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Cemeteries in the District of Columbia

Name Address/Location Note Other Name(s) Map
Adas Israel 1400 Alabama Ave SE Records: LC Microfiche 96/79F  Jews Burial Ground
Addison Family Reason Addison property    
Addison's Chapel Bunker Hill Rd NE    
Aurora Brentwood Road NE    
Baptist (Potomac City) SE / Potomac City    
Baptist (Drover's Rest) NW    
Barlow Family Kalorama Estate    

Battleground National Cemetery

Georgia Ave NW  website (click here)  
Beall Family  unlocated    
Beckett's C St SE btw 16th & 17th, SE    Union Beneficial Association Cemetery
 Belt Family Farm  north of Tenleytown    
 Berry Family Farm (see Hillsdale)      
 Blue Plains  Blue Plains/DC Village  1907- (potters field)  
 Bridge Street Presbyterian   unlocated/Georgetown    
 Brightwood   unlocated/Brightwood    
Brown Family (see Hillsdale)        
Burnes Family  H St NW btw 9th and 10th    
 Catholic (see St Patrick's)      
 Cedars  Western High School?    
 Cephas Family (see Baptist, Drover's Rest?))      
 Chapman Family  unlocated    
Chappell's Family north of Tenleytown
Georgetown College Burial Ground Georgetown University campus
Christian (see Chappell's Family)
Columbian Harmony Burial Ground 5th, 6th, S, Florida Ave NW moved to RI Ave, then MD Harmony, Harmonia
Congressional Cemetery 1801 E Street, Southeast website (click here)
Georgetown Visitation Convent Georgetown Visitation Convent
Danford Family River Road NW
Dangerfield Family unlocated
Davison Family (Evermay) Part of Oak Hill
Dean Family Sheriff Road NE
Eastern square 1026;  bounded by 14th, 15th, H, and I  Streets NE
Eaton family unlocated
Eckton Family unlocated
Eldbrooke Methodist 4100 River Rd NW website (click here)
Elesavetgrad 3233 15th Pl SE
Episcopal (St. John's--2nd) Square 276 bounded by 12th, 13th, R, S Streets NW
Forrest Family unlocated
St. Francis DeSales (Queens Chapel) Evarts NE
Franciscan Monastery Franciscan Monastery
Garden Family Anacostia Rd
Glenwood 2219 Lincoln Rd NE
Good Hope Hamilton Road Se
Graceland (see also Eastern) 15th & H Sts NE
Green Vale above Tenleytown
Green Family unlocated
Harmony (see Columbian Harmony)
Hebbon Family B road Branch Road NW
Hebrew (see Adas Israel)
Hillbrook (see Adas Israel)
Hillsdale Elvans Ave SE
Hines Family rear of 2440, 2444 18th St NW
Holmead's (Western) Square 109 bounded by 19th, 20th, S Streets and Florida Ave.
Holy Rood Wisconsin Ave NW from Holy Trinity Churchyard

transcriptions (click here)

Howard Family Anacostia Road
Jenkins Family Farm unlocated
Jones Chapel unlocated
Lacy Family unlocated
Loughborough Family Grasslands estate, NW Washington
Macedonian Sheridan Ave Hillsdale (Anacostia)
Macpelah Hamilton Rd Jewish
Marlow Family near Good Hope
McPherson Family Anacostia Road
Methodist Tenleytown (See Eldbrooke)
Methodist Episcopal Square 235 bounded by V, W, 13th and 14th Streets NW
Methodist Episcopal (Ebenezer) Square 1102 Ebenezer
Moore's (later Rosemont) Stanton Rd/Suitland Pkwy
Mount Olivet 1300 Bladensburg Rd. NE, website (click here)
Colored Union Benevolent Society Adams Mill Rd NW
Mount Zion Rock Creek /east of Oak Hill website (click here)
Nonesuch Farm Good Hope Hill SE
Oak Hill 3001 R St NW, website (click here)

website (click here)

Cemetery Records at the LDS Family History Center
(Film #s: 0845769, 0874221, 1543685-1543690)

Old Methodist Burial Ground Rock Creek /east of Oak Hill
Payne's opposite Woodlawn
Pearce Family Lafayette Square
Potters Field (DC General/Washington Asylum)
Potters Field (SW) M St SW btw 6th & 7th
Potters Field (St Elizabeths)

Potters Field Blue Plains (see Blue Plains)
Potters Field (Judiciary Square)?
Presbyterian Georgetown square bounded by 4th, 5th, Frederick, and Market Streets, later Sq 1273
Prospect Hill 2201 N Capitol St
Quaker Adams Mill Rd NW
Reform School, Girls
Rock Creek website (click here)
Rosemont (see Moore's)
Russian Hebrew Congress Heights?
St Albans Cathedral Close
St. Johns Episcopal Franklin Row
St Mary's German Catholic 2121 Lincoln Rd NE
St Matthew's Catholic square 236 bounded by U, 13th, and 14th Streets  
St Patrick's' square bounded by Florida Ave, N Capitol, and 3rd Sts. NW  
St Peter's Sq 808 bounded by 4th, 5th, H, and I Streets NE
Scaggs Family Anacostia Road
Sheriff Farm Benning Road
Shoemaker Family near Pierce Mill
Shoemaker  Family near Tenleytown
Small Pox Grounds Washington Asylum same as Potter's field?
Smith Family Congress Heights
Soldiers' Home 21 Harewood Rd NW
Swartz Brightwood
Thomas Family unlocated
Union Baptist (see Baptist Drovers Rest)
U S National Cemetery north of Soldier's Home
Veitch Family Fort Lincoln area
Wright Family Brookland--12th & Monroe NE  
Woodlawn website (click here)
Young Family Square 390  
Bold entries are existing cemeteries, though not necessarily active. Italicized entries are cross references.
Acknowledgements to: the work of Wesley Pippinger in compiling much of this information, the collection in the Washingtoniana Division and work of retired volunteer Marjorie Holt.

Matthew Gilmore, October 2005 (9/2005)

with contributions by Jerry McCoy