CHS Records v.9
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CHS Records v.8 Reprints Also extract from Report of Committee appointed to make examination of such expenditures, including an account of payments made at the Treasury for removal of the officers and clerks of the several Executive Departments to the seat of Government; also the expenses attending the removal of papers, books, etc. p.220-244
CHS Records v.8 Appendix Officers, 1906 p.245
CHS Records v.8 Appendix Committees, 1906 p.246
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CHS Records v.8 Appendix Proceedings of the Society, 1905 p.257
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CHS Records v.8 Appendix Twelfth annual report of the Recording Secretary p.263
CHS Records v.8 Appendix Twelfth annual report of the Curator p.265
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CHS Records v.8 Appendix Necrology p.269