.; edited by Francine Curro Cary. 1996.
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    • Gonzaga College (Gonzaga College and High School). Catalog....1860s-1930s
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    Vertical files [VF]

    [Request at Library (both Historical Society of Washington DC and Washingtoniana, DCPL have Vertical files) Reference Desk]

    • Ethnic Groups--Irish
    • Days, Special--St. Patrick's
    • Churches (and religious organizations), Catholic--St. Aloysius, St. Patrick's
    • Societies, Clubs, Organizations--Foreign--Irish

    Neighborhoods having had Irish population

    • Brookland
    • Foggy Bottom
    • Swampoodle

    See Irish Neighborhoods in Old Washington at <http://www.rootsweb.com/~dcgenweb/irish.html> for more information

    Noted Irish Washingtonians/men associated with Washington

    • Robert Brent
    • Patrick Buchanan
    • Thomas Corcoran
    • James Reed Dermot
    • James Hoban
    • Tom Kelly
    • Jeremiah O'Leary
    • David Baillie Warden

    Matthew Gilmore, March 1999, October 2001


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