Real Property Neighborhoods of Washington, D.C.
these are the 68 neighborhoods as currently defined by the D.C. Office of Tax an Revenue, Real Property Tax Administration
American University 001 American University
Anacostia 002 Anacostia
Barry Farms 003 Barry Farms
Berkley 004 Berkley
Brentwood 005 Brentwood
Brightwood 006 Brightwood
Brookland 007 Brookland
Burleith 008 Burleith
Capitol Hill 009 Capitol Hill
Central-tri 3 010a Central-tri 3
Central-tri 1 010b Central-tri 1
Chevy Chase 011 Chevy Chase
Chillum 012 Chillum
Cleveland Park 013 Cleveland Park
Colonial Village 014 Colonial Village
Columbia Heights 015 Columbia Heights
Congress Heights 016 Congress Heights
Crestwood 017 Crestwood
Deanwood 018 Deanwood
Eckington 019 Eckington
Foggy Bottom 020 Foggy Bottom
Forest Hills 021 Forest Hills
Fort Dupont Park 022 Fort Dupont Park
Foxhall 023 Foxhall
Garfield 024 Garfield
Georgetown 025 Georgetown
Glover Park 026 Glover Park
Hawthorne 027 Hawthorne
Hillcrest 028 Hillcrest
Kalorama 029 Kalorama
Kent 030 Kent
Ledroit Park 031 Ledroit Park
Lily Ponds 032 Lily Ponds
Marshall Heights 033 Marshall Heights
Massachusetts  Avenue Heights 034 Massachusetts  Avenue Heights
Michigan Park 035 Michigan Park
Mt. Pleasant 036 Mt. Pleasant
North Cleveland Park 037 North Cleveland Park
Observatory Circle 038 Observatory Circle
Old City 1 039 Old City 1
Old City 2 040 Old City 2
Palisades 041 Palisades
Petworth 042 Petworth
Randle Heights 043 Randle Heights
R.L.A. (N.E.) 044 R.L.A. (N.E.)
R.L.A. (N.W.) 045 R.L.A. (N.W.)
R.L.A. (S.W.) 046 R.L.A. (S.W.)
Riggs Park 047 Riggs Park
Shepherd Park 048 Shepherd Park
16th Street Heights 049 16th Street Heights
Spring Valley 050 Spring Valley
Takoma Park 051 Takoma Park
Trinidad 052 Trinidad
Wakefield 053 Wakefield
Wesley Heights 054 Wesley Heights
Woodley 055 Woodley
Woodridge 056 Woodridge
Rock Creek Park 060 Rock Creek Park
Rock Creek Park 062 Rock Creek Park
DC Stadium Area 063 DC Stadium Area
Anacostia Park 064 Anacostia Park
National Arboretum 065 National Arboretum
Fort Lincoln 066 Fort Lincoln
Bolling Air Force Base 068 Bolling Air Force Base
DC Village 069 DC Village
Mall/East Potomac Park 072 Mall/East Potomac Park
Washington Navy Yard 073 Washington Navy Yard
Ft. McNair 074 Ft. McNair
These are used in the real property tax assessment process.
These 68 do not correlate with the other neighborhood definitions used in the District.
Several have been dropped, which accounts for the gap in numbering at the end of the sequence.

Matthew Gilmore, May 2003


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