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DC Guide: DC Government's GIS-enabled search engine

DC Guide: DC Government's GIS-enabled search engine

DC government has just created and released the DC Guide:

http://about.dc.gov/index.asp a GIS-enabled search engine to find much of one might want to know about Washington DC.

http://citizenatlas.dc.gov/atlasapps/findit.aspx Find It Locate businesses, consumer organizations, and government services.

http://citizenatlas.dc.gov/atlasapps/reporthometab.aspx Where You Live Find out about DC neighborhoods, wards, and school districts.

Included is the taxicab fare calculator: http://citizenatlas.dc.gov/atlasapps/taxifare.aspx

Also, a bird's eye view of the Mall area: http://birdseye.octo.dc.gov/ Downtown Birds-Eye Tour Welcome to DC.Gov's interactive map of downtown Washington.
Find monuments, museums, and other points of interest. Click on an icon for photos and information.

http://citizenatlas.dc.gov/atlasapps/itinerary.aspx Get There Use the trip planner to find your way from point to point in DC.


Note: Do not use this site for finding real property; the database was not correctly loaded into the application; rather go here: Real Property Tax Database Search not a mapping site but it can be counted on to contain the correct information

http://citizenatlas.dc.gov/atlasapps/custommapsearch.aspx Make a Map Create a map that highlights the DC places that are important to you.

Data available includes historic districts and landmarks, and points of interest: Cemetery  (19) Embassy  (173) Landmark  (383) Landmarks Area  (31) Memorial  (121) Misc.  (59) Monument  (2) Museum  (75) Performing Arts Venue  (20) Place of Worship  (903) Sports Venue  (1) Statue  (73) A map gallery:

http://about.dc.gov/index_map.asp includes PDF frequently requested maps.

Matthew Gilmore, November 2003