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    H-DC / DC History

    A frequent question is "How many circles are there in Washington?"

    In the L'Enfant City there are:

  • Dupont
  • Washington
  • Logan
  • Scott
  • Thomas
  • Barney
    with Columbus Circle at Union Station
    Lincoln Memorial Circle
    Peace Monument Circle (bet you can't guess where it is)
    Garfield Circle (ditto)
    Banneker Circle
    Kalorama Circle
    Sheridan Circle

    In the city overall there are 28 circles so named in the city's street index.
    those above plus---
  • Anna J. Cooper
  • Bass
  • Chevy Chase
  • Grant
  • Observatory
  • Pinehurst
  • Plymouth
  • Randle
  • Sherman
  • Tenley
  • Thompson
  • Ward
  • Wesley
  • Westmoreland

    However--there are at least a dozen traffic circles in the housing development at Bolling Air Force Base. Those are not in the city's street index.

    Looking at old Baist real estate volumes you can see that only Grant and Sherman Circles really follow whole-heartedly the L'Enfant design. Numerous other circles were planned but were never carried out. At least one circle has disappeared--Truxton Circle, but it's name is still sometime used as a neighborhood name (but that's another story).

    Matthew Gilmore, July 2001

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