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    H-DC / DC History

    Environmental Assessment


    From the ground up:

    • Geology map 1950 or G3851.C5 svar .C3 microfiche
    • Soils Soil Survey of District of Columbia
    • Flood plain FEMA maps (1984)
    • Wetlands
    • Topographic maps 1965, 1982-3 (1:24,000 WW, WE, ANA only)
    • Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. Natural features of the Washington metropolitan area. 1968.
    • Environmental hazards data available from vendors:
      • EDR (Environmental Data Resources) 1-800-352-0050
      • NEDIS
      • VISTA Environmental Information (619) 450-6100
      • CERCLIS, LUST, NPL, RCRA, SPL, SWS, TRIS (from ArcData catalog, 3rd ed.)
    • Environmental regulations
      Underground storage tank regulations [40 DCR 7835 (11-12-93)] DCMR 20
    • Buildings and building uses
      • Plats: Hopkins 1887-1896, Baist 1903-1965
      • Sanborn microfilm, microfiche (1974)
      • Aerial photography: Request at National Capital Planning Commission
      • Permits-- complete set (1877-1949) at National Archives [microfilm]
      • Assessments
      • City directories and criss-cross directories
    • Zoning, overlays, historic districts zoning maps and DCMRs, inventory of historic sites
    • Published sources:
      • Geology, hydrology and history of the Washington, D.C. area. Alexandria VA: American Geological Institute, 1989. p.30 has a generalized geological map.
      • Carr, Martha S. The District of Columbia its rocks and their geologic history. Washington: GPO, 1950.
      • Darton, N.H. Configuration of the bedrock surface of the District of Columbia and vicinity. Washington: GPO, 1950.
      • Wallace, McHarg, Roberts, and Todd. Toward a comprehensive landscape plan for Washington, D.C.: a report prepared for the National Capital Planning Commission. 1967.
      • Environmental site assessments in Maryland, Virginia & the District of Columbia. 1995.
      • Oswald, Diane. Fire insurance maps: their history and applications. 1997.
    • D.C. Community Archives
      Downtown Progress collection; Collection 25
      slides of existing conditions in 1974 (showing front views--not aerials) for squares 213 to 631
      Request at Reference Desk

    GIS Link to EPA EnviroMapper

    EPA's EnviroMapper is used to view and query EPA-regulated facility information stored in the Envirofacts Warehouse. It allows the user to map several types of environmental information, including drinking water, toxic and air releases, hazardous waste, water discharge permits, and Superfund National Priorities List (NPL) sites. EnviroMapper also links to text reports, which provide even more information.

    It provides standard mapping functionality, including display, zoom, pan, and feature identification.

    Hyperlinks for zipcodes in Washington DC are supplied below.

    ZIP Code: 20001
    ZIP Code: 20002
    ZIP Code: 20003
    ZIP Code: 20004
    ZIP Code: 20005
    ZIP Code: 20006
    ZIP Code: 20007
    ZIP Code: 20008
    ZIP Code: 20009
    ZIP Code: 20010
    ZIP Code: 20011
    ZIP Code: 20012
    ZIP Code: 20015
    ZIP Code: 20016
    ZIP Code: 20017
    ZIP Code: 20018
    ZIP Code: 20019
    ZIP Code: 20020
    ZIP Code: 20024
    ZIP Code: 20032
    ZIP Code: 20036
    ZIP Code: 20037
    ZIP Code: 20057
    ZIP Code: 20064
    ZIP Code: 20332
    ZIP Code: 20336
    ZIP Code: 20375

    Matthew Gilmore, April 1999, revised July 2001

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