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    Benjamin Banneker

    Benjamin Banneker's Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia almanack and ephemeris, for the year of Our Lord ... 1793 Began with v. for 1792.
    AY196.B2 B5 Am Almanac Coll
    Rare Book/Special Collections Reading Room (Jefferson LJ239) Library of Congress

    Bannaker's New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia almanac, or, Ephemeris, for the year of our Lord ... 1795
    AY136.W6 B36 Am Almanac Coll
    Rare Book/Special Collections Reading Room (Jefferson LJ239) Library of Congress

    Banneker's almanac.
    Notes: Reprint of the 1793 and 1795 volumes of an annual publication printed in Philadelphia by J. Crukshank.
    AY51 .B9122 Library of Congress

    Copy of a letter from Benjamin Banneker to the secretary of state, with his answer. 1792. Notes: Letter to Thomas Jefferson, transmitting a copy of the writer's almanac and discussing the subject of slavery. Jefferson's reply, dated August 30, 1791: p. 11-12. Account of the life of Banneker: p. 13-15.
    E446 .B2 Am Imp
    Rare Book/Special Collections Reading Room (Jefferson LJ239) Library of Congress

    African-American Bicentennial Center. A chronology of the life of Benjamin Banneker, son of Maryland, 1731-1806. [1976]
    QB36.B22 A37 1976 Library of Congress

    Allen, Will W. Banneker: the Afro-American astronomer. [1921] 1971.
    QB36.B22A4 Historical Society
    QB36.B22 A4 1971 Library of Congress

    Baker, Henry E. "Benjamin Banneker, the Negro mathematician and astronomer." Journal of Negro History v. III, #2

    Bedini, Silvio. "Benjamin Banneker and the survey of the District of Columbia, 1791."
    Records of the Columbia Historical Society v. 47 975.306/C726 Wash/Ref

    _____. The life of Benjamin Banneker. 1972.
    92/B2184b Wash/Ref
    QB36 .B22 B4 Historical Society
    QB36.B22 B4 Library of Congress

    _____. The life of Benjamin Banneker : the first African-American man of science. 2nd ed. 1999.
    QB36.B22 B4 1999 Library of Congress

    Cerami, Charles A. Benjamin Banneker : surveyor, astronomer, publisher, patriot. c2002. QB36.B22C43 2002 Library of Congress
    QB36.B22C43 2002 Historical Society

    Conley, Kevin. Benjamin Banneker. 1989.
    92/B2184c Wash/Ref

    Conway, M[oncure] D[aniel], 1832-1907. Benjamin Banneker, the negro astronomer. 1864. [QB36.B22 C7] only Microfilm 19215 QB Library of Congress

    Graham, Shirley. Your most humble servant. [Benjamin Banneker] 1949.
    92/B2l84g Wash/Ref
    QB36.B22 D82 Library of Congress

    Green, Constance. The secret city: a history of race relations in the nation's capital. 1967.
    325.26/G795 Wash/Ref

    Hurry, Robert J. The discovery and archeological investigation of the Benjamin Banneker Homestead, Baltimore County, Maryland (18BA282). c2000. QB36.B22 H87 2000 Library of Congress

    Latrobe, John H. B. Biography of Benjamin Banneker. 1910.
    QB36.B22 L37 1910 Murray Coll Library of Congress

    ______. Memoir of Benjamin Banneker, read before the Maryland historical society ... 1845. E185.97 .B22 Library of Congress

    Phillips, Philip Lee. The Negro, Benjamin Banneker, astronomer and mathematician : plea for universal peace. 1917. Records of the Columbia Historical Society, v. 20, 1917.
    CALL NUMBER: E185.97 .B18 Library of Congress

    Tyson, Martha. Banneker: the African-American astronomer. 1894.
    92/B218t Wash/Ref
    F176 .M34 vol. 3
    Library of Congress
    Microfilm 57989 QB Library of Congress

    Matthew Gilmore, 12/97


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